Real Housewives of New York: Caroline Manzo and Big Albie on Rocco’s DP

On last night’s Rocco’s Dinner Party on Bravo… 

… Don Caroline and her husband, Big Albie, are guests at Rocco’s Dinner Party…

… along with Joey Fatone, Tammy Pescatelli (loooooove her!!!), Sara Gore and Silvano Marchetto (owner of NYC’s Da Silvano).

Mr. Marchetta was the ‘Italian chef mystery guest’… Tree was too busy hustlin’ her books to make it to Rocco’s… plus, Tree’s not a fan of “co-owner of The Brownstone” Don Caroline…

Note:  apologies for the quality of the video… honestly, have no idea why the far from perfect results…

This video doesn’t exist


This video doesn’t exist


Rocco’s Dinner Party contest entry… here.  

I’ll even give you the answers:  “Family Style”  “Gravy”  “Hawaii”

… hope an SH reader wins!!!

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18 comments on “Real Housewives of New York: Caroline Manzo and Big Albie on Rocco’s DP

  1. I’m trying to have a martian-did I steal someone’s? If I did, not trying to be smart-I like this one but I’ll change it if it belongs to someone else.

    • You can change your avatar? I had no idea. BUt I sorta used to my dog head on a slinky pic. A Slinky, a Slinky for fun its a wonderful toy a slinky a slinky its fun for a girl or a boy! Fun fact, I ended up breaking every Slinky I ever had growing up. :)

      • I had to copy one and save it then upload. I had one once that I looooved! but I cannot find it now. It had a cute martini on it’s head and it was purplish.

  2. Anybody watching RHWONYC tonight? NJ is off on Sunday for holiday weekend. Bravo-Maxine said that tonight’s NY is a snoooze, but she is taking the night off so maybe she’s prejudice about that.
    Everyone gangs-up on Simon for cyber-bullying. “Your Tweeting Heart”-love the title!

    • I am gonna be watching. Love to watch people lie right to someones face. Upping the ante on the drinking game…. Take a big swig as soon as they pan to Alex’s face and see how long you can hold it till she busts out that awkwardly geeky hyena laugh of hers. Make the loser clean up the mess.

  3. I was disappointed that Tree wasn’t the surprise chef….I would pay to see Caroline eat her dish! last night’s HONY was indeed boring!!! Fell asleep after 20 minutes….

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