Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff… 6-29-11 UPDATE

Stoop Housewives

Melissa Gorga’s blog is up on… here.   Missy thinks with her eyes…

Oh yum!  Bethenny is now pushing a cleanse and restore product… here.    There’s no question that people will buy this product, though. I mean, come on, it’s Bethenny.  She could come out with a crushed cement line and call it candy and people would bite. Before you go out and drop $50, though, consider these other ways to “daily” cleanse:  Drink warm water with lemon. It will get things “moving.”  Drink a detox tea. Health food stores, and even regular grocery stores, always have a bunch of different varieties. 

Wasn’t it KKKelly who was attacking Bethenny on Scary Island?  Countless says it’s wonderful without Bethenny on RHONY… here.

Photos of Kim Zolciak and little baby boy, KJ…here.

Received this email… explaining the phony visitor “Carol.”  What a bunch of bulls***:

Must explain the recent visit of *Carol* to your blog pages, for there never really was a Carol.  It was a project we are working on about bullying on the Internet.  As you may know, it takes all forms and you normally read about it happening among children on social networking sites like Facebook.  We, and by we I mean a group of us working together doing an independent study about bullying in different settings.  We are from all walks of life, working with a group of independent film makers with grant money from the U S Government, trying to stop bullying in all forms.  We found your page quite by accident, by surfing the net.  We were surprised to find that you and your fellow bloggers imploded as quickly as you did and let *Carol* upset you as fast as she did with her pompous attitude.
We do apologize for upsetting the room the way we did but see that things are back to *normal* now.  We gathered much information on our short visit to the room but we were truly surprised to see that adults were much bigger bullies and quicker at it than the children we have studied.  It surprised us that the women were so quick to attack *Carol* and could not see her for the *lonely* person she was and did not try to address that situation first and then explain to  her the purpose of the blog.  We noticed when she did try to be a part of the discussion she was immediately excluded.   That was a very interesting observation.
By the way, in case you were wondering, *Carol* is a retired actuary. Go figure…..hahaha…and she actually does live on a farm but doesn’t grow anything.  She sells timber.  She is a tree farmer.  Her name isn’t *Carol* either.
Anyway, again….sorry if we upset you.

Tree Joodice tweets photos of her kids… here.  Yeah, uh, Tree… don’t do that again… OK?  

Tree Joodice one of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” is considering going under the knife after seeing recent photos of her widening thighs in swimsuit shots, which insiders say have caused her “severe anxiety.”…. more here.   Maybe it’s the fact that she and Joe have become aware how serious fraud charges in Federal Bankruptcy Court that is causing Tree’s “severe anxiety.”

Peggy Tanous from Real Housewives of Orange County talking about postpartum depression again. Note to Peggy: You are clinically depressed. Stop blaming your depression on having your kids, OK? 



Countless LuAnnie has gone blonde…   here.  

 G to-the-IA got “Most Improved”… here.

Wow!  KooKooKelly does not like Casey Anthony:        Chris

kikilet Chris Jesse/Ricardo/Tony/Tom/Dick/Harry/et al should all have penile transplants after their exposure to the black hole of #caseyanthony
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199 comments on “Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff… 6-29-11 UPDATE

    • Lord, when some people get a man, they act riduculous. Somehow they think because they haver a man they are extremely sexy in everything at all times. “That is not true Luanne, you look like a wannabe hooker without the qualifications”.

    • I take my previous comment back after seeing the second photo in The Famous.
      I now think she got her wig from the Disney Princess line since she is living her dream come true.

  1. Count-less now looks like every other middle-aged housewife trying to look younger than she is.
    It just looks sooooooo tacky.
    If she used the word “class” now, I would “BWAH-ha-ha-ha” louder than I usually do.

  2. Ha, I LOVE Kelly, sorry, she’s one of my favorites … she’s nuts alright and out there in Kelly la la land but, her ex left her in a position where she never has to worry about money and she’s just out there happy as a clam living her life

    Tre’s kids are so much cuter when you can’t hear them, LOL

    The Countess looks ridiculous and

    The Skelator looking blond thing, just needs to be quiet.. she’s trying to milk the pp thing for extra air time, sympathy and a way to be more relatable and “bond” with who is surely her target market for that crap she’s selling – it is she who I’d just love to take a baseball bat to .. what a friggen hypocrite with all of her holistic nonsense .. when last I checked, there was nothing holistic or natural about bleach, silicone, botox OR filler …. not judging because I get my fair share of botox and filler and have had , um , enhancements but, I never claim to be so into holistic treatments and natural living

    • What do you think happened on scary island, really? Kelly… snapped and when everyone noticed they started handling her with kid gloves. They all say the cameras didn’t show the worst of it. What’s your take? I’ve only been on this site a short while, forgive me if you’ve discussed this already… :-).

