Real Housewives of New Jersey: Joe Gorga hears Melissa’s lilting, melodious voice

This is the very start of Melissa’s storyline on the Real Housewives of New Jersey and lucky for everyone that Bravo just happened to catch it all on camera. Bravo caught the exact moment that her husband, JoeyG  heard Melissa mangle sing ‘Amazing Grace.’

This video should be placed in the same category as LuAnnie on the camel…

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  1. LOL, I know Ms SH, like it was a surprise and he never heard her sing, and it just so happened that she was singing while folding,,,,,,um no, doing something in her closet with her clothes lol.


  2. MS.SH: I’m confused about all this! You posted a link a while back about the BLK launch party in March which was described at the very end of the article as “oh, yeah, it was also the debut of Missy “singing” her song.” It also had some pics of the performance, one of which Missy seems to have on her FB wall. There were a lot of people there. How bad was her performance (or how intimidating is BRAVO’s non-disclosure form) that NO ONE is talking about it?? BTW, she also reports that On Dispaly will be on iTunes. Lady GaGa is trembling, I’m sure!!


    • “I was born this way
      So now I’m on display…
      Babe, I’m on display
      ‘Cause I was born this way.”

      Hey this isn’t so hard after all!!!


    • I suspect the guest list for the party was pretty selective and the non-disclosure agreement was very intimidating. That end of season party will likely be the culmination of the Melissa singing and Caroling empty nest/Albie & Chris working storylines. So I’m sure Bravo limited the guests to those who could be trusted and had them sign non-disclosure agreements with really high fines. Plus, they probably threatened any violators with banishment from the Housewife universe and may have collected cell phones.

      Bravo has been able to do this in the past. For example, I don’t think any pictures or video of Tamra throwning a drink on Jeana leaked.


  3. The build up Melissa has given us of how long she has been singing, since 4, I believe? She has been excitedly telling the store owners in these boutiques she frequents how she’s a singer, Toey even bought her a piano, her evil wannabe sisters even of course wannabe her doo-wap singers… Of course they’re trying to get free mink clothes for their concert, prolly. Then when we finally hear the voice, ehh… I’ve heard better that sing at my church AND use the correct lyrics, btw. She’s obviously never sang Ave Maria before, Bravo set her up to TRY to show us her vocal range that they were fooled by “The Voice” that she had, guess she should have been in her bathroom instead of the closet. Better acoustics… Like WhoThesePeople touched on this chica needs to step it up if she thinks she can go up against Gaga, Britney, Beyonce… We already know she doesn’t have the voice she’s been going on, on, on and on about but not many of them do. That’s what we have auto tune for. But does she have a stage presence? She already told the fug sistas they ain’t never gonna get it… Ha! I’ll be watching… as Toey keeps throwing money at it.


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