Real Housewives of New York: Mario Singer/Jill Zarin… Jill Started It…

There’s a feud between Ramona Singer’s husband, Mario, and Jill Zarin.  

It started at the beginning of the month, when Jill began making remarks about Ramona drinking Pinot Grigio during filming of this season’s Real Housewives of New York and attempted to paint Ramona as an alcoholic, which Ramona firmly denied. See Ramona talk about RHONY, Jill and being an ‘alcoholic’… here.

                                                                                      I’m sellin’ Pinot, so of course, I’m gonna drink it!  Doesn’t make one an alcoholic!

Over the weekend, rumors swirled that Mario and Jillz had words and Jillz claims that Mario shoved her.   Jillz said…

“Last weekend, he shoved me. I was at a friends house for a dinner party,” Jill said of Mario, who also attended the premiere. “I was on line for the buffet … and Mario started screaming at me, uncontrollably. And then he pushed me – he shoved me with his hand. He was blaming me for his wife coming off badly on the show. He repeated things he thinks I said that he didn’t like.” 

Maybe this feud has been going on a lot longer than just this past month.  This video is taken from the Real Housewives of New York, season two, episode two, with Jillz threatening to ‘punch Mario out’…

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30 comments on “Real Housewives of New York: Mario Singer/Jill Zarin… Jill Started It…

  1. Jillz has absolutely no credibility left. So I wouldn’t doubt that she was the one who started it. But she thinks that by talk, talk, talking non-stop and spreading her own ‘version/lies’ of the way it went down that she can revise history to be in her favor.

    I’m not buying it. People eventually stopped listening to the boy who cried wolf. And that’s where I’m at with Jillz – I’m through having her on screen and hope Bravo doesn’t keep making us sit through her squeaky-voiced dramas.

    She lies as much as that Casey Anthony.

  2. Nothing was more annoying than her fake display of dramz in Morocco when she tried to tell off Ramoner. I think Alexa might have given her some tips right b4 they said action… bad, so awful. Ok, watching Simon sing was worse. Feeling the heat!

  3. “He repeated things he THINKS I said that he didn’t like.”
    “Just because you say it doesn’t make it true.”
    “I didn’t say that… I never said that..”

    That seems to be her mantra.
    Jill it’s ALL on tape for crying out loud!

  4. jezzz I hate raymona, can she ever shut the F up, swinging her arms and all, take RHWONYC off the air or replace with some interesting characters plzzzzzzzz

  5. Since Andy is having such a hard time in replacing these RHONY idiots, maybe he could take all the rejected HWs and move them to NY. Messy Salami, Danielle Staub, Lynne Curtin… and throw in Leakey Nene. KKKelly will be a NY HW because she’s already signed her contract.

    But I am just so sick of watching these goofs, especially Discountless. Trust me, she would never, ever be considered ‘society’ as much as she thinks she IS and that’s why they are having such a hard time in signing up authentic NY society HWs… because real ‘society’ people would never have their lives exposed on a TV show.

  6. IF Marrrio really pushed Jill she would have made a way bigger deal than she has bc that’s a huge deal! Also EVERYBODY else would be talking about it. Another thing, why didn’t she mention The Push the first time she started talking about Mario getting in her face at this event? She just added The Push detail recently. Saying a man put his hands on you is a MAJOR allegation. I don’t believe for a second that Mario pushed her. My husband would have kicked his a$$ if a man even tried to yell at me there definitely wouldn’t have been an opportunity for him to PUSH me, you kidding me?! There’s no mention of a Bawby/Mario squab other than Bobby telling him to quit it. No, Jillz totally embellished the story and you just don’t say a man put his hands on you if it isn’t true. That’s dangerous, wrong and she needs to fess up!

    • We both seem to have forgotten too, is there anywhere that shows that he was arrested and booked for assaulting her? You would certainly think that 1) Bawby would have fault to the death to protect his wife and 2) she had every right to call the police to press charges.

