Real Housewives Stuff: Melissa Gorga; Adrienne Maloof; Kathy Wakile; Andy Cohen talks to Robin Leach; Jill Zarin; Teresa Giudice; Cynthia Bailey; Shana/TraylorTrash (Taylor Armstrong); Kim Zolciak and the Manzo “Boyz”…6-21-11… Update

Stoop Housewives

Melissa Gorga’s blog… here Does anyone really need a recap of the episode?  How about voicing your opinion, Melissa?  Well, at least it’s not a four-page advertisement plugging every doctor she’s ever seen or pushing her skincare or handbags… that will change as soon as her CD drops.  Amazing that for a woman who holds a four-year college degree she is so terrible with the English language and proper grammar usage.  Her alma mater must be so proud…

Maloofs will own only 2% of Palms Casino in Las Vegas… here It was either this new refinancing with partners or go totally bust…

Kathy Wakile talks with Lisa Paige, local NJ radio host… here.  Keep your volume low at first…

Andy Cohen talks with Robin Leach about Housewives in Las Vegas… here.  Short video included.  Andy says not now, but never say never…

Jillz just can’t shut up about Mario alledgedly shoving her in the Hamptons… here. 

Tree Joodice’s blog… here.  Things aren’t going well between Tree and Don Caroline, ’cause Tree takes a swipe at the Don.  Other than that, bor-ing blog from Tree, braggin’ ’bout her book…  Still waiting on Missy’s blog…

HOLY CRAP!!!  Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter Thomas, is currently on trial in Atlanta for beating a woman… here.   Cynthia… you shoulda listened to yo momma and yo t-shirt…

Shana/Traylor celebrating her 40th birthday in a bikini… here.  Seriously, wasn’t she 40 last year?

BestWeekEver fell for the Manzo Boyz… here.  Most pathetic is that they fell for Don Caroline’s fakery, too.  Somebody needz to talk to these people…

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann spent Father’s Day moving from her townhouse… here… to their new house in Roswell… here.  Sweetie probably got her own wing…

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46 comments on “Real Housewives Stuff: Melissa Gorga; Adrienne Maloof; Kathy Wakile; Andy Cohen talks to Robin Leach; Jill Zarin; Teresa Giudice; Cynthia Bailey; Shana/TraylorTrash (Taylor Armstrong); Kim Zolciak and the Manzo “Boyz”…6-21-11… Update

    • Hi Mycat! Too Funny…. love the T-shirt comment. Oh boy… if the world only knew the backround of some of the Bravo picks… does anyone do a backround check? I mean… it takes very little money to do and very little time.

  1. So Kim’s new house has “3 full kitchens.” What the hell do you do with 3 full kitchens? Kim used the 1 kitchen in her townhouse for smoking, will she cook in the other 2 in her new mansion?

  2. Not surprised about Peter.

    I also have Cynthia’s shirt. I bought it like 5 years ago at K-MART! lol

    • I’m guessing that comment about punching each other. I was on Teresa side in the beginning but now I just want everyone to shut up. If only Danielle and Dina were on, maybe it would be better

  3. Ok I’m confused. What was wrong with Tresa saying they got there home done in a year because the Gorga’s had a loan? Isnt that how MOST new homes are built? Wasn’t she just stating a fact? It’s like arguing over one sister paying at the pump with a credit card while the other had to dash inside to pre-pay with cash because she left her cc at home. In my mind it didnt warrant the “re-done” comment. Joey not acknowledging that was…stoopid.

    • I think average homes are done in about a year… I remember there was a MANSION being built in my town on the river… that puppy took years to build. I think bigger homes take a lot longer than a year to build. But I don’t know what a loan and having to have the house built within a year relates with each other. Unless it has to do with the type of loan he got.. since reports says the house isn’t his, it’s a demo home or whatever the word is(I went blank).

      This feud is so stupid… it’s all petty crap really. Someone took the first dig and and the other decided to dig back… and this has been going on for years… that’s how I see it. It wasn’t anything big or significant.

      And unless Melissa starts showing how “sweet” she really is, like people say she really is, she’s not going to have many fans.

      Gotta admit, the fights are entertaining to watch, but the feud is getting old and fast…..that is ALL what this season is about!

    • MP: Contractors either have a contract with a customer, who gets the construction loan which then converts to a mortgage when the house is done or they get a loan to build a spec home (spec because they have no buyer lined up) which they then either sell or move into–think Arrested Development–isn’t that what Toey did?? Because time is money, and because there’s no sale until it’s done, the interest is obviously in getting it knocked out as fast as possible. Buying an existing house and re-doing it might be harder to get financing for, and thus Juicy might have been forced to do the work out of current income, or with his crews when they weren’t working elsewhere–which would take longer, Although there are allegations in the bankruptcy papers that Juicy was making beaucoups (and unreported) dollars, so who knows why their house took longer??

      • Thanks for the info Who. One would think that it wouldnt be an insult to assume and state that Toey got a construction loan to build his home… since he is a contractor/developer. But Juicy NOT getting one to build his is sorta weird actually since he is a contractor too. Whole dang thang is just weird ifn ya ask me.

