Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… On Good Day LA

Melissa Gorga from the Real Housewives of New Jersey is in Los Angeles and stopped by Good Day LA to chat about RHONJ.

Samantha Melissa really didn’t have anything to say…  really.  Nothing that hasn’t been heard before…

Samantha Melissa didn’t even touch on the reason she’s in LA… which, according to well-placed informants, is that she and JoeyG are visiting music professionals to get her music career off the ground.

Yeah… good luck with that, Sammy Missy!

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27 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… On Good Day LA

  1. Did she say she WILL be married for 7 years. Meaning on her anniversary in August? Which Christmas did a preggers Amazing Wench engage in cookie gate with Tree? Was it the very first Christmas she spent as a Gorga and how pregnant was she?

  2. That was painful! She’s awful! I hope she doesn’t aggravate Lisa and Giggy at Villa Blanca. Walking in with that thug husband and trashy sisters! UGH! They probably won’t get past the dress code. “Cat burglar hats are not allowed, Sir.”

    • well according to her tweeter feeder she is trying to get all chummy with Peeggy. So maybe she is learning her place aint with the high fluten Beverly Hills bunch so she starting out with small tater wanna-bes in OC

      • Why is Messy bothering with Penneyless? She’s at the bottom of that “Pecking Order.” The only thing Messy#2 said that was nice, was she loved Lisa. Don’t we all? That’s a given. And that creepo guy interveiwing, making that remark that “Joey has a good-looking wife” or some such comment. YUK!!! Not a fan!

  3. Which kid is Juicy and Tree’s godchild? That will help with timeline of when fight started… I wouldn’t imagine the Toey’s would choose the Juicies to be their kid’s godparents if they had this feud going.

    • Good question. I was not aware of one of the Gorga’s offspring is a godchild of the Joo-dice’s. G to the IA is only a god child to Toey . She was born before Melissa came on the scene. It musta burned ole Mel’s rubber britches when Tree named Dina to be the godmother of her last child when Mel was just itchin to get some camera time.. er I mean be a family.

  4. Ya Melissa mentioned it either in her blog or on the gymnastics episode maybe? Ugh, I’m chalkin it up to the game bc I ain’t watching it again! She did say she loved Juicy. I memba that. ;-)

    • It’s their 3 year old Gino! I looked up how their kids are and when I saw Gino’s name I remembered Toey mentioning to Tree at their sit down that he was her godchild.

  5. What the hell was that?? Did anyone else notice how pointless this interview was? I can’t stand Melissa and don’t believe a word she says anyway, but I’ve never seen not only one BUT three hosts ask questions and then talk over every single one of the guests answers. The wench probably said at least a dozen things that would’ve given me more of a reason to hate her and I missed it cuz those 3 idiots wouldn’t STFU!

  6. I love you guys, I’m so glad I found this web site, so fun reading the comments. I hope new york is good tonight.

  7. Is it just me or does Melissa bear a striking resemblence to Ms. Gulch from the Wizard of Oz? I like the new tactic she is taking…trying to come off as “sweet” and letting her husband and sisters do all the trash talking for her!

  8. MP: She even has a goofy lookin’ hat on–whether as Ms. Gulch or the WWofW. “Saved a melting wench like me!!”

    • so true who. And facial structure-wise especially in that one picture Ms SH posted from the black water/finale party when Amazing Wench didnt have her eyelashes on. And if I remember correctly Ms. Gulch had a few “sweet-fake” moments with town people(?) at the beginning of Wizard of OZ and that totally captures Amazing Wenches sweet-fake expression at the accountant dinner when she was saying that they would have certainly helped Joe and Tree out if they would have come to them about their financial problems,

      • When I was watching that, I was wondering how that would help since they have $2 million baloon payment on their home due here pretty soon.

        • I have no idea. I suspect they could offer nothing more than an ear. And stoopid as Tree is I think she has been smart enuff to avoid confiding any deep issues to her. I think the balloon payment has been postponed for now via a refinance? Anyway I get the feeling that as soon as Camera Amazing Wench uttered the words “We pay our bills” that karma aint too far away. I see a Wizard Of Oz Themes Reality Chopped in the near future with Amazing Wench’s little curled toes stickin out from underneath their custom McMansion with Toey just a suckin away.

          • Oh, ok. Did not know they had refinanced. MP: It seems like all the housewives (minus the Beverly Hills girls, as far as we know anyway) have problems paying their bills, so I’m with you on the whole karma coming back to bite her.

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