Real Housewives of Orange County: Eddie Judge… Wouldn’t Help Sister (Update)

June 13, 2011  2:41 pm

                                                    OH!  So in love!  … Really???

Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Barney moved on from her estranged husband Simon Barney and has gone public with boyfriend Eddie Judge.  Eddie is being accused of turning his back on his family in their greatest time of need.

“My daughter is six-years-old and has Prader-Willi Syndrome so she needs therapy and we have a lot of medical bills,” said Eddie’s sister, Shalimar Torres. “When I asked Eddie to help out he said, ‘She’s your daughter so that’s your problem.’”  (Prader-Willi Syndrome makes the child always hungry… here.)

Shalimar says that Eddie, who is 12 years her senior, was born in Mexico and later moved with their mother to California. “After my mom had me she took off and left us,” Shalimar said.

                                                                                                      Tamra and Eddie… Eddie certainly loves the camera, maybe more than he loves Tamra??

“We grew up with my grandmother but got taken away when she got too old. My grandma now lives off of a fixed income and she has diabetes,” Shalimar said. “For her it’s either food or medication and when we ask him [Eddie] for help he’ll come a few weeks after the fact and buy her some groceries.

“When Eddie was a teenager he met this man who gave him odd side jobs and he eventually took Eddie in and became his foster dad,” Shalimar disclosed. “That’s when he changed his last name to Judge.

                                                                                      When Tamra was a teenager with baby Ryan…

“Our younger brother came to live with us until he was 18 and then moved in with Eddie. He didn’t care too much to help him out or be there for him, or just to talk to him since we didn’t have anybody,” Shalimar said. “Eddie was so verbally abusive to him.”

“It’s amazing how he [Eddie] can just turn his back and act as if he never knew us or we’re not blood,” Shalimar said. “But he’s donating and helping out strangers in other countries acting like he’s such a good guy when he’s not.”

                                                                                                  Tamra says that she and Eddie will be married within a year… Tamra said that on March 24, 2011.  Will that happen?  Nah…

How did Tamra and Eddie meet?  

Shalimar says it was originally staged by the production team of Real Housewives of Orange County

“When everyone was having a hard time because of the economy the show wanted to make it look like Tamra was trying to downsize so they met through her realtor,” Shalimar said. “They came and asked if they could use our house to make it look like Tamra was interested in buying it.

“Soon Tamra started coming over to have lunch with Eddie and then they pretty much started dating. When she met my brother she was still married,” Shalimar concluded.

Tamra confirmed that she started dating Eddie in February of this year, just less than two months after her husband filed for divorce.

NOTE:  Why would a single, grown man ‘foster’ an under 21-year-old as Mr. Judge did with Eddie Torres?  Interesting that as of today, I have yet to find a photo of Mr. James Judge, Eddie’s ‘foster’ dad.  Not even on his law firm’s website… here.  

Mr. Judge was admitted to the CA State Bar in 1985, which would make his present age around 60-years-old.  

SH post of March 24, 2o11… here.

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128 comments on “Real Housewives of Orange County: Eddie Judge… Wouldn’t Help Sister (Update)

  1. Juicy Gossip..Wow. Eddie loves the camera and the camera loves him. I would love to see the older Judge, that would answer a lot of questions about Eddie.

  2. Is it just me or does the The Judge Law Firm seem a little “off?”

    “Please don’t hestitate to contact us TO SEE IF WE CAN HELP YOU with your…..” I would think law firms were a little more confident than that. The grammar and punctuation is also all off. Why are there no pics/bios of the partners?

    Wait..the mother split after Shalimar was born, but she had a younger brother (from another mother?)

    I have way