Real Housewives: A Goodbye to Lynne Curtin… 2010 Stoopid Housewife

As everyone knows, voting for the 2011 Stoopid Housewife will be over tomorrow and a new “Stoopid Housewife” will replace the original Stoopid Housewife, Lynne Curtin.

Lynne_Curtin                                                                           I was so thrilled to be chosen 2010 Stoopid Housewife!!!  Do I get a tiara?  Are the diamonds real??

We will be forever grateful to Lynne Curtin as the ideal to which future “Stoopid Housewives” can hope to emulate.  

                                                                                  I’m still waitin’ on my tiara…                                                                                         

Lynne was the model “Stoopid Housewife“…

  • Lynne lived in homes while filming the Real Housewives of Orange County which she stated that she and her husband owned, only to have the cameras rolling when an Orange County sheriff dropped off an eviction notice… here.
  • Lynne and Frank Curtin were even sued by a former landlord in 2009 of looting his property to the tune of $5,000 (here).
  • Lynne and Frank had an arrest warrant out on them for scammin’ a business partner out of $1.2 million (here).
  • Lynne owed another landlord $12,000 after skipping out of the home during the night (here).
  • Timeline of Lynne’s housing woes beginning in 2009 from… here.   Love that site!
  • Lynne always prided herself on her parenting skills while her underage daughters boozed it up right under her nose… here.
  • Her daughters, Raquel and Alexa were featured on The Dirty with photos of them drinkin’ and strippin’… here.
  • When Lynne chose to take out a loan for her facelift instead of securing a place to live (here), that was the defining moment and the act the gave her the inside track on becoming the first ever “Stoopid Housewife.”   Way to go, Lynne!!!
  • Lynne’s remark that her facelift and Raquel’s nosejob was a ‘bonding moment’ for them put the icing on the cake for pure stoopidity.

Kudos to you, Lynne!  Kudos.   We will all miss you…

Gone, but not forgotten… our 2010 Stoopid Housewife  

Coming up… info re 2011 Stoopid Housewife

Just an added tidbit that has nothing to do with Lynne, but while looking for Lynne’s info, found this re Wretched… here.

19 comments on “Real Housewives: A Goodbye to Lynne Curtin… 2010 Stoopid Housewife

  1. Ole Lynn needs to get into the mary jane sellin bidnus ifn she wants to keep a roof over her families head (medicinal of course)
    Bye Lynn you were my favorite pot head.(allegedly)


    • Good question. I would say a prenup will be involved if she ever decides to mate for life with that Slime bucket. She has all but said that the child support thing is what is “holding things up” so with that in mind what manner of soulless cretin would even want to be with her selfish ass? Only Slimey, who is eat up with the fame-whore gene could overlook her blatant snub to his own flesh n blood. Total step-mom from hell.


    • You know.. I used to work in collections for a bit, tough job. I pretty much forgot most of what they taught me… but in certain states yes, in some no.

      I would think that if the debt was before the marriage the answer would be no also.

      Debt collections vary from state to state, which is kinda weird to me right?

      I honestly don’t know if you could find this information online.


      • I live in CA and have been through child support issues with my ex-husband…he wasn’t paying. When we went to court, both of our spouse’s income was taken into consideration when the court was calculating the amount he had to pay – in other words, Gretchen may not be held responsible for back child support but, her income/net worth could keep Slimey liable for the entire amount of child support that he is suppose to pay going forward, rather than giving him a break on the monthly amount.


        • Thanks R. Thats exactly what i thought was holding up wretch from marring Slimey. If there was ever a doubt as to what a complete and total a-hole she is then here’s the proof. She has stright up gone from being a gold-digger to being a gold-hoarder. They are both selfish, greedy, insensitive POS. they deserve each other.


    • Gretchen is the worst ever. Putting the Issues aside, I would totally help out with a child who is having major medical problems. Its called being an adult.


  2. Hopefully we’ll see Lynne again soon….that is if she stops chasing her own tail and realizes she doesn’t have a tail.


    • Wouldnt she still need a prenup stipulating that his bills will remain his bills for the ongoing obligations of child support -not the back child support? It seems to me that if she married that useless slug then the courts would include the total household income when adjusting the monthly CS amount to a more palatable(for selfish slimey and wretchen) amount. I suspect this is why they haven’t already gotten married because Slimey is hoping the courts buy his poor broke SOB sob story and only include his piddly(possibly fudged) income to adjust the payments. The only thing thats gonna straighten this mess out is a good ole fashion corn-holing IRS audit.


  3. I don’t hink either Lynn or Kelly deserve the title. I do not see how Teresa is getting so little votes. Lynn may be a pot head, who wouldn’t with those women. ANd Kelly may some things that are not very pc, but Teresa is just plain dumb. I love how she get metaphors mix-up though. I think that is funny. But her language skills are very poor. You can’t blame her accent, as Caroline and the others seem to be able to get a whole sentence out without botching up their vocab. Just me thinking outloud.


    • You have to remember that Caroline and the rest only speak English. Their parents did not want them to learn Italian. Teresa and her brother first language is Italian and did not learn English til school. That’s why sayings and phrases are always mixed up with them. Its like that for a lot of English as a second language people because most think in their original language than say it in English. The translation gets mixed up. Its not a mark of stupidity. Plus being able to fluently speak two languages,I would say her language skills are not poor. They are better than 95% of everyone else including me.

      Back on topic, I wish Lynn had stayed on because it would have made voting easier. I voted for Kelly last week.


      • One of my friends is like that. She was born in Australia but spoke Italian until she started school. Sometimes things get a bit jumbled or mispronounced, just like Teresa.
        I agree that it is not a mark of stupidity. This girl is fluent in English, Italian & knows enough Spanish to get by.


  4. I love love love ur site. Recently found it thanks to Andy Cohen’s facebook fans. Just thought I would comment on the 2011 poll for stoopidhousewife, how could Melissa not get the title when “she thinks by rolling her eyes” and singing “a wench like me”, she is a comedian’s wet dream!!!!!

    Thanks for the entertaining site!!!


  5. I voted for Melissa yesterday and she was “winning” by a landslide! What happened, her name is no longer on the list? I”m new here and I love it BTW! :)


    • Howdy Liz. I know poof she was gone. sumpin about voter-gate but perhaps the official explanation will be forthcoming tomorrow. Anyways you’ll have a good time here.


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