      • good point. I bet the way that will play out is Jill will say sumpin like “I was trying to be the bigger person and I didn’t want to cause Ramona and Mario any other problems then what they already have to deal with with her drinking and his out cattin around. Clearly these people have more issues than they have tissues and I am a good friend that would never cause additional grief to my already hurting friends” sumpin like that :)

  7. I can’t agree with the physical aspect if it infact happened, remember Jill is saying Mario did this and I would expect her to say there isn’t a moon or other planets rotating around the earth either. The way I see it is like–for a person like Jill to believe they are classy, righteous, upstanding, a friend, I think she is absolutely despicable in what I have observed of her conduct and behavior towards anyone who apparently has a mind to think for themselves, I personally find her reprehensible because she apparently thinks most of the viewers are too dumb to see what kind of person she really is from her inner core. I would like to ask this question–if Ramona has a drinking problem, you would think she was drunk all the time but that is not what I see because I think, which Jill obviously has never done, how could Ramona be so creative and accomplished if she is a heavy drinker? Whatever Ramona is drinking, may I please have some. Ramona by all accounts is successful and her marriage if I had to define it between her Mario seems to be based on learning and growing together. I personally like to see how Ramona’s life has been blessed, I know she is not perfect like Jill, but she is true to her beliefs and herself. If any woman ever needed a role model who wanted to go into business and have a good balance in life between business and family, I would suggest they look at Ramona. Cross my heart!!

    • Rahrah I do think Ramona is what is termed as a “functioning alcoholic” based on what I have seen so far this season. The “functioning” part is debatable since her actions this season have been a little off balanced. That being said, alot of alkies hold down jobs and whatnot so it doesn’t mean there is not a problem. Alot of alkies have spouses that accept(enable) their behavior and do not leave because they themselves are sick in their own way.. I know I watch way too much Intervention huh? teehee Flipping the hell out when someone is unable to press her drink in her hand within the first 10 minutes of showing up IS a problem. Anyways, that’s my take on Ramona’s “drinking problem.” She don’t have a problem drinking she does it quiet well and often. nuttin to be ashamed of its just a fact that needs to be owned. I sure hope Mario didn’t put hands on a woman…even if it is JillZ.

  8. MadePiley, My mother died June 6, 2008, from alcohol. This has personally haunted me and cause me great pain, I could not understand why, I come from well-grounded middle-class black family. I kept asking myself didn’t mom love us but more importantly didn’t mom love herself. Thank you for your words and regrettably, I know about alcohol. Let’s just hope for Ramona’s sake that her will do what you do for the people you love before it becomes a problem. My mom was a college graduate, studied foreign languages, and spoke french, spanish, german and russian, she was an accomplished pianist, she played for church’s childrens choir and was an alto soprano. Me however, cannot carry a tune in a water bucket. She had the most beautiful spirit of any woman I ever met. Her name was June, she was born in June and she died in June. Thanks again.

    • Rahrah. I truly feel your pain. I too have alcoholism in my family. One of my parents and a sibling. I prolly wouldnt have felt comfortable enuff to share that if you hadnt have opened the door. So thank you for that/ See I KNOW the denial and secrecy and excuses that goes hand in hand with this disease. So there it is. Its tough to watch. and it always seems that the most talented and people with the sweetest spirits fall victim to this disease. That is the most painful part. I can tell by your words that you loved your momma dearly and I am so sorry for your pain. In the end the things you remember of her talents and virtues is the important part. not the disease that took her. much love.

      • All I can say is thank you, I know I am not alone. I am keeping the faith real good too. I guess you could say my faith is stronger. I have actually stopped watching the housewives shows, when the ads first appeared I was eager to see how the other side lived. As my faith and convictions have grown I have found the franchise quite disgusting and distasteful and it probably won’t be long before I stop reading the blogs about these “stoopid,” (God forgive me again.) women. I am glad that Bethenney used the platform intelligently and I think Ramona actually picked up on that a few seasons ago. I like Alex’ nature and a family, I find them quite refreshing and “authentic.” The seem to be living the best life they can. The others literally aren’t worth mentioning. Have a beautiful day!

        • You too. Please dont leave the blogs too soon Rahrah. Us kickin it around on here has formed a little bond that is much needed in these trying times. Did you ever think you would disclose such a thing on Stoopid Housewives Site? I know I didnt but I am glad I have a place I feel comfortable enuff to do so. Anyways as our dear fran Phadra would say “The Lord work ” ….yeah can ya tell I watched Kathy Griffin Gurrl Down last night? She was rippin on our ole girl Phadra.. so funny.

