Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Total Moron and Bankruptcy Recap

Last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey brought out the real Tree Joodice.

When Tree tries to sputter out a few sentences, she just can’t catch herself when she says something that she’s forgotten that she shouldn’t be saying… got that?  If not, here’s an example… listen as she tells Caroline and Jacqueline that SHE has a place in the Catskills…

This video doesn’t exist

Then Jacqueline says that Tree has a chapel at the end of her driveway... then at the chapel, Tree said her father-in-law built it.  OH… at the beginning of this clip, Tree is screeching like a hyena… and one more thing… do any of these goofs who are shooting know anything about firearms???  Ever hear of earplugs???  They’re usually passed out before anyone starts shooting…

Now, to the bankruptcy… Tree is the brains behind the Joodice’s financial issues…  she spent $11 million, ripped off a long list of people, some of which closed shop because they filed for bankruptcy.  There are eight pages of people and companies listed as creditors that were screwed.  Here are some of them:

  • CitiCard…….. $20,718.14
  • CitiCard…….. $21,311.64      (They had two CitiCard accounts)
  • Crosstown Plumbing Supplies…….. $9,000.00
  • DanBan Construction…….. $85,581.10   (DanBan is disputing the bankruptcy)
  • Direct Merchants Credit Card Bank…….. $6,000.00
  • Elliott Glass Co…….. $8,500.00   (Elliott Glass is disputing the bankruptcy)
  • Excelsior Lumber Co…….. $91,266.44
  • Home Depot Credit…….. $7,187.07
  • Home Depot Credit…….. $7,253.45
  • HSBC Card Services…….. $7,041.66
  • John Fellgraff, AIA…….. $7,355.00  (Fellgraff is Tree’s first architect and is disputing the bankruptcy)
  • Neiman-Marcus…….. $5,196.07
  • Nordstrom’s……..  $8,084.85
  • North Hudson IVF…….. $11,768.62  (That didn’t work… Audriana happened)
  • Ruby and Stacy Persha…… $129,826.00  (Injured in apt building the Joodice’s owned in Paterson… the Persha’s settlement amount is included in the bankruptcy… )
  • United Telecomp…….. $10,733.90  (For Indian Lane intercom system)
  • Verizon…….. $2,239.39
There are many, many more included in the eight pages of creditors they scammed… NOTE:  The word ‘contesting’ was changed to ‘disputing’…  OK?  All you legal dudes out there??  I mean really… this is not a legal document and readers get the drift…
To Be Continued…

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19 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Total Moron and Bankruptcy Recap

  1. With all that money in debt, Juicy Joe is still saying that Teresa does not have a budget. They should let them pay back every cent.

    • I couldn’t believe he said that. She obviously needs to reign those spending habits in. Her not having some kind of budget is part of the reason they’re in this mess in the first place.

  2. contesting? or making a claim? (just to clarify, i was a bk paralegal here in california)

    • oh: OH!! Juicy and Tree have marked those debts as disputed. The related cases portion shows four adversary complaints, one of which has been closed.

  3. Truly Amazing that they could get away with racking up that much debt with just $79,000 reported annual income. They must have known that there was no way they could pay these bills – even while they were piling them up… Remember in season 1, Theresa always paid for stuff with wads of cash – she was probably cut off from the credit cards before season one.

    • the way they all do,most likely, shenanigans outside of their legitimate business and old “family” money .. I find it virtually impossible to believe that The Brownstone itself is able to afford the Manzos the lifestyle which they enjoy, hence all of the cash – If you look up Jacqueline’s husband (Caroline’s brother), he really doesn’t have any “job” just a business or 2, one of which , I believe just filed bankruptcy or went under – Now , I grant you, a lot of Italian immigrants came “off the boat”, scrimped and saved and put all of their money into property (my great grandparents being among them) .. no mob connections, nothing shady, just a lot of hard work that reaped great rewards for later generations but, my best guess is that Albert Sr’s family was “connected” .. you can sort of tell by the way all the women kowtow to her and her more laid back nature .. she doesn’t have to yell or scream, no one in their right mind would screw with her ……. just my personal observation

  4. SH you are a GEM..thanks so much! As I posted previous, was anyone able to do a title search on the house in the Catskills?

    • scooter: whodothesepeoplelooklike and then Mrs M got the info: Vedder Mountain Road, Greene County, NY; owners: Francesco Giudice and Angelo Petrazzuolo in ’07; previous owners were “Sala-Consilina, Inc” purchased 141 acres and house in 2000. SH

  5. Albert’s father, Tiny Manzo, was killed in 1983 by 4 bullets to the chest. The killing was considered “mob-related” – but I don’t think the crime was ever solved.

  6. This is what I don’t understand about their financial situation. If Tree is getting a paycheck, why isn’t any of it being garnished? Does Bravo do something shady with paying them? I knew ppl who struggled to pay $3,000 worth of debt 25 years ago and they had their wages garnished for that teeny-tiny amount.