      • Thank for the info… although I’m still have questions… which only J.Gorga and J.Guidice could only answer,lol

    • There are two types of construction loans. A contractor who gets a construction loan for a home to be resold cannot live in the residence. To the best of my understanding , there is a difference between a loan one takes out to build their personal residence and the loan one takes out to build a home for resale and it’s illegal to live in a home that is built with one sort of loan. theoretically, it should be “presold” before the end or close to the end of construction with the type of loan Toey and Mel had on their Mc Mansion …. if I”m not mistaken, there are none or virtually no mortgage payments until the end of the term

      • Thanks for clarifying, Dianne. A typical construction loan, with the various draws or progress payments during construction usually just has interest-only payments on the funds actually disbursed, so the payments are very low during construction. Then it’s converted to a standard mortgage by the purchaser or the contractor’s customer. Thanks for commenting! SH

  4. Wow! I wonder if this alleged “woman beating” happened before or after he was with Cynthia? Although it says it was his employee that he beat, not a girlfriend or anything. WTF? Who physically attacks their employees?? I always got a bad vibe from Peter, he is a total conman. And Cynthia better watch out, because once a woman beater ALWAYS a woman beater imo.

    • Well he DID say “if I got a problem wit chew I aint got no problems telling chew I got a problem wit chew.” now we all know what that meant. Which reminds me of a joke
      Q. What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?
      A. Nuttin she done been told…twice.
      hardy har har har

      • LOL – Hey, even bad jokes can still be funny! And that one’s an oldie but a goodie! Love it, Made!

        Peter’s always sent up red flags to me. I especially didn’t like the way he hid the poor financial state of things from Cynthia AND THEN got all pissed at her when she got upset about it! Like she was some kind of “weak female” for being upset that they are broke AND that he was a big dummy and tried to hide it from her! So after she gets upset then he’s all, “I knew I shouldn’t have told you about this.” BS! That just pissed me off and sent up all kinds of “abusive boyfriend” red flags.

        I would love it if the next season of Atlanta HW showed the break up of Peter the Beater and Cynthia. She’s a decent gal and doesn’t deserve his ghetto-fabulous abuse.

        On a side note…. remember how Leaky Nene is always saying how she and Peter go WAY back? That makes me think even less of ‘ol Leaky that she’d be friends with a woman-beater, especially with her so-called anti-abuse charity that she’s involved in. Plus it also helps explain both of them speaking the same low-life ghetto-talk. Both Leaky Nene AND Peter Beater have violent tendencies and could benefit from some anger management therapy.

    • LOL, didn’t think so. You have to be ghetto and loud to get through to Nene. They were friends after that, same with Kandi, she had to get ghetto for Nene to get off her back. That says a lot actually.

  5. Peter peter, lady beater, told Sister2Sister magazine he was found not guilty on Monday at a bench trial… who knows if it is true or not. I would not trust him as far as I could throw him, and I can’t even pick him up so that would not be very far. I wonder how long the marriage will last.

  6. Hahahaha……..she probably did…..hahaha….except you know she is such a southern lady you know she doesn’t talk that way!! Why now how many times have you seen her tell her friends what a lady she is and what kind of upbringing she had…..(tsk tsk) …hahaha. Of all the Housewives the ones in Atlanta are the most disgusting and the ones I cannot tolerate for the whole hour and (hangs my head in shame) I LIVE IN THE ATLANTA AREA………..LMAO……..hahahaha……and they are the most disgusting group of losers in the area. They are the most fun to talk about and make fun of too. As someone said earlier….you may have taken the girl out of the ghetto but you can never get the ghetto out of the girl…..

    • Carol, she sure nuff did talk like that in court while representing Bobby Brown and it was filmed for the show “Being Bobby Brown” least that’s what my gurrl Kathy Griffin say.. or said :)

      • Bahahaha! Carol you’re a hoot. Git cha sum sweet tea and sup on it all day long while enjoying that fine Atlanta weather. I aint got nothin but canned biscuits around here to be eatin on. You know how us white folks love our canned food. I bust on Phaedra alot but I really do like the way she talks. I actually had one of those belly band with a silver dollar piece put on my belly button when I was a baby. My Nanny(not a real nanny but we called her that-cousin’s granny) was old school and for many years I saved the silver dollar piece but aint seen hide nor hair of it in a month of Sundays.

      • Well since the Casey Anthony trial is dismissed for the day, there’s nothing around here left to do but…. TIP IT!!! :)
        (Holy loves fellow gurrrl Kathy G., too!)

          • Oh, man, I’been “tippin’ it” all afternoon/morning and watching this Casey Anthony BS.
            My best (drunkin’) guess as to why they recessed court so abruptly this morning is because there’s a plea deal. Stoopid Atty. Baez seemed way too happy on his “perp walk” outside the courthouse and he has no reason to be happy since he’s darn near lost his law license over his piss poor representation of his client.

            I truly feel bad for the jurors being in sequestration for the past month. And not even being able to get news channels. Dude! Bad.

            I do like that they’ve had Judge Alex Ferrer commenting. I LOVE his Judge Alex show and he’s a very matter-of-fact and no-nonsense guy.

            • I thought that same thing whenever I saw his happy dance walk. Too happy. If there is a plea deal then Biaz wont have to add a loss to his tally. And that would be just like Casey to wait till her mother perjured herself before she pleas out.

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