Real Housewives of New Jersey: While the Manzo’s, Laurita’s and Giudice’s Were at the Catskills, the Gorga’s and the Wakile’s Were Here…

While all the wildness was goin’ on up in the Catskills at Teresa’s cabin on Vedder Mountain Road, Greene County, NY… well, it used to be Teresa’s cabin before it was transferred over to Joe’s dad, Frank (Francesco Giudice), and someone named Angelo Petrazzuolo (he has to be a relative), before Tree and Juicy decided to file for bankruptcy…

…the calm, peaceful world of Melissa and Joe Gorga was made more pleasant by JoeyG’s mother, Antonia, accompanying them to their daughter, Antonia’s dance recital.  Now don’t get all up in my grill because of the following video.  Little Antonia looks very cute and paid attention to her dance cues.

It’s being included here because of the silliness of the other dancers.   When the two dancers were lifting the woman in the white toga, flashbacks of Kirstie Alley on DWTS were happening… in particular, Maks lifting Kristie, he couldn’t do it, fell down and then blamed it on his shoes or some rinky-dink excuse.  The two guys in this video barely executed the move… you can see the look of ‘oh, I hope I don’t drop her‘ on their faces…







And, here’s a look at what’s coming up next week on the Real Housewives of New Jersey…  Tree and Juicy will be revealing more about their bankruptcy case. Looks like they are doing a pre-emptive strike against Juicy’s former business partner, Joe Mastropole.  Joe Mastropole was going to be out $586,000.00… but he disputed the bankruptcy, Judge Morris Stern sided with Joe Mastropole and Juicy is still on the hook to pay him…



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25 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: While the Manzo’s, Laurita’s and Giudice’s Were at the Catskills, the Gorga’s and the Wakile’s Were Here…

  1. I wonder if Joe M is the same business partner we saw first season, when Tree brought the girls to Juicy’s office and was playing bad secretary lol.

    I thought there couldn’t be anyone worse than pissy missy on RHONJ, but then comes her pitbull faced sister, lysa. ugh shes so annoying!
    that scene with joe and tree in the bedroom..ugh i could’ve thrown up.

    • The sisters are disgusting. Especailly that old hag Lice-a. She really needs to give it up. Delusion must run in the family and just like chit rolling down hill Mel is steeped in it. These girls’ parents didnt do them any favors but continuously blowin sunshine up their asses.

  2. I wonder what Momma Gorga did with Tree’s kids while she was attending this thing. Lord knows she was not able to leave him with Papa Gorga, him being all sick n stuff.
    And speaking of DWTS Joseph looked a little like Ralph Machio(Karate Kid) while he was sitting there watching Antonia Dance.

      • When was that? I heard Melissa point out in a back-handed way that Tree and Juicy cant afford a nanny but her and Toey can. I guess she meant full time nanny. I always thought that anything less than a live-in is not a nanny but a babysitter. But you know how these people like to exaggerate.

        • He was the guy, interviewer, that said Milania was whining and didn’t want to go to school. Then he said the “nanny” took her. It’s MS.SH post of one with Tree cooking, again.

    • I was wondering the same thing, T left and was thanking her for watching the kids n all, then she shows up at the show .. without the kids .. probably with the same folks watching Jacqueline’s little son, whoever that was,LOL

      • Yeah I was half expecting another ruckus to break out if Momma Gorga had to beg off of Antonia’s ballroom dancing gig(?) because she was baby sitting the ‘favored” grandkids. And I could just imagine Camera Melissa “Teresa did this on purpose. She knows how important this is to Antonia for her Grandmother to be there. She is not a good aunt” But that didnt happen and I was bored by it.

    • Oh funny that I thought Kathy’s son looked like Ralph Maraschino. Turns out Ralph is actually a cousin of Melissa per her twitter. Question is how comes her cousin looks so much like her husband’s cousin?

  3. Wouldn’t it seem like Antonia would rather be in a kids dance class, like Gia’s gymnastics? What has she learned? It seems like she poses, and an adult picks her up and twirls her in the air.

    • Yeah but momma Mel is too long in the tooth to be a gymnast and they don’t have Tumbling With The Stars. So in Mel’s mind it would be a waste of her. and Antonia’s time.

      • I thought Tree was also taking ballroom dancing lessons? I’m trying to think which housewife would be good on DWTS. The only vision I have in my head, is Camille in that red dress she wore to the Tony’s with Kelsey. Can’t use NeNe, we just had that big ol’ Wendy Williams.

        • I remember hearing rumors once upon a time right when all the bankruptcy stuff hit that Tree was either asked or wanted to be on DWTS( Ms SH help me out) But it never happened. So in the spirit of titty tat I can totally see mel trying like the dickens to hone in on that action. But I still wonder if this is the same ballroom that all the girls took that lesson at with Maxims Chitcowsky’s(sp) dad?

          • I’d pay to see T’s crazy behind paired up with that arrogant Maxxim guy … I’ll bet it would make the table flipping scene look sedate

          • MP: Tree was asked if DWTS approached her to participate, would she accept. Tree answered, “Yes.” And it took off… and was switched around that Tree wanted to be on DWTS, blah, blah, blah. But, you know Tree… once there’s an idea in her head… But really, doubt very much that she would be able to do something like that. Wendy Williams did it and had a problem with it even though Tony Dovolani traveled to NJ to rehearse… Wendy also couldn’t dance, so that didn’t help her, either. Can’t see Tree dancing much better than Wendy… SH

    • I wonder if Caroline knows about this? She’s always wanting Big Al to take time off and it looked like she really enjoyed herself there. ;-)

    • Thanks so much for the followup on the Catskill house, I knew it was was a shady deal in there somewhere…I guess Jackie scewed up when she kept saying it was Tree’s this and Treee’s that about the house and chapel. Again the Manzo’s think all this is fun and games to make a buck from the show. Is business that slow at the Brownstone,,,,good luck~

  4. Shouldn’t there be a Saint Nicholas at the Catskills chapel? He is afterall the patron saint of thieves.
    I have a hard time believing the Giudices are religious at all – how can you steal from people, companies, anyone – and sleep at night? They are a common criminals and should be treated as such. I hate hearing about the tough year they had… what about everyone they have ripped off? Classless, tasteless, thuggish – just plain gross. Yuck – I’m going to go take a shower now.

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