Real Housewives: Bravo’s Andy Cohen Taking a Day Off… Who Is His Replacement???

Andy is taking a break, for one night, from Watch What Happens Live and his replacement for that one night is…


                                                              Jay reading Countless’ book as Christopher Walken…

Jay will sub for Andy on July 10... Jay’s already on the Bravo payroll, so might as well use him for something other than writing about the Housewives…

The guests for the July 10 WWHL show will be:  Kathy and Rich Wakile from the Real Housewives of New Jersey…

Jay Mohr and Peggy Tanous                                                                                      Jay is not looking at Peggy Tanous’ latest plastic surgery… or IS he???

Entertainment Weekly article re Jay subbing for Andy... here.

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48 comments on “Real Housewives: Bravo’s Andy Cohen Taking a Day Off… Who Is His Replacement???

  1. Totally off topic..sorry SH.. but has anyone read about the Octomom situation????
    OMG. I’m getting depressed by just reading about it.
    I don’t care whose to blame, but this woman and her children obviously need help..DESPERATELY and ASAP!!!!

    • Screw her. She brought it on herself. Those kids need to be removed from her and placed with someone who’s got a lick a sense. She is another disturbed hyena laffing twat waste of space that gets on my nerves. And the Dr. that did it not only needs to be dis-doctored(?) but he should be forced to support them… I am really bitter about welfare peeps that continue to breed. I mean punch her in the face bitter.

        • lol It ok Nunya I just aint too much on the bleeding heart bidnus. Did you see her on Oprah? Suzy Or-a-man ripped her a new one and she just kept cackiln like a manic wackjob. The thing I do not understand is even plastic surgeons do due diligence with a cursory psychological exam pre-op so what the hell was this turkey baster wielding “Doctor” thinking?!?!? I understand you cant out-right sterilize the mentally deranged for ethical reasons(In Octo-moms case I think God semi-sterilized her for a reason) but to help them create multiple little human beings that will be forced to put up with their instability borders on criminal.

          • No, never seen her on talk shows or any of the sort. Thought by doing that I would be supporting her and her decision.

            I can’t help but feel really bad… I would say no one deserves to be that sad… but it wouldn’t be truthful.

            • I hear ya. She was grilled bout how she 1) borrowed the money needed for the in-veto when she tried to lie and say she “saved” for it. 2) she also continues to get cosmetic procedures and spends money on gym memberships and other unnecessary chit while she is out beggin for kind-hearted strangers to support her and her kids. Apparently the gobmint money she gets aint up to her standards of living. And heres the thing, we raise hell on these HW’s that live above their means but at least they aint out suckin off the gubmint teet(that we are aware of) while doing .

            • Some pictures Ive seen theres always someone with her and her kids like a nanny… do you know what that is? Volunteers?

  2. The only thing better would be if Messy and Toey were the guests… Jay rips them to shreds in every one of his blogs and I LOVE HIM for it. Can’t wait to see him in action.

    • I know. Did you see where Toey tweeted that Jay was “just cruel” I thought that sounded like words a girl would use. So I think Mel Twatted that for him.

      • Yeah I’m pretty sure Toey isn’t familiar with big words like “just” and “cruel” and he certainly wouldn’t know how to spell them. I’m also assuming this twatting was done from a phone and his toe fingers are far too fat to pull that off.

        • He only knows when things “break his heart” and when “he looks at people with his eyes,” which is my husband’s personal favorite. How else are you going to look at people?

          • He looks with his eyes and his stoopid wife thinks with hers…these 2 are perfect for each other.

            • I wanted to comment on this when it appeared some posts ago.. now I don’t remember where it was… but I remember hearing YEARS ago..or maybe reading… I wouldn’t say she thinks with her eyes.. but people will tend you look up signifying I guess them thinking, and those who look downwards signifies them using their heart. So like looking down towards their heart and looking up towards their brain sort to speak.

              Someone also said that a liar will look straight into your eyes…I think that’s true for a “professional” liar… IF I ever lie I couldn;t be able to look someone in the eyes.

            • Interesting. Bottom line I think she WAS rolling her eyes and is just trying to make excuses for it. But once she said it in her blog I thought I would paint it in as negative light as possible to punish her for insulting our intelligence with that lame excuse.

            • Me too… I’m surprised a big ol’ sigh didn’t come out either.

              Whether you love her or hate her.. you have to love Teresa’s faces!!!! lol

            • oh yeah dont get me started on those faces. they need to continuously loop her saying “wha?” to montages of her Tree is confused face.

          • I know right! Perhaps Mel was just used to men averting their eyes from her as they stuff her britches with dolla bills. Didnt an insider comment on here once upon a time about her being a stripper and thats how she met the Toe?

            • Yes, I do remember reading that and I’ve been waiting for some evidence to surface ever since! Hopefully, one of her ex’s writes a book about it and someone brings it to “The Last Supper” followed by another table flip. And if the Bravo gods are reading this, NO we do not want to see Messy pole dancing AND we definitely don’t want to see Kim G’s flabby ass on a pole along side her. Once was enough, thanks.

            • That would be awesome. I want someone to do some damage with one of Kathy’s plates of canolis I still would like to hear more on the alleged rape allegations too. If I remember correctly, the person that sent that email sent it to Ms Sh before we saw Toeys “backed up poison” high-schooler line that he is still using on his wife.and his man-handling ways. Not to mention his inability to control himself in front of his kids.

            • OMGOODESS!!! I completely forgot about the rape thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know, his behavior does back that story up tremendously. Not that I didn’t believe it.
              I could totally “see” him raping somebody. He is too grabby and doesn’t seem to know the words STOP.

            • Right can totally see the merits to a date-rape situation. Like he gets so much “poison” backed up in him that it rendered him deaf to the “no” word.

        • tee hee. I bet your right about his toes. I just think those words are too feminine for him to use. And going back and reading what Jay said, the majority of his ribbing was directed at Amazing Wench. And AW, being the newbie that she is didnt realize that simply by tweeting that she just drew more attention to it.

  3. Omg I love Jay. His blog is seriouslyhonest/funny. At the end and beginning of each season they said let recap do a recap.

  4. But why waste his hilariousness on Rich and Kathy? They are not going to reveal anything. Kathy was raised right, remember? Why couldn’t he have hosted when LuMan was on or Jacqueline? Don’t get me wrong, he’s gonna be freaking funny as balls! I hope you get thru MP!!! :-)

    • I know he will find a way to evoke just the right amount of hilarity outa those two. He’s got skillz. Fingers crossed that I get thru but life could not be that perfect . I bet the lines are jammed to high heaven.

  5. Just noticed that Jillz left that awful painting of Ginger wearing a dress in the clubhouse. Worse than that? She re-gifted!

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