Real Housewives of New York: Countless LuAnn de Lesseps’ ‘Chic C’est La Vie’ Video

Countless gets most of the Real Housewives of New York in her video… 

It’s not so much a song, because she’s not really singing… and not so much a rap, because she’s not rhyming… she’s just talking…



1st collector for Exclusive: Countess LuAnn de Lesseps’ ‘Chic C’e…

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72 comments on “Real Housewives of New York: Countless LuAnn de Lesseps’ ‘Chic C’est La Vie’ Video

  1. awww hail no. This is another craptastic hot mess. Very classy of Discountesss to ice out the “blondes” & the new girl. not bon at all.

    • I guess we will see on vH1 or MTV at the awards show, that Discountless wins an award…NOT!!! And Jill in that “trench coat”? Who put up the money for it? That is just God awful! UGH!!!

  2. She should have shot the video AFTER her stick-up-the-butt-ectomy. I bet her moves would be more natural.

  3. Ahhhhh! This vid automatically starts playing when I come onto the site _and_ when I click the link to the post. Yikesies for me!
    She totally looks like Samantha from SATC in this vid… To me anyways…

  4. that’s just friggen annoying. Is there a way to stop it from playing every time I come to the site?

    • Pause it…. if you don’t like the musicality of Countless. Personally, I LOVE hearing Discountless’ unbelievable voice. It sounds like she’s yelling at her kids. Good thing that Moo-riah Carey is busy with her twins, ’cause there would have been a battle over who would get that song.

    • Girl: Beats me, too! But remember, Messy also said on one of her blogs that On Display would be on iTunes, too. Maybe they will put a special “album” of ALL the HW “music”!

  5. haha mp I was thinking the exact same thing,the funny thing about this is everyone is going to be talking about this for ever because its so awful like tardy for the party, its gonna kill Messy cause she is just mediocre and no one is going to pay that much attention to her and she will never understand why people don’t recognize her awsome talent, she needs to learn to be more awful,

    p.s. she should fire her make up artist for this vidieo she looks like a corspe in that red number.

    • Maybe Bravo is gonna let the merit of the awfulness of Melissa’s debut song stand on its own. I am sure if it wasnt laugh worthy Bravo would not even be mentioning it at all. Bravo and Miss Andy in particular just encourage these buffoons’ singing careers in much the same way that mean kids pick on mentally retarded children. I am almost ashamed that I get enjoy watching it.. almost.

      • lolololol MP,so true but if Bravo didn’ t encourage em we wouldn’t have much to laugh at em on LuMann sorry I mean LuAnn.

  6. thanks, I figured out how to mute the video but, it’s still annoying to have to do every time I come here – No disrespect intended but, I’m wondering if SHW gets paid every time it plays or something because I cannot fathom any other reason to have blog visitors attacked with that nightmare of a sound

    • I’m assuming that that is just how the video works.
      I bet if Ms. SH could change it, she would by now.

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong, no disrespect at all .. if there is a way to make a little money of of the blog on which she obviously spends a lot of time and effort, I’m all for it and I think everyone who enjoys this blog would be … I’ve just never seen it before where a video automatically ran when logging onto a site unless you actually hit the play button , I was just curious

        • dianne: There are other video that automatically run and they’ve been posted on SH. Maybe they’re before you found SH. But, here’s all you have to do… Hit your COMPUTER mute button. Simple. SH

    • dianne: Countless shows up at my door every night with satchels of gold as a payoff for running her song. If it’s such a nightmare, find MUTE on your computer and press it. SH

  7. it was a simple question, and, no, I’ve never seen it happen before but, this is the first blog of a non military nature I’ve ever been on .. and,yes, thank you, someone was kind enough to tell me where to find the mute button

    • dianne: You you kidding me? You run a site/facebook page where you direct readers where to go, how to do things, etc. and you don’t know where the mute is on your computer? First blog of a non-military nature… what’s that have to do with anything? I don’t go for this kind of ish… SH

  8. ha, no, never have muted my computer, and, frankly, not quite sure what one has to do with the other .. My point was that this was the first blog I’ve ever been on that was not military in nature, I’m not entirely sure what that is upsetting to you or why you are feeling the need to be snarky was a simple statement of fact , if that makes me a bad person, then mea culpa, I suck for never having visited a blog other than a military one
    I’ve never been on a blog or web page where a video was automatically loaded without pressing the “play button” , sorry, I’m an underprivileged idiot, I guess I don’t’ get around much. I’ve never muted my computer because, anything I’ve hit play on , I wanted to hear .. I’m not sure what sort of “ish” you are referring to .. I asked a simple question, some folks were nice enough to let me know I could mute the video .. problem solved .. what is it that has you so upset? I seriously don’t get it

      • her world , certainly her prerogative .. however, she did tell me in a previous post, if I felt like I was attacked or someone was being rude, to say something .. from what I’ve seen, she’s got far too much class to boot me for asking a simple question or responding when being asked a question …. although, I’m still not sure what about any of the conversation stoked her ire , it was a question because it’s not something I’ve ever seen, pretty simple, actually …

        • dianne: First, I agree about the video starting up–I don’t understand how it is encoded, or whatever, that it starts every friggin’ time. It looks like it came from vid pod, whatever that is, but the other vidpod clips on here always have had a little play arrow and did not start up automatically. Maybe the solution is to take down the video and post a link to it–I’m sure it’s available on youtube or elsewhere.

