Real Housewives of New York: LuAnn de Lesseps on The Ridiculist

Superfan Anderson Cooper takes on Countless LuAnnie’s latest “song”…

… and her last song, and the rest of the Housewive’s attempts at “singing”…

Pretty funny…

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        • Thats totally understandable Click but the “was not aware of what went down” was less than truthful and THAT offends me so I hope you can respect that and make an effort to be a little more honest next time in your assertions.


          • I know what started it, I went to bed, and did not know about 8 comments that were posted. I only read the one MS.SH left up…and that’s it. This is a fun sight and I was offended that it just went on and on. The topic of conversation, that is. I hope you can forgive the way I may have handled it…sorry.


            • I forgive ya Click. I had no idea you didnt read the comment that Ms SH referenced in her comment to Holy. Please take the time to read Holy’s comment because its important to get her perspective. I did read yours were you were addressing my comment about way my apology was handled and you asserted that you share a computer with hubby ( I do too) and was not able to reply. That was not entirely accurate because you DID reply to my apology with ” Well its been going on all day and I’m sick of it” and then proceded to discuss your feelings on the matter in the next story. As I stated before the timestamps speak for themselves (the ones that are left up that is) Its ok Click, I understand that readily accepting apologies might not be your best strength. Hell, we all have flaws. I know I sure do. I don’t usually apologize easily but in this case I did because I had no intentions of offending you or anyone else. I dont have a problem talking openly about sexual issues but I need to realize that not everyone is like that and can respect that. Clickster, we were able to move on and I think we had a great time last night shootin the breeze. I just didnt want history to be revised as to what actually went down. Now that I know the boundaries that are unacceptable I will not cross them again. Love ya girl.


  1. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Funny how Anderson keeps mocking the Housewives on his show and each time he gets press coverage for it. And funny how he’s friends with Andy Cohen and has appeared on WWHL. If I didn’t know better, I might think he was just trying to bolster his sagging ratings in preparation for his new daytime chat show.

    But he would NEVER do that, right? I mean, he’s a serious journalist and all.


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