      • as I previously stated, I think she is very sheltered, lives in her own world and lost it with all of the overbearing crazy bitches .. either that, or she’s smarter than anyone gives her credit for and knew that would get her back on for season 2 to sell her stuff and keep herself amused .. She is the only one aside from Jill or Ramona who has any serious wealth .. she just is who she is .. I’m probably the only one on this blog who likes her .. but, it is what it is

        • Other HWs work my nerves more than Kelly. I’m not buying the crazy bit. How else could her kids be so well behaved? A crazy person does not have the capacity to instill manners in children. It’s obvious that cattiness is her Gorga switch tho. Did you see WWHL when Rebecca Romijn was on?

          • I think her children benefit from her childish behavior. She is on their level so she can relate to them better perhaps?
            It’s kind of like a never ending sleepover with jelly beans in that house.

        • I like her too, especially when they were in Morocco. Her and Bethany made the show then and now she makes the show.

          • Don’t get me started on Bethany,that is one person, I’d like to kick square in the teeth .. she’s all about “I tell it like it is” blah, blah, blah .. and is rough and abrasive then gets an attitude when the behavior is reciprocated .. I just can’t stand her on so many levels .. I’m happy she got the husband and the kid she was whining about , rode Jill’s back and connections to make something of herself and got her show .. but, , karma’s a b and that’s one person who is going to get it in the chops before it’s all said and done

            • I did not care much Bethany much in the end when they were on the trip with Ramona, If Sonja would not have intervened, Kelly would probably be in St. Elizabeth. Bethany was sort of a bully. She knew she confused Kelly with her wit and continued to confuse her. Kelly needed some Ginkoba and she would have been on time for Bethany. I am glad Bethany left because Kelly could not take anymore. I don’t know who thought that it was time for her to go home, but it sure wasn’t Bravo. They probably liked the idea of her having a nervous breakdown.

            • She is nuts. Food in the fridge. Went crazy, Husband gave her a birthday present, went crazy. I have heard say she was the runaway bride. But in season one she tried to get Jason 1 to move in with her. Than she meets Jason 2, gets pregnant and thans get married, within less than 9 months. I think she gets runaway and bulldoze over mix-up. Shes smart. She says she does it for her fans. Yet her FORBES interview had no class at all. Did she have to swear when “acting” surprise. But she does no how to brand herself and shes good, and her brands seem to be viable. I give her props for that.
              Well afternoon meds kicked in. I am happy. Really happy.

          • I LOVED her in Morocco doing that Vulcan mind meld thingie–”Close your eyes….Now open your eyes….Now close your eyes again.” She’s a way better hypnotist than Simone’s “You are an EX-SMOKER!!” Plus, I found out she’s from my home town, so that’s pretty cool.

            • I loved that part too. I have always maintained that she is “crazy like a fox” It would be super awesome if all these women would submit to IQ tests and then release the results and have the real “pecking order” based on the numbers.

              • Did you say pecking order. O.k. here it is according to IQ
                Sony (did not take test…could not start)

              • @MP Alex seems to be intelligent. She just don’t know how to defend anyone and need to stop trying.
                @Click I totally forgot her. Anywhoo, she falls under Ramona

              • Alex is book smart but has zero social skills and gets flustered if confronted back when she’s on a tirade .. she tries to do the Bethany thing and fails miserably because she just doesn’t have the stones

              • Where does Jill fit in the IQ rank? All I can think about is that scene of her picking out Bawby’s shirts and having her initial put on his customization … Ugh, it’s actually his IQ I’d like to test for allowing that to happen.

  3. Nice to see Luann stepping up her tuck game and getting serious about her audition tape for RuPaul’s Drag Race season 4.

    • She looks a No, seriously, she is reminding me now of Danielle. Look at her face!!! I thought that nightmare was over.

      • Irene: PLEASE tell me you’re not joking with and that you just got the wrong name. PLEASE! I tried it but it’s just a parked site for a company selling website names. If you’re joking, I think you could be on to something there….

        • I don’t understand what you mean. I am mocking Tamar of the Braxtonss. She always says .com or .org after her statements when she is talking. I am just having fun with all of yall. That is all.

          • LOL, if you type in it’s a sight with porn and a link if anyone wants to buy the domain name :)

            • I am not interested in typing that in. I am not into that. I did not know it was a website. I was only trying to be funny when I put .com on the end.

              • I got yer joke Irene. I like to say that too. Like when I am giving my phone number to the grocery store people so they can access my savings card info since I never seem to be able to dig it out. Its a funny thing to say.