    • exactly thats why Ramoner thinks she has the non-slurring words thing on down on lock. She brings it up every single time. She is sooooo proud of her little party trick that she thinks is fooling everyone.

  9. I don’t think Romoner is an alcoholic most scenes on the show are social events. I think in her case it’s social drinker stress/hard day at the office sometimes = one too many. She works hard and is self made. Let her unwind here and there. Most of the HWs are useless. Sure she has her quirks but no drinking problem. The times she got sloppy was on vaca and who doesn’t?

    • right on, because RahRah likes a party and I have been known to imbibe too much but not when I have responsibilities to something and I am raising a teen, trying to set the right example, etc.

      • I feel ya. I make happy time with rum ever now an again myself :) And I would be lying if I didn’t think of the genetic component to alki-hol-ism with every sip, cause I do. But that dont stop me from knockin one back from time to time. I reckon my vanity is the only thing standing in the way of me getting a daily drink on. I know how is can muck up a body. Have a good rest of the day Rahrah.

  10. I’m not taking up for Jill here she definately stirs up drama and she and Ramona have fought with each other since episode one . But think about this, Every time they show Ramona she is either half looped or on her way to getting there. You can blame it on editing if you like but if the cameras followed me around all the time they would not be able to portray me in that light because there would not be enough footage to do it. I am a professional person , my husband and I have an active social life, we are not ultra consevative tea totalers. I belive that editing can somewhat slant ones perception of an individual but I think its safe to say here that Ramona gave Bravo and Jill all the footage/amunition they needed to show here in this light, she did it to herself. She has other buisnesses you know, she ocassionaly mentions them, but you never here her sing the praises of her skin care line like she does her pinot. Lets face it if this woman does not already have a serious drinking problem she is well on her way, maybe she should take this as a wake up call and get her act together. I remember back in the second season when the nude photos of Alex came out, Ramona and Mario were stand offish and would not even associate with her because they clamied that they had an image with there Christian Jewelry company they had to up keep and their clientele would not approve. This season she was drunk shoving money in a belly dancers g-string. Whatever reputation she may have had as a great buisness woman and role model she has seriously jepordized with her little Thelma and Louise on pinot act with Sonja this season. I’m over her she needs to own this and quite blaming Jill.

    • sd, I picked up on that dichotomy regarding the True Faith Jewelry line too. The smart business woman act was blown to smithereens with the footage of her wholly unprofessional interviews for interns or whatever in her office.

  11. Jill will deny anything said at the reunion and will demand a tape be shown to prove if it is true. Same thing about any e-mail or interview. I wish Andy would call her out at the reunuin but he never calls out Jill or LouAnne. Jill threatens to leave every few minutes, and LouAnne gives this condesending, rude laugh. Jill should be told to begin with, that if she walks out on a reunion show, she will be fined and not be brought back for the next season. That should go for every houseiwfe on every show. We watch during the season and wait for an honest and good reunion and it never happens. I love Andy but certain housewives always get a pass. Jill is one of them.

    LouAnne also always gets a pass. After her daughter was on tape, high on pot, and making very biggoted remarks, Louanne made it clear it was not to be mentioned. How can she put down anyone after that no class tape? Victoria is a monor and I believe anyones children should not be mentioned. However she and Jill have mentioned other people’s children (especially Alex and Simons) so many times and they are much younger than Vicotria. So while her name does not have to be mentioned, they could use a close relative reference which would include her getting kicked out of school for several reasons. The tape happened before the season began so LouAnne really has no excuse for treating others like they are ill-mannered when she is ill mannered. Does she not know a good hostess makes her guests feel comfortable. She drew lines early on and if I had been Alex, Sonja or Ramona, I would have gone to another resort and had a great time.

    ANdy also gives Kelly a pass. If she is normal this year, she should be treated like everyone else. Instead, everyone has to be quiet and let her talk. It is ridculous. Kelly and Jill play the victim and I do not know what LouAnne palys.

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