Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff… 6-27-11 Update

Stoop Housewives

Update on earlier post regarding RHOBH shooting in Hawaii… here.  Kim Richards with her unidentified boyfriend(!?)… Kim needs some booty pads.  Shana/TraylorTrash is not included in these photos of the RHOBH filming in Hawaii.   Maybe she’s in rehab… maybe the rehab facililty that she and Russell purchased an interest in last year… maybe that’s why they bought into the rehab facility… maybe because Russell knew Shana/Traylor had ‘problems’… maybe by buying into a facility would keep Shana/Traylor’s stay super confidential… maybe. 

Real Housewives of New York:  Cindy  TurkeyMeat  TakeASeat  OCWivesDon’tEat  SmellMyFeet TrickOrTreat  ILoveBeets whatever and Alex McCord are gone from Bravo… here.   Reported by the NYDaily News, which snatched the info from PopEater, which is Rob Shuter’s place of employment (remember Rob?  He was at the bar, excited to see Alex at Jillz birthday party).

**************     UPDATE  6-27-11   7:00 pm ************

Don Caroline’s blog on… here.   Nothing to see here, folks… keep movin’…  The only good thing about Don Caroline’s blog is that she hasn’t turned it YET into a huge link to her favorites… favorite plastic surgeon, favorite ice cream shop, favorite psychic, favorite personal hygiene pads, favorite bug spray, favorite lapband surgeon…   Just Melissa has yet to post her blog.

From   the line accompanying this photo of Real Housewives of DC‘s Messy Salami is:  “All Washed Up In A Bikini”… that just says it all.… here.

Tree’s blog is up already at… here.  Yeah, Juicy’s so hot… keep tellin’ yourself that, Tree.

Jackie’s is up, too… here.   Eh… middle-of-the-road opinions are boooorrrring

And Kathy’s… here.  The only one to mention gay marriage in NY… scorin’ points with Andy!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills filming in Hawaii… here.  Is Brandi having a contest to see who can get skinnier with LeAnn Rimes??

George Maloof, Adrienne Maloof’s brother, talks about the Maloof’s restructuring the Palms… here.

Kelsey and Camille Grammer custody hearing is today… here.  Who’s gonna get the kids???

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38 comments on “Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff… 6-27-11 Update

  1. Sorry, don’t know how to do a title search on the Catskill house….to see if Teresa and Joe ever owned that place and if so, when was it transfered to Joe’s father????

    • scooter: Find the county in which the property is located. Find the official county site (the official site usually ends in .gov). On the county site, find either ‘real estate’ ‘real estate assessment’ ‘property assessment’ ‘tax assessor’… this varies from state to state and county to county within the state. Search for ‘Giudice’… good luck!! Keep everyone posted… SH

  2. Nothing about that house says Tree. I’m thinking it was always owned by Joe’s parents. But when Tree invited Caroline she sure said you know WE got that place… whatever. And Caroline’s a snob. They went to the trouble to make all of that food and Ms I grew up on a working farm turned up her nose at what they served and made rude comments about the presentation of the pig. It tastes the same any way you slice/serve it… rude!

    • Did yall catch when one of them said “Tree you ought to move out here with Joe, He looks so happy” I thought that was a not-to-subtle hint for them to do the prudent thing and give up that marble palace and live within their(or in this case their parent’s) means.
      I also wonder if they had to throw in this cat scales trip just to get country bar footage to replace the other bar footage that was rendered useless due to bar-fight shenanigans

      • Wait, so are they not going to air the DR bar fight footage? I thought they were? Even in episodes leading up to this they cast hinted at going to the DR and having a family get together in the DR. So it seemed a sure thing they were going to use that to segway into the upcoming DR trip?

          • MsMP and Holy, You don’t think they’re not going to show it because of lawsuits? That’ll suck. That’s like not letting us see Tamara throw the drink in Jeana’s face!

            • I know Click. I hope they do show it. It seemed like the beatees were suing the beaters and everyone involved(possibly production) so dont know if they are legally able to show it yet. fingers crossed that they do.

            • nunya: The settled in the DR to get their passports back. They are suing Tree, Juicy, Manzo boyz, etc.. in the US. They did not settle here… look it up.