        • looks like s/he already owns it and is trying to make some money off of selling it , right now , it’s just a sight with a bunch of porn, it looks like ..I didn’t click any of the links because I’m not a huge fan of spyware, LOL

          • @Dianne and Angryoldman. I don’t know if that is a website or not. I am talking about how Luanne looks in the blonde wig. I jsut said that to try and be funny. I was saying that Luanne is a damn hot mess. To try to be funny I put .com on the end because I was mocking Tamar of the Braxtons because that is what she always does when she says something. I was only trying to be funny. That is all. I don’t know if that is such a website. And yes, I am still confused. Can someone please explain to me if anything is being insinuated about me?

            • Sorry, I misunderstood. I don’t watch the Braxton show so I didn’t get the reference. Apologies. .

            • Irene, “Regras a mi” lL Devo…If you’re a Toni Braxton fan…I don’t mean anything bad to you, love the song, and wonder if she’s ever mentioned it on her show…and those guys are very good looking.

            • Hello Irene – Not sure if you’ll see this but I don’t think anyone was insinuating anything about you at all… : )

  4. Is that Discountless wearing a wig? Also, In the pic of her wearing the brown smock at the salon, Isn’t Ted Gibson the hair stylist from D.C. housewives? He and Jason let the Salami’s sneak them into the black caucus dinner at the White House?

  5. Oh wow Thanks for the “carol” email. I am sure these people got more than enough data for their research based on the exchanges here. If this letter is legit, HH came out as the hero of the day. Keep in touch with these folks because I would love to watch the film they are putting together. I wonder what their take is on the majority of child bullies being offspring of adult bullies. Most of the time I encounter this situation with child bullies I find that the parents are bigger assholes than their children.

        • MP: There are items in that email that I did not include as they had to do with SH personally… the part of the email which had to do with “Carol” is posted. Trust me… it’s as wack as “Carol” was. If “Carol” was a study in bullying, “Carol” was the bully. SH

          • That whole thing was just odd , you handled it fantastically .. and, seriously, how is anyone asking her if she actually watched the show and requesting that she keep on topic bullying .. sounds more like some trolls from another site trying to start crap because I noticed a few of the others who were posting around the same time are now gone .. pure ….. silliness

          • That’s kinda the way I remembered it, too! (f.y.i. – sometimes I’m gapeach and sometimes I’m citrine. I’m getting old so I forget who I am sometimes!!)

        • I didn’t get the complete picture of what went on… only the sex talk comments I think Carol participated in… but I didn’t see her name so I’m thinking those comments were deleted… but in any case, as far as everything is concerned I feel that maybe people should have addressed the situation differently. For instance, instead of saying kind of “reprimanding” her for not really addressing HW’s things… a comment about How the sex talk was making people uncomfortable and to please quit being so open about it would have been nicer. As far as her divulging too much personal information about herself on her… I don’t know if it was addressed or not. But to be fair, if it wasn’t… how is one suppose to know not to address such personal things if one isn’t told?

          I try to keep up on all the comments and such but there’s so many comments posted along with new posts it’s too hard for me(which I love BTW)… so if I missed a key point to this story, sorry.

          Now.. on the flip..(since I try to see things from BOTH sides)…
          I think that e-mail is BOGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To ME it sounds like someone who get “bullied” or whatever you want to call it, felt embarrassed and to save face wrote this e-mail to make everyone else feel bad.
          I got my BA in psychology and before you graduate(at least in my school) we needed to construct a study, carry it out and present it at the end of the semester. So with that said.. I do know a little bit about studies and such. And if these “people” were debriefing you/us, then more information would have been included… perhaps the name of the organization/group…name or working name of the documentary… maybe a timeline of when it would be put out in case we wanted to see it… a number and name of the people if we wanted to know more information about the study is actually somewhat mandatory…
          I don’t know if that was the whole e-mail, but it does seem that way. I also don’t think “they” would have included “Carol’s” “real” personal information with you… that seems so unprofessional.

          Like I said, just wanted to present my points to the “argument” at hand and hopefully made some valid points for people to think about. Oh and also… if it is true, I don’t believe they can use the blog’s name without your permission/consent…

          • Thanks for ‘splaining how your psych. class worked. I took Psychology 101 in Summer school at community college and I got the abbreviated version of the same thing–I still have flashbacks from what a train-wreck it was when we experimented on each-other, (the class).
            That was only one week. I can only imagine an entire semester of that.

        • Yeah hard to watch the whole thing go down, weird night click got through wwhl,sh played a “joke” on us readers just so happen documentary making buffoons infiltrated the chat sent a non housewife watching spy in to see if we would be bullies and OMG we failed.She got banned. A regular was so disgusted with u all they haven’t been back since.It was horriable. Is this another “joke” we aren’t smart enough to understand or is it damage control?

