Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff.. 6-28-11 Update…

Stoop Housewives

OMG!  Peggy and Micah Tanous’ daughter, London, fell over the weekend and was rushed to the hospital… here.   Little London fell off her swingset and broke her arm.  Can you imagine the chaos at the Tanous’ hanging-by-a-thread house when this happened?  Did they call Micah’s mother first for some holistic healing or did they throw everyone in Micah’s Hummer, with the over $3,000 rims, for the ride to see a real doctor?  

Peggy and Melissa Gorga were hanging out over the weekend, too… here.

KKKelly Bensimon is selling more crap necklaces…  necklaces made by ‘A Peace Treaty’ run in the $100 to $150 range:

Oh, come on!   Seriously!  Melissa Gorga is coming out with a champagne.  So, Tree is producing a wine and Missy has to one-up Tree by producing a champagne.   “I have a champagne that I’m coming out with. It’s called Magnifica Giornata and it stands for ‘magnificent day.’ It’s like a motto, ‘Every day’s a magnificent day.’ … here.

Dina Manzo chats about PL, HGTV and her red streak… here.   Guess who this blind item is about… here.  Note the red streak in the picture…  (FYI:  Blind Gossip went through a total change about six weeks ago and all comments were deleted and all commenters were asked to re-submit their information to comment.  At the time of this BI, the overwhelming majority of commenters, there were hundreds, wrote that this was Dina Manzo.)

TV By The Numbers reporting that Bravo has another best second quarter with double digit growth in ratings… here.   Yeah, everyone knows this all has to do with Jillzarin… Jillz keeps Bravo’s ratings moving up.  Isn’t it time that Andy get Ginger’s picture out of the cafeteria’s supply closet and put it in the clubhouse?

Simon van Kempen is writing about same sex marriage… here.  Oh, Simone, puh-leeze stay off the Real Housewives of New York… maybe he’s a big reason that Bravo wants to recast…

**********    UPDATE   6-28-11  8:00 pm    **********

Remember Steve Martorano, the chef that tried to teach the Real Housewives of Miami how to cook at his restaurant and talked with Lea Black about Roy Black possibly helping his jailed cousin?  Well, it didn’t turn out that great for the cousin… here.

How nice!  The Magnet and KimG are still going strong after all these years… here.  “While neither of them were particularly well versed in these wives lives…”  Well, of course they’re not well versed in Basketball Wives!  Magnet isn’t even versed in his own wife… he drags KimG along everywhere he goes, and leaves his wife at home… or at the office working or cooking dinner… something to keep her busy so she doesn’t notice that he’s with KimG all the time.

Very nice breakdown of RHONJ by Leslie Streeter and Brittany Umar from the Palm Beach Post… here.   Leslie Streeter is on to the Bravo ‘producer-induced’ shows…

OH… this is so wrong.  Nadya Suleman, the Octomom will be fighting someone who was selected out of thousands of applicants… here.  It gets worse… Kim Granatell will referee the fight.

Their quest for quasi-celebrity status will never end.  It’s da magnet and his cohort in celebrity chasing, Kim Granatell,  at a party which Amy Poehler also attended on June 16. This is the same party at which Amy Poehler refused to pose for photos with da magnet and KimG… here.   KimG and da magnet got some photos and were ‘kind enough to provide them for the article.’  Notice that Amy Poehler attended, but avoided those two when taking photos.

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21 comments on “Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff.. 6-28-11 Update…

  1. HAHAHAHA… Amy Poehler refused to pose with KimG and her fame-hound boyfriend. Amy has good taste! And, where is the magnet’s wife? Why don’t they get divorced so he can marry Kim? Kim would pay her off with some nice money and then KimG and magnet guy could make it legal.


  2. I never found anything about Dina not to like however, bailing abruptly in the middle of the season was odd on a variety of levels as was the fact that Bravo never sued her for breech of contract or, if they did, it was covered up very well.


    • I don’t think it was a breech of contract because think Jeanna did the same thing.. start the series then quit filming altogether. ITHINK just from my own head that maybe during the off time she told Bravo she couldn’t film with Danielle anymore so they worked something out, which seems reasonable. Since Danielle was causing the family stress.


      • makes sense .. from some comments some of the house wives have made, I was under the impression that they had contracts .. most of the other wives who bailed (Lori, OC and the basket ball and foot ball wive from Atl ) did it at the end of the season , even Jeanna did it at the end of the season, I thought – Perhaps, SHW can shed some light on the subject


      • Nunya: I think you’re right. I also think Bravo got Dina to agree to have 1 last sit-down with Danielle in exchange for letting her out of the contract. Bravo knew that’s the only way they could get another confrontation out of a Laurita with Danielle. I also wonder if Caroline’s sit-down with Danielle was a condition of Dina’s departure.


        • I loved Daniell’s comment. “I’m a clown? You sit there with orange hair, but I’m the clown?” You never see Miss Andy show that part in replaying that scene. He just loves Don Caroline. And she did name that THING in her kitchen, ANDY.


  3. Teresa’s copying Bethenny and Melissa is copying Teresa…OOOORRR Teresa found out about Melissa champagne and quickly announced her wine first. But I’m thinking the first one because Teresa set it up for the wine business some time ago at a reunion where they talked about the making of the sauce and she said that Joe also makes his own wine. Who drinks champagne anyways?


    • I’ll admit it, I drink champagne. But if I see that it’s made in Jersey, hells to the no! Besides, Melissa will probably have her picture on the bottle.


  4. Pretty amazing that Tree has such a racially diverse group of fans. There were blonds, fake blonds, brunettes and redheads. There were also tans, fake tans and even some untanned. She really appeals to all!


    • AOM: Nicely put!! What I really noticed in the cardboard cutout poses was her eyes. And I was reminded of Quint, from Jaws:
      “And, you know, the thing about a shark… he’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be living… until he bites ya, and those black eyes roll over white.” Gives me the willies!!


  5. Gah. Nice boar tooth “tribal” necklace Kel Kel.
    Really. Hippies and wearable trophies from your (primal) dinner kill go hand in hand.


  6. Go Away Simone! Now he’s going to have a blog with The Metro? Is this the second march? It gets so confusing when it’s been filmed mos. ago…then delay the start of RHNY to edit through all the great footage they have…NOT!!!


  7. So Messy and Toey go out in LA and of all the exciting places to go and see they hang with Tamra and Peggy? What, did Andy get out his lil black book at set them up, that’s cute?… gag me. What a waste of what could have been a blast of a trip. Oh ya, they met Secrest and went on that lame morning show where everyone talks over each other. She’s gonna be great at this fame stuff.


  8. I am, thanks to this blog, LOL … no clue, maybe, Eddie needed a new steroid connection or something .. or Tamra’s boobs needed some publicity or they will be looking for some new real estate scams out there .. no tellin


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