    • Chameo: The Joodices have filed a Chapter 7–meaning they are trying to get rid of all their debt and not pay anybody, except for what is called non-dischargeable debt (incurred through fraud, intentionally hurting someone, taxes, support and the like). Because of all the abuses in the system, the bankruptcy laws were changed to require a means test–is the debtors’ income sufficient to cover generally accpted day-to-day living expenses with anything left over? If so, then they cannot file a 7 but have to be in an 11 or 13 reorganization and the excess income is wage-attached by the trustee and goes to creditors over a (usually) five year period. One of the issues in the Joodice case is that they have failed to disclose all their assets and all their income. They have had to file amended schedules as the trustee has discovered these omissions, yet the trustee feels that they still haven’t told him everything (they have had to give depositions). There are allegations of substantial income not being reported. If the trustee wins, the bankruptcy could be dismissed and all their creditors could continue to pursue them.

  7. I know they got themselves into this mess by overspending and trying to live large – but what a nightmare. I don’t know how T sleeps at night, they had to know that all this mess was going to catch up with them. Thanks Who… for explaining about the bankruptcy. It really is fascinating. I want to see if they are able to discharge that massive amount. So unfair to the people they stiffed, just so they could pretend to be wealthy.

  8. I believe that the Brownstone does afford the Manzo family the lifestyle they have. It is successful. It is very expensive to cater a place. And it does have a good reputation. But when Caroline starts crying about her father-in-law being killed and that people don’t know what they are talking about, I think how she treat Danille. How many things they have in common-stripping-Mafia ties-lies-and more lies.

    I never got the love fest for Caroline. I do not see not liking someone until they prove themselves to you. I can see not inviting them over for a sleepover right away, but to be rude to people just because you can. Caroline did not seem to have any friends until this season. And why she had to pick someone that look so much like her sister is odd.

    But I have to admit that the Manzo family seems to be the only ones that have not filed for any bankrupties or have fishy jobs. The kids seem pretty adjusted. Italian families are very close, even when they hate each other. I know that, but I also know that when your family ends up butt-naked in the trunk with bulllet holes in their body that it is not because they just don’t like you.
    Caroline, uses emotional blackmail on her family, when Jackie was sticking up for Danille in season one, Caroline stated “your breaking our parents heart going against the family.”

    Maybe I am like Jill, for the underdog. I feel if Kelly does have a bipolor disorder why is she dissed so much. I have family members that are bi=polar and remind me very much of Kelly, yet I know they have a lot of good qualities too. I was so upset when Bethanny yelled at her YOUR CRAZY and no one said anything except for Sonja. And yet everytime I ever watched Bethanny show, she has shown some odd behavior. When she got upset because someone put their food in her fridge (someone who worked and lived with them), when she freaked out at her birthday party. When she couldn’t figure out that her oven worked. I had a restaurant we checked the oven everyday. And when I have company I make sure that I am checking my food to see if it is cooking right. Bethany at Thanksgiving got on her father-in-law like it was his problem. Maybe Kely was right, she is a cook and not a chef. Because a chef would have checked this out.

    I know that my post is long and boring, but part of it is I just don;t want anyone to get away with anything today after watching the Casey Anthony case. Today is the end of the trial and I just want one person to say yes I did it, it was not because I am a sex addict, was abused, it was raining, it was too sunny, just admit it. Don’t blame anyone else. Just say I was a fool, I am wrong, no one made me it, the other guy is innocent.
    If I don’tgetout of this bed soon and get into the real world you just might see me on the news.
    I thank you and wish you all a Happy 4th of July.

    I just figured out why I could not tell who that gal is on the side page, she looks like Paris Hilton and a few of the other housewives. I think it is Kim. Another wacko who I think seems like a nice person in general.

    • The Perry Mason moment will never come…I just wanted Crasey on the stand. And didn’t George look extra spiffy tday, tie and all, and the supposedly MISTRESS takes the stand?

      • I belive he did have a little sumpin going on with her Click ( Rumors have it that at the same time that was going on, Cindy was also “relying” on another man that was not her husband -Dominck Casey if memory serves. So that part would be understandable considering the stress in the family at that point. But I do not believe that George said what the mistress says he did in the way she is trying to now paint it said.

    • Natasha, Happy 4th to you too. Hope you are recovering well, I take it from your post you are bed ridden. I so agree with you on the Casey Anthony thing. I have been engrossed in it and it is making me ill and short tempered. At times I have wanted to punch my TV Especially yesterday when that quack “traumatologist” was carrying on and on about bs that has no baring on the fact that Casey killed her child and lied about her dad and brother molesting her!! And for her, the trauma teacher, to claim she didnt know the facts of the case made me scream out loud about YET another baldfaced lie. If that was so, why did she feel the need to offer (without prompting) that ‘retail therapy’ is a known reaction to grief? Casey is evil in a ponytail. But the way that she has continued to manipulate others into straight out lying for her is deplorable.
      On another note , I am a bethanny fan but the way she chewed out her father-in -law over the turkey was unacceptable.

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