  6. TY TY TY TY for posting the link to Kim’s baby!!!! I’ve been wondering why those pictures haven’t surfaced yet.. I was very curious to see what he looked like!

    As far as the cleansing product is concerned… SH is right. I like Bethenny a lot, but years ago I bought a cleansing product.. I didn’t notice a different at all!!!! And I spend like $20/$30 less than Bethenny’s. So you’re better off doing home remedies…

  7. SH…i cant believe Melissa is going to end up the new stoopid housewife. Shes been so levelheaded throughout the entire season. Look how crazy and dumb the rest of them are!! Alexis thinks women belong locked up in a kitchen, Gretchen’s entire storyline the first season was a LIE, Kelly is BSC and anyone with an IQ over 60 knows that. Sucks because all the real fans of this site wouldn’t have made that choice :(

    • LOL, seriously? it’s a flippin poll on a blog … are you really taking it that seriously .. 18 Service members gave their lives 7000 miles away from home in service to their country in the past 10 days … just a little perspective for you

    • Rebecca, Mel’s akkkk-a-pella re-mix of Amazing Grace was worthy of a vote or two at least. Stoopid personified. just sayun Also her “my daddy is dead” go-to that she relies on for sympathy is played out. Does she really think she is the only heifer who has ever lost a parent? Most dont talk about it every time a camera is on YEARS after the fact. I find her over-done display of extended grief to be less than sincere. That being said I dont relish the idea of looking at her Wicked Witch face for an extended period of time.

        • good idear Click. We will all be blitzed before the night is up. And lets all tip a whole box and wave our lighters in the air when she comes out with an “I miss my daddy” ballad. You know its coming.

            • That would have been Bette Davis when she played the over age child star and Olivia De Havilland was her sister and the real killer. HUSH HUSH SWEET CHAROLETTE I think was the name of the movie.

              Or LuAnne has a new song out.

          • I do not mean to start trouble. But why would you take a religious sacrament of mine. The Holy Box of Wine and use it in a game which you know you would have to have someone holding and tipping the box throughout the whole show.

            I do not like anyone mocking boxes of wine. They are holy and need to be held in the honor that Chocolate is. You may disagree about any of the housewives. But there are not many heros in life anymore and I think that THE BOX OF WINE should not be mocked.
            And as far as holding a lighter and tipping the box, just plain dagerous. Better to just put one of the ear candles in your ear. Tip head and drink wine with it on its side. Also you will have clean ears and you will never have to say “Did they really say what I thought I heard again”

            And if said game is to be used, I recommend that you have a friend stay the night or until you have been put to bed in clean underwear just in case police/fire departments have to be called.

              • Oh dear, first I recommend that you speak to LuAnn about class. Because you would know that you would have to have cheese and crakers to do this. Also it matters if this is during the summer or spring. I recommend spring, due to the short airey dresses you can wear. If you have ski pants on the farts tend to ripple down ski pants (or any of the spanx rips off sold by two of the housewives, as this will let the smell linger longer than Miami Housewives) and than you will have a fashion faux pau, that you will never let down. Think LuAnn in blond hair. Is that not itched in your brain forever?

              • Well that just shows how much you know Notasha. I’ll have you know I already stocked up on spray cheese from Sam’s to go with my cheap boxed wine. The BEST lite fart inducer on the planet. Nacho flavor and nacho problem. Hail far, I have enuff stocked up that I should have plenty left over to entertain the neighborhood at our 4th of July block party. I will willingly except a stern talkin to from the homeowners association for the chance to show my own unique patriotic spirit. :)

              • Make Piley , you are a woman with many talents. I bow down to you. I will try to never give you unsolicted advice again. although I have to admit I find the can cheese, will cheesy. We do have velvetta and also in a pinch you can buy the craker/cheese entree, it comes with silverware. But if your gas comes out red, white and blue with sparklers, than you are indeed the queen of all housewives, I bow and concend to you my honor.

              • Cant promise red-white n blue Sparkle farts. I retired that talent with my toddlers and tiara days. I am more of a straight shooter these days.

      • actually, I think that Alexis is the stupidest, it take brains to be as conniving and manipulative as Melissa seems to be , that child exemplifies the word “street smart” That having been said, I knew I could get 5 -7 k people to swing by and vote .. when I did the math, Mel was the only one who had a shot of beating Kelly (who I did not want to see win because a few people were stacking the votes) – In hindsight, it was wrong to do and I apologize to everyone except for Rebecca because I just simply cannot fell quilty for messing up someone who would take a blog poll that seriously or who would refer to Melissa as “level headed” , LOL But, you guys have my apology for screwing up the voting deal

          • oh, unclench, it’s not anything I didn’t warn you guys about on a thread a day before it happened and didn’t say exactly how I was going to do it .. at least I “manned up” and apologized , your righteous indignation is better put to use elsewhere

            • dianne: where would my ‘righteous idignation’ be better put use? Are you sure you’re not “Carol?”

