Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff… 6-29-11 UPDATE

Stoop Housewives

Melissa Gorga’s blog is up on… here.   Missy thinks with her eyes…

Oh yum!  Bethenny is now pushing a cleanse and restore product… here.    There’s no question that people will buy this product, though. I mean, come on, it’s Bethenny.  She could come out with a crushed cement line and call it candy and people would bite. Before you go out and drop $50, though, consider these other ways to “daily” cleanse:  Drink warm water with lemon. It will get things “moving.”  Drink a detox tea. Health food stores, and even regular grocery stores, always have a bunch of different varieties. 

Wasn’t it KKKelly who was attacking Bethenny on Scary Island?  Countless says it’s wonderful without Bethenny on RHONY… here.

Photos of Kim Zolciak and little baby boy, KJ…here.

Received this email… explaining the phony visitor “Carol.”  What a bunch of bulls***:

Must explain the recent visit of *Carol* to your blog pages, for there never really was a Carol.  It was a project we are working on about bullying on the Internet.  As you may know, it takes all forms and you normally read about it happening among children on social networking sites like Facebook.  We, and by we I mean a group of us working together doing an independent study about bullying in different settings.  We are from all walks of life, working with a group of independent film makers with grant money from the U S Government, trying to stop bullying in all forms.  We found your page quite by accident, by surfing the net.  We were surprised to find that you and your fellow bloggers imploded as quickly as you did and let *Carol* upset you as fast as she did with her pompous attitude.
We do apologize for upsetting the room the way we did but see that things are back to *normal* now.  We gathered much information on our short visit to the room but we were truly surprised to see that adults were much bigger bullies and quicker at it than the children we have studied.  It surprised us that the women were so quick to attack *Carol* and could not see her for the *lonely* person she was and did not try to address that situation first and then explain to  her the purpose of the blog.  We noticed when she did try to be a part of the discussion she was immediately excluded.   That was a very interesting observation.
By the way, in case you were wondering, *Carol* is a retired actuary. Go figure…..hahaha…and she actually does live on a farm but doesn’t grow anything.  She sells timber.  She is a tree farmer.  Her name isn’t *Carol* either.
Anyway, again….sorry if we upset you.

Tree Joodice tweets photos of her kids… here.  Yeah, uh, Tree… don’t do that again… OK?  

Tree Joodice one of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” is considering going under the knife after seeing recent photos of her widening thighs in swimsuit shots, which insiders say have caused her “severe anxiety.”…. more here.   Maybe it’s the fact that she and Joe have become aware how serious fraud charges in Federal Bankruptcy Court that is causing Tree’s “severe anxiety.”

Peggy Tanous from Real Housewives of Orange County talking about postpartum depression again. Note to Peggy: You are clinically depressed. Stop blaming your depression on having your kids, OK? 



Countless LuAnnie has gone blonde…   here.  

 G to-the-IA got “Most Improved”… here.

Wow!  KooKooKelly does not like Casey Anthony:        Chris

kikilet Chris Jesse/Ricardo/Tony/Tom/Dick/Harry/et al should all have penile transplants after their exposure to the black hole of #caseyanthony