The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Jacqueline Laurita Doesn’t Want Animals Looking At Her

At Tree’s cabin in the Catskills…

Jacqueline Laurita is freaked out by all the animals looking at her…

… they’re probably freaked out, too.


15 comments on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Jacqueline Laurita Doesn’t Want Animals Looking At Her

  1. Dear SH, Did you hear Juicy Joe tell everyone in the car last night that the house belonged to his father..then Jacqueline said “teresa has a chapal next to HER House…was Joe covering up again???


    • That’s what I’m thinking… that it possibly WAS Joe and Tree’s house but they either did some last-minute deed transferring pre-bankruptcy or didn’t declare it or something definitely fishy going on there.

      People can go to jail for bankruptcy fraud. Just sayin…. it’s really hard to film your reality show when you’re in the slammer, Tree.


        • With all the legal trouble these gals (and guys) from all the difference HW cities seem to get into, maybe they oughta rename it The Real (BAD!) Housewives of ______. Or…. LOL… with all so many being bankrupt/in foreclosure: The Real (Broke) Housewives of _______. :) I could have fun with this. Or since there’s nothing “real” about any of them, how about just: The Bad, Broke Housewives of ____________.

          Jeez, this is devolving into something you’d expect to see on a Girls Gone Wild video! “Bad Housewives – All Bad, All the Time!” “Naughty, Bankrupt Housewives – They’ve been caught, now they’re goin’ down!”

          Ok. I need to stop before some substandard straight-to-dvd company actually picks up on one of these dorky titles!

          Bad, housewife, BAD! You go to the corner, you’re in time out!


            • Eh, “criminals and scam-artists” outta pretty well cover it. Let’s try it out:
              Broke, Bad Wenchy Criminals and Scam-artists of New Jersey
              Hmm, doesn’t have quite the same ring to it – but at least it’s more accurate.


            • Don’t say ring… I just got a mental pic! Ew, shivers. Maybe that thing fell out of Albie’s pocket… Oops! :-)


            • LMAO @ the Japanese buildings. As Chelsea Handler would say “weave me awong!” You might be onto something with the Slimey deal. Like a busted up version of Bethanny Getting Married?


            • Yeah, it’d be “busted up” for sure! If Slimey and Wretch were involved.

              I’d be interested in knowing if there were any cameras in tow when she supposedly was seen trying on wedding dresses. Even if they weren’t RHOC cameras, but maybe were for a pilot about these two despicable people getting married.


            • LOL – The word “scoundrels” along with “wenches” makes me think of pirates. Now I got pirates on the brain!

              The Bad Pirates of New Joisey – ARRR!
              The Real Naughty Pirates of the Carribbean :) I’m a dork.


        • I hope you didn’t look too much into the deed of the Cattin Skills house, for all we know it’s prolly in Milania’s name.


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