              • you’re pretty funny BK … and pretty random .I’m going to just go ahead and follow the “rules” of the page and not attack fellow posters but, you do as you please :)

              • dianne: Uh, I’ve been here for quite a long time. I’m not attacking you, but you think what you want.

        • LOL i couldnt take it less seriously. you seem to have given it quite a lot of thought, time and effort dianne. good for you :)

        • dianne: Talk about taking it seriously! To actually take time out to make sure the votes are stacked the way you want is taking it seriously. How ridiculous. That’s definitely gonna be taken into consideration for the 2011 ‘winner.’ SH

          • less than 5 minutes of effort to watch a bunch of folks who take things far too seriously and were casting the ballot boxes themselves was well worth it for the comedy which ensued …. And, I believe I explained exactly why I did it before I actually did ..

            • dianne: Yeah, everyone’s laughing… just because you explained what you did, doesn’t excuse it. Oh yeah, I’m laughing so hard I can hardly type…

              • you’re right.. I shouldn’t have said anything, or been adult enough to apologize .. should have kept my mouth shut and just laughed my arse off … or, better yet, taken your course and go on attack …. seriously, take a Prozac or something, then you can change your name to smiley kitten and not feel the need to be so rude .. but, I guess that’s the beauty of the internet .. a bunch of anonymous folks (with the exception of the hostess of the joint who was kind enough to post a picture and introduce herself ) hiding behind their computers saying things that they would never have the courage to say to anyone in their flesh and blood lives … You are acting like you are in high school, seriously, Ms Bitter, lighten up, loosen up and enjoy life , it’s too short for this stupid ish

              • dianne: obviously you were laughing your ass off the entire time until your “apology’ after the fact. If there is anyone “RUDE” here, it is you. Again, you are a chit stirrer…

              • geez dianne, you are the one that got on here and attacked me for “caring too much”. but you seem to be taking this more seriously than anyone. take your own advice and chill.

            • It was all in FUN!!! Yes, acting a bit childish about the voting, but you took it to another level. You must not be a very happy person, as you seem to not have a sense of humor. Blogs are for FUN!!! And you meet others, and you have FUN with them.

  8. um yeah about Melissa “thinking with her eyes” whadda load of bullcrap. I think the body language experts will say that when your eyes involuntarily look up (BTW Smell’s were exaggerated pre-seizure like eyerolls) that means that person is trying to think of the next lie they are gonna tell.

    On the other hand, If she thinks with her eyes, then no wonder she thinks those stoopid hats look good. Chick be lookin at the back of her own skull instead of examining her own reflection in the mirror and re-thinking her fashion sense.

    • Made Piley, Just thought you would like to know that many people will “think with their eyes”. If you are trying to recreat a visual your eyes will go one way. If you are trying to recall words, numbers, ect you eyes will go another. Liars can look you straight in the eyes and lie to you. But I think Melissa is trying to come off a bit more educated than she is.

      I wrote a post saying that I was hoping to be on the next housewives show, and thinking that if I came here I might be noticed because everyone is so nice. Come on you people, are you trying to take my next job away from me. Or maybe we have our next housewives right here. We could do a BLOG HOUSEWIVES, that way we could be in our sweats or pj’s and not wear any of the jewels tops that they are wearing on the NJ show. I thought we got rid of that about 2 seasons ago with Orange County.

      Now if everyone is going to start fighting because someone thinks it is funny ( and it is) about who the dumb housewive of 2011 is, than I will nominate myself to just get started on my branding.

      Anyone have any old persons 9meant purses, but I think old people would be better, I am not an ageist, I am old) so I could staple my name on them.
      But just to help, because I am like that (another Housewive quality) there is a proposed drinking game that I think you guys might want to look into. Lets be mellow. There are enough Housewives we can trash on. Let the lady have her poll. Just keep Kim G off it.

  9. @Click had did you know I had no idea who that Matt guy was and that I wouldn’t Google to find out? :-) I was gonna skip it but wonder what he would spill bout Jillz?

    • Romo, You know Jill will call in and they might show a clip. Jill said it was only going to be a few lines, but she was so good, they wrote in more for her…allegedly. Hey, you watched Boys to Manzo for me, that was the least I could do for you. I’ve never watched the show.

