Real Housewives of New Jersey: Clubbin’ in the Catskills

After all the shootin’ and eatin’ and prayin’ and Juicy’s athleticism, all the Catskills cabin guests invaded the best club in town, the B and B.

Once again, Tree Joodice displays her ignorance by pretending not to know a word or how to pronounce the word while she has the microphone at the B and B.

Tree’s ignorance is further magnified when CameraTree says that their group entering the bar was like “Fifth Avenue enraided the Catskills.”   Hmmm… so maybe this was a dress rehearsal for what went on when the RHONJ gang “enraided” the bar at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana…



Juicy and Jackie showing off their athletic skills.   But, before that… how DARE anyone serve Rocco meatballs!!!

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  1. Did anyone notice the blonde lady in the store they went to look at them like they were nuts? The look on her face was priceless. Hey! Was anyone able to do a title search?


  2. I had the same reaction: After watching them in the Catskills bar, it made it crystal clear just how the Giudice/Manzo gang “enraided” the Hard Rock bar and abused an innocent bystander then beat the crap out of those 2 men. I was actually a little surprised Bravo showed it because that scene illustrated the G/M gang’s domineering, entitled and bullying ways. At least in the court of public opinion, I think it would convict the G/M gang.


  3. I would think the Manzo’s as business owners would have a little more class then they show on tv. A classy business owner would show a little more respect to another business owner when they are in other’s establishments.


    • You would think, huh? Especially given how protective Caroline is of the hallowed and holy Brownstone. She didn’t even want her castmates having arguments in the Brownstone – the very same arguments which got the Brownstone airtime in the first place.


  4. I want to know why Juicy took a picture like that? That had to be all planned out/discussed. THAT’S the keeper? Who’s behind the camera, his mah? Come on man!


    • This must be when he first started getting juiced up. When you look at the pictures they flashed of him at Toey’s wedding, he wasn’t as.. um.. meaty. And that might have been another thing that Tree shamed her hubby into doing so he could measure up to Toey’s juice head body. No one has really addressed the roid issue but it would explain Toey’s outbursts. Short men are notorious for turning to steroids to pump them up in ways that their stature never will. And I wont even mention the other unpleasant side effects that would lead to even more feelings of……inadequacy. Remember yall they both still work out at the same gym.


        • Exactly and just like how tree played it up last season with making sure all the viewers (Tara)knew her and juicy where bumpin uglies on the regular so is Toey and Mel this season. They are working hard to put that fallacy out there too because the reality of long term steroid use indicates otherwise.


          • Toey’s gotta be taking Viagra. He’s all over the place. I bet Mel locks him up some nights in a cage like Milania’s.


  5. I was waiting for a recap thread to post this comment.. but I just wanna say I really really enjoyed this episode except for the sex talk, that stuff really makes me uncomfortable.

    It looked like soooo much fun and no drama… and Joe Guidice looked soo happy and nice. I’m beginning to really like Joe this season.

    On the flip side, Joe Gorga looked happy but all the man-handling and grabbing of Melissa makes him insufferable… why do guys think it’s a turn on for girls to grab at them?

    But just a tiny house full of a ton of people drinking, eating, having fun reminds me of Puerto Rico…kinda got nostalgic during this episode I guess :/


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