Most Eligible Dallas: If You’re Single, This is the Place to Be

Andy said that there would be no more Housewives shows, but he must have heard those Big D people tellin’ him about all the big hair and muscles in Dallas…

So, Andy compromised…

There will be a new show from Dallas…

“Most Eligible Dallas”

8 comments on “Most Eligible Dallas: If You’re Single, This is the Place to Be

  1. Are they kidding? Can they only find carbon copies of HW’s?? There’s a junior Alex, a junior Tamra, a junior KooKoo, a junior Wretched, even a Mo Collins/Countless lookalike. A token gay with “gasoline in his veins” and no blacks–in DALLAS???–yeah, Glenn, no discrimination there!!! Please!! Are you punkin’ us again, MS.SH????


  2. I’m from Texas and can’t stand Dallas or Dallasites. Vapid, pretentious, obnoxious jerks. I will watch just to see them make complete fools of themselves. I can’t believe that people are still willing to go on these shows. Don’t they get it by now that they will end up looking ridiculous?????


  3. So is this Bravo’s version of the Jersey Shore? Or are they trying to go the Miami Social route here? Also, I read somewhere that Cohen backed off his “no more Housewives” statement and they are considering other places.


  4. Style is bringing back part of the Dallas Divas and Daughters cast in their new show- Dallas social or something like that. I know the bitchy blonde mom with the heavier (step?) daughters is back on. You know… the exec producer (I’m sure…)

    I grew up in Texas too- Dallas is barely part of Texas. I remember living in Houston and when we visited Dallas I thought we’d gone someplace EXTREMELY different. I have a family friend that just moved there and she likes it… but she took a trip to Austin and was blown away by the difference.


    • I’m from Texas too. I hate when things like this happen. Dallas always give people the wrong impression of Texas. I have to tell people there are basically five different “countries” and Dallas does not represent any of them.


  5. Thanks to all of yall dissing Dallas.

    I am a Dallas native, born and raised, and I love it. I went to college in Austin and love it as well. But Dallas IS a HUGE part of Texas, as are all the other cities. I have friends all over and we have friendly city rivalries, especially with Houston, but I would hardly say I hate it, or any other city in the US for that matter.

    Each city is full of its mix of people, and I guarantee you that this show is NOT an accurate representation of Dallas in ANY way, shape or form. Seriously. Yes, of course there are the over the top, entitled jerks and bimbos that live here, but it is such a small percentage.

    I’m not saying yah you should come to Dallas for a vacation or something, and Austin is probably the city to go to for a fun, cultural and great time. But its a city just like any other. So get off your high horse.


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