  10. Dianne, I agree that Alex is “book smart” but I think her level of delusion hampers her intellectual capabilities awkward as they may be to the point that she would be near the bottom of the scale. Whereas whatever bat chit craziness Kells presents with she would mop the floor with Alex when it comes to actual IQ. Kells is crazy in an quirky almost endearing way. Alex’s delusion level renders her disabled and ifn she wasnt a social climbing Brooklynite mo fo she would be drawin what we call down here in appalachia a crazy check. Obvilious, useless and annoying. three traits that grate my nerves.

    • I think that Kelly would run neck-n-neck with Alex and might be very intelligent only because she is more worldly and more traveled, but I don’t think she is more intelligent than Alex. They are also EXTREMELY nuts in a different kind of nerdy way.

  11. Someone needs to teach T that if she’s going to use the “head tilt”, she needs to tilt INTO people not always just go to the same side … LOL, seriously, I wonder if she practices in the mirror, every picture of her posing and smiling looks exactly the same .. I guess which would be where the wooden cut out thing came from ..

    • dianne: “Wooden cutout” gives her way more substance than she actually has–hence “cardboard cutout” and if there was a “tissue paper cutout”, well that’d be just about perfect!

      • LOL, I knew I remembered you all referring to her as some sort of cut out, I just couldn’t remember what kind ..

      • Good Idea, than if she has to give back her unpaid boobies, she can recycle herself and than they will be her real boobs.

  12. Oh wow. check out all the home-truth comments Bravo is allowing on Melissa’s blah er um I mean blog. People hate that ho and they aint shy about sayin so.

    • WOWSA, I’ve never read any of the blogs on bravo before so, of course I had to see what you were talking about .. geeze, reading some of those “ladies” blogs was hysterical .. the comments on Mel’s were hysterical , happy to see that folks aren’t buying her crap .. you can see the “tone” change in the posts from the first few to the last one … does Bravo decide what get’s posted though and what doesn’t as far as comments , I can see them editing them to suit whatever purpose they have in mind

      • Dianne I have tried to leave comments on the Bravo blogs before too and they didn’t get posted. I am assuming because of their “negative tone” Its usually a big ole sunshine up the wazoo lovefest so it was refreshing to see that real comments are being allowed on there. I dont know if the ladies themselves filter the negative or if Bravo does. If its up to the gals to do it then someone forgot to send Amazing Wench the memo. Perhaps I should ask when I get thru to WWHL.

  13. Does SHW have any intel on why Caroline seems to be taking sides with Mel ?She tries to come off as impartial but? Is there something going on that we don’t know about? It just seemed in the last few episodes that she was not all that sympathetic to T and was almost taking Mel’s side? ,

    • dianne: Caroline put up with Tree on the first two seasons basically because Tree was friends with Dina and Jacqueline. Caroline can’t stand Tree, but she’s stuck with her. Apparently, Caroline can’t hide her true feelings. SH

      • I noticed the sudden subtle bias too. I can totally understand your point about Momma Boyzo just putting up with Tree and now she is done done done with that. However, I would think she would ice out Mel too. I dont think she is giving Kathy much “new girl” leeway either so… I agree that sumpin is up. Cant wait till the juicy( no pun intended) deets come out.
        And I am ready for chit to hit the fan with Kathy pitches her busted up banquet hall/catering idea to the Manzos. Talk about steppin on the Dons toes. Scary stuff

          • right. And the way these RHW’s brouhahas really take flight is when the alpha female butt heads with another lady and then insists that the others take a side. So if Mel is currying favor with Don at the moment that wont last long if mel chooses the “wrong side” in this case, her beloved cousin-in-law. and you know….”family is everything” We shall see if that is the case when the rubber meets the road. Right now(post filming) mel might be all Team Manzo just to get a few kind publicity words outa the Don. But by next season’s filming when she has to put back on her “family is everything” face.. I suspect its gonna get a little sticky. At least thats how I would manipulate it if I was a production manager. But first I would have all contracts amended to include the caveat “Bravo shall not be held responsible if one or two of youz guys ends up swimmin with the fishes over any decisions made by de production team.” dats how I’d do it. :)

        • that, I’m sure, will go over like er, um, cement shoes … ought to be interesting .. they are all over the map .. it’s funny, they were talking about “investments” and about looking for good returns but, I could have sworn that somewhere on here I read, he is a gas station attendant and she is a hair dresser .. not that there is anything wrong with either of those but, on those salaries, how, exactly does one get a loan in this economy , to buy a restaurant .. something is just off

          • I would love to see pictures of the salon Kathy worked in. I am picturing a very old school operation with lots of little old ladies sitting around getting weekly tease sets. Not anything upscale like the Chateau . Does anyone know the details about her previous career in hair? Was she a salon owner or just an operator? A huge investment like they are talking about making doesn’t make sense besides dees people come from a family that dont talk for years over small potatoes ($200) They dont strike me as business minded folk

        • IA have to say that kathy’s dessert’s seem wonderful. I would kill for some good old-fashioned italian pastry. I bet more people would watch a show about pastry making with her more appealing. When people bring me anything to eat I love them. Even sprinkel cookies. Espesically if they are pregnant. For some reason yu are to eat and take any gift and wear it if a pregnant woman gives it to you. Does that make you go into labor fasting. If I had only had the 411 on that. I would have had sprinkles on everything. And some think that Melissa deserves the 2011 award, I say give her the medical Pulitzer Prize. Who knew?

          • good point. I would like to know which Chistmas this Cookie-gate happened. I am thinking Tree was also with child as well. So maybe..just maybe.. if an Italian prego disses the sprinkle cookies of another prego Italian lady then the labor inducing qualities would tend to be canceled out. I need to check with my bambino doctor for the deets on that. :)

    • yep thats the ones. My momma had a beauty shop in our home when I was growing up. Think Steel Magnolias and that was my house every day. She did cuts and color and perms too but her bread n butter was those weekly wash n sets and let me just say Saturday was a busy day at momma’s house :)

        • smelled like money to us Click, Especially the perms. I knew when mom did a bunch of perms back to back that meant that my back to school shopping would not have to be done exclusively off the clearance racks in the back.

          • You guys are too funny tonight! I do a little hair on-the-side myself. (color/high-lights only for shut-ins)
            I learned from a girl who had the nerve to get herself hired in a salon in the old World Trade Center, ’till she butchered a few heads and they found-out that she was unlicensed.
            She gave my own mother a perm in my kitchen and we were giggling so hard ’cause we tried to warn her without letting my friend know but it was too late.(bald-spots!)

    • They actually sell a version of the rag curlers now. They are easy to use and they do work out very nice. Good for short and long hair. Sold at most drug stores.

      • I tried them once( because I am a product junkie) and I was not amused with the results. It looked alot like Jillz look when the tiny barreled curling iron monster got hold of her in Monaco and fishtailed the hell outa her hair. not prettty.

  14. Bravo really manipulate those blog comments. Why does Sonja (NY) receive so many positive comments? I know I leave plenty of negative comments about her that are never posted. Yet, they post majority of the negative comments about Melissa Gagme (NJ). I know people don’t like her but Wow! She is really swimming in the negative.

  15. By the way, LuAnn video is torture and the mohawk music producer being in the video doesn’t help.

  16. You might not have been on the day she warned us and gave us ideas as to what we should be doing with our time. She suggested we volunteer.

      • My reply is out of order for some reason that was to Bitter Kitten. She asked Dianne (see above) D didn’t answer that part, so I did. You were in it too… I just can’t remember the page. When she told us instead of being on here all of the time we should volunteer…

        • Romo, I’m just ignoring her…maybe she’ll go away. She has a foul mouth and she’s attacking everyone. It’s like nobody can say anything, and she comes back with an attack. Yes, Dianne, I mean you. Why are you on here being so mean…for someone who works 2 fulltime stressful jobs, you seem to have plenty of time on your hands…so you lash out at us.

          • Do you want to know how to get rid of someone on here that does not have respect for you all and me?

              • Tell the teacher? whatever, I am kind of slow yall. You ignore them and don’t reply to them. They will get tired of being ignored. If/when they continue to be disprespectful, they will get kicked off. That’s it and that is all. I am having a lot of fun with you guys. I hope I am not talking too much or out of turn since I am new and all. Don’t try to ignore me Made Piley (lol)

              • I was being facetious about tattle telling to the “teacher” lol. I would never ignore you dahling. I don’t ignore anyone. Life it too short to miss out on the perceptives of as many different folks as i can come into contact with.

              • Hey Irene, I enjoy your comments. :-) I’m fairly new here too. I come here for fun, not for advice from a wet blanket. (cough, poll girl) Especially when that very person was telling me that I spend way too much time here and am being too mean is now doing the same. In being new, this is the only blog I’ve commented on. Ok, got it, I’ve now heard it twice I’ll just to keep it movin…Thanks gals!

  17. The comment/ers are turning into some sort of ridiculousness on this blog. I’d hate to quick coming here because of a couple of “bad seeds” creating unnecessary drama.

    I mean really… this is suppose to “bash” the housewives not each other.

    • Oh and if by some reason I’m ever under attack on here please don’t ever bring up my child… that would be the lowest of the lows. Just attack me and how “miserable” I am, not ANYTHING else!