          Now, as to the testiness–let’s be honest here, didn’t you just admit to “stuffing the ballot box” on the poll? At the same time that you chide others for taking the poll too seriously? At the same time that you remind us of the deaths of servicemen overseas, so keep things in perspective, but thirty minutes later you make your suggestion for the drinking game? (“family is everything”, btw would be a good one!). And in one post you brag about your prowess at having engineered the stuffing with a few clicks of the mouse on your fb page, but you don’t know where the mute button is? And is all of this coming on the heels of the whole Carol, social experiment/internet bullying email and other drama? So, maybe tensions are running a little high. But you do seem to enjoy the site, (the countless video notwithstanding), if not, why keep coming back? And if some readers take it more seriously than others, well, so be it.

          • LOl, seriously? I’m just curious how a comment regarding a drinking game relates to the number of US Deaths in June? That’s the reason I come to this site .. to unwind and have some fun

            And, frankly, really? What is the deal with me not knowing where the flipping mute button is on my computer and what ,exactly does that have to do with a facebook page? Anything I post to our page, you have to click the “play” button to hear and , at the risk of being redundant, IVE NEVER HAD THE NEED FOR IT since I’ve never gone to a page and had audio thrown at me. Seriously, there are a lot of things I take for granted that I know and would assume that everyone would (should) know it but I certainly don’t berate them for not knowing it or try to make them feel stupid – Ya, I missed the whole deal with Carol …

            And, seriously, how does cutting and pasting a link to a facebook page with a note “hey, pls help me out and click this and vote for Melissa” which took all of 2 minutes, equate to not knowing where the mute button is or any of the myriad of things you are bringing up

            At least I was adult enough to apologize , now, I’m getting it thrown in my face ON TOP OF being called stupid for not knowing where the mute button is on my computer? Seriously? There is an old saying “people see the world as they are not as it is” .. when someone accuses me of “bragging” when I was making a statement and apologizing for doing something stupid and immature or tries to call me out for making a joke after a drinking game because I made the mistake of putting a fb poll into perspective or making a statement that something on this blog was other than laudatory. Perhaps you missed the whole initial conversation with SHW where she asked me why I had certain perceptions of this page however, now I see what the true “rules” are .. no worries. I’ll go back to not posing .. my bad

            • Holy crapoly! All she gotta do is put on her “mute” button. Youz just makin’ more work for Ms SH because of one complainer…

            • Holy crap, why don’t you just get off my back, dear … I asked a simple question , some folks were kind enough to explain maturely how to fix the situation, some, decided to berate me and get all butt hurt .. LOL, seriously? Is this highschool or a group of adult women hanging out having a little fun at the expense of the folks who choose to present their lives to the public for a paycheck? Just curious

            • dianne: You are a chit stirrer. You decided to have fun at the expense of everyone on this site by playin’ your little voting game. Didja have fun? Just curious.

            • She actually explained in full detail why people aren’t being so nice to you.

              Tensions are still running a little high from different things that have occurred between commenters and your comments annoyed some people. Pretty simple.

              You admitted to swaying the votes just to annoy “us” and amuse you. I think that was very rude. I don’t care enough about the poll to be honest with you. I did vote once, but don’t care either way who wins. But don’t you think that by doing that and telling people hey, I did it to annoy you, would cause people to be aggressive towards you?

              I think people would want an apology(for the poll thing, which you said was to aggravate some) without any underhanded comments or attacks, and then people would be less combative towards you for simple questions or suggestions.

            • The upshot is DIanne got lots extra hits for Stoopid Houswives web site from people that ordinarily would not have stopped by to check it out. Even if it was just for a poll ,a hit is a hit right? Woohoo. 2 million here you come.

  9. okie doke I have a question. Yall see those place cards or napkins sitting on the table out by the pool? They have a CL on them. I reckon that means Countess Luann instead of Countess Delesspes. I know she said she could still use the title even though her old coot er um I mean count is suckin on the neck of some young hot Ethiopian princess and has literally dethroned her so I assume she has chosen to keep the useless title and reject the last name that the toy-title came with. Now the CL monogram also looks like it appears on the bottle that the ladies were passing around(Surely they aint tippin the bottle and engaging in a little classless sip sip give) Has Discountess branded her own bottle of hooch too?

    • I read on a different blog that the princess kicked him to the curb because something having to do with his children being unbearable…? Unless they got back together idk?

      I’m honestly PRAYING for that fool to marry ole’ Jacky-boy so she can drop that countess bullshit.

      • I think she said she gets to keep it for life regardless of weather she married or not. I guess cause she sired offspring with an old geezer psedo-royal.

        • Nice backtracking Luann because she said at the reunion she definitely wouldn’t be a countess if she remarried. Oh if that happens and keeps the title, I would soooooo call WWHL and call her OUT!

  10. one last observation before i sign off for the night. Check out the cheap editing done on this video. One second at the pool LuMann has her CL logo sticker attached to her fluffy bath robe and then on the pan out it disappears. Way to keep to the continuity of filming. And wasn’t it LuMann that was harpin on the etiquette evils of wearing a bathrobe around a hotel? nite yall

  11. I am not one to make fun of peoples looks, family, or even trying to make a buck from their reality shows. But this is someone who thinks she is a lizard lounge singer. I can see her singing at Jill’s party. It was cute and appropriate. But this looks like a cable commercial by some used car salesman. LuAnn, I want to stick up for you, but this time I just can’t. Who produces these videos? Bravo? Even Melissa knows there are starving children somewhere. Save the money and buy some sprinkle cookies for a starving reality star. Just me thinking outloud.

  12. OMG!!! My ears and eyes are officially bleeding. UGH. Why does LuMann Discountless think that anyone cares?!?

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