            • They fought in Puto Cano or wherever it is that Tree’s parents have their vaca home (the place the parents went during thanksgiving)

      • Well, Juice head did look happy. In some scenes REALLY happy… for the record it was The Don who said it. Of course she wants to run the stoopid one out of town. Caroline, please don’t wear that sweatsuit again, not on TV. Do better. Sweatsuit pants aren’t meant to be tight. :-/ Where was Albie on that one? Oh ya, y’all didn’t watch the webisode.

        • Oh, tell me about it! Her granny butt looked very nursing-home-ish in those sweats! When there’s no definition between the butt cheeks and clothes just lay flat across there that always reminds me of old people wearing diapers underneath their pull-on sweatpants at the nursing home. She definitely had diaper-butt in those sweats! At least she didn’t “crinkle” when she walked.

          • thats also what happens when people be puttin spanx on under their track suits. Like Whats the point in that. either do the damn thang or dont.

          • Yall are too funny. I am LMAO @the three of you Romo, HH and MP. Ihave no business laughing this hard and loud by myself. Crraaazzyy!

        • The webisode was Albie and that Gregg taking Cridafur out shopping and to get his eyebrows waxed. :-(

    • Didn’t Tree and mother hen Caroline have a falling out? or they aren’t speaking now? well if thats true i can see it begining here..yes she was RUDE and a debbie downer

    • I don’t think Messy looks THAT bad (of course I woke up this morning to a supersized close-up of Traylor’s wrinkled knees and her husband’s pasty man-boob, so it’s all relative), but what grosses me out about Salami is that I can’t look at her without picturing her booger-faced husband Tarp standing there next to her with that crooked sneer on his face. And Tarp makes me wanna uphuck.

    • Ugh tell me about it! Does anything satisfy Kathy? Why doesn’t she get her favorite cuz to build her a darn restaurant from the ground up, geez.
      That Messy Salami would look better with her natural hair color.

  3. I knew Kathy had an angle with all the food and cooking talk but I didn’t think it would be a restaurant. Which is a dumb idea… she should stick to her original idea of catering and desserts and work from there.

  4. Does anybody else thinks Ms. Salami above looks like Alex?? Skinny arms, bad hair, big teeth, dumb look on her face???
    Also, tracking backward from the B and B lounge, which is located in Catskill, NY which is in Greene County, there is an approximately 140 acre tract owned by a Francesco Giudice and Angelo Petrazzuolo, purchased in January 2007. Street is named Vedder Mountain Road.

    • who: Sorry for not reading your comment before I read Mrs M. You got all the info first! Thanks!!! Nice detective work… Thanks for commenting! I don’t think I welcomed you to SH, so “welcome!” SH

      • MS.SH, We all love “WHO”. He is the one I asked about Reality Chopped. Taylor’s Big Mouth Bass is one of his faves…and he loves Kahlua in his coffee. “Who” knows we all LOVE him.

          • AWWWW, you guys are the greatest!!! Thanks so much!! And I really didn’t take it personally that MS.SH took so long to thank me for commenting–I’m sure keeping up on all the HW stuff keeps her very busy!!

    • Ha – noticed that, too, huh? Yeah I’m gonna play devil’s advocate and say that maybe he’s just a man who enjoys wearing jewelry – on his wedding ring finger.

      Although with the tats and large belly I can certainly see why he’s such a ladies man… ! Hunka hunka burnin’ love! :)

      After seeing those pictures of Kim, though, I’m horrified that I might look that way when I’m … in my 40s? Is that how old she is, just in her 40s? Her butt looked REALLY bad. So maybe she and married, french fry-balancing, beer-bellied, tatt-man are perfect for each other.

  5. Joe’s dad Francesco and Angelo Petrazzoulo bought the property in 2007 from Sala-Consilina, Inc., who acquired the property in 2000. Tentative assessed total value for 2011 is $139,900. The property is in Greene County, NY and was really easy to find through that county’s website. I just entered “Giudice” in the search.

    The tax rolls say there’s one bathroom!

  6. Am I the only one to notice in the first picture of Kim and her “boyfriend” he has a gold wedding band on his ring finger left hand?

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