      • No, that I was being too mean too HWs… saying things I would never say to their faces is what we were told. Speculation much? Why does she think some of us burn up the WWHL phone lines? We’re dying for the HWs to hear it! We’re not mean to each other. I have a little one too. He’s asleep now and isn’t feeling too good today. :-(

          • Thanks dahling, doing good. ;-). He has a fever only so far. He’s a trooper tho, good sleeper. Thanks to all!

        • Sorry to hear your little one is sick. I hear LuAnn had a new song out. Play the little one a few bars. He will get rid of what everlittle virus is in his body very quickly. Even the H1N1 would run from that. Good luck today and I hope he feels better.

        • Hey Romo!
          In the same boat over here except (I assume from earlier posts of yours) that mine is a bit older. Here’s hoping for recovery for the both of ours!
          Also, I thought you were old hat at this commenting biz. I’m a newbie and you just seemed so comfortable here ;)
          Sorry so off topic, y’all!

          • I found this site when the Jersey season started. Started commenting a month or so ago? Everyone is awesome and so is this site. Ms SH knows her stuff and doesn’t have a fav HW. They’re all fair game. Hope your lil sweetie feels better soon! :-)

            • Well, my lil sweetie is acting more like a Milania right now… Thanks for the well wishes.
              I agree that Ms. SH does know her stuff.
              Thanks for responding!
              Hang in there with your son!

        • Nothing about someone’s child… but in all honesty someone.. don’t remember who said something about Diane having two jobs so why be on here… I thought it was a too personal attack.. and just got scared that someone may bring up my child just to hurt me. Which I hope no one would.. but sometimes in the heat of the moment things can get out of hand ya know?

          • oh ok. I understand. Anyone that would do that would be low and I am sure Ms SH would quickly put an end to it with a “Dont let the door hit cha where the good Lord split cha”

        • Made, I am sitting here looking at the US magazine. In it is Melissa’s showing off her closet. It is absolutely gorgeous; clothes, shoes and purses, everything. She is asking for a Birkin bag and says that she does not like over the top sparkle. I think they buy stuff like this to prepare to sell when they bankrupt. I like talking to yall. Do yall be on here on the weekend?

  18. I happen to know this girl. It is not nice to make fun of her. She had a very distubing voice, you know high-pitched and also she would droll when saying any word more than two syllables. And this way she did not have to puke into her purse or a strangers pocket when drinking. Because she is such a wonderful person she had her doctor sew her lip shut when she got her boobs done, nose done, and anything that showed while wearing as min. of clothing she had on

    Why do we make fun of saints like this. I just wonder what you had to say about Mother Teresa ( the one with the nun habit on). So please say your sorry about making fun of her. Again why I am perfect for housewives ( I come to the rescue of other human beings, because I am up there and you are down here. Hands are up and down. Anyone for a game of Mary Mack.

    Just for those getting sick of me I should be out of bed in the next few weeks. Wheelchair bound and thinking of getting on next dancing/skating/ or anything that has me making a fool of myself. So please do not call the I HATE JILL ZARIN BLOG, she may get my name and change it and I am not ready for that much fame, yet.

    Closing arguments for the Casey Anthony case will start soon. And I am scared that are justice system just may see this little girl death a joke.

      • My noon meds hit about a half hour ago. I was posting about the girl who had the same face in every picture. Than I got back into the end of the Cassey Anthony trial. You did not miss anything except the part where they came in with white coats and a big ass net. I ask for the make up man, but it seems I have not yet become a real housewive. so no make up man, no song, (will thats not the truth LuAnnes is still in my head DAMN IT)

        Want what I have. Anything of mine is yours.

        • Oh you know that gurl in the video Natasha? Did she mean to do that as a joke or does she seriously think that platypus lips face and cotton candy lipstick is attractive?

          • No I don’t know her. I just thought I was being funny. Guess that one bombed. And cotton lipstick is not attractive. Scuse me a sec! Need a tissue and some heavy grease. Now you sure that bright ass pink lipstick is ugly. I am crushed. Especially when you have bright pink eyeshadow and blush to match. You woman are so smart. I guess my pink lepord tube top and matching tutu and leg warmers are out too? God, I am so sad.

            • well now if they match its all good. The leg warmers are a nice touch. be sure to pull em up thigh- highand girl, you are ready for a trip to walmart to stock up on some Velveeta and boxed wine.

    • Slow down Natasha. Didn’t I tell yall I was kind of slow? Give me some of what you had.

  19. What is going on with Sonja’s foyer? Either she has a jacked up tee-niny entryway or production just filmed the plumber and the feng shui girl entering thru a spare bedroom. Admittedly I dont know much about the way uppity NYC apartments are laid out but it looked a little “off” to me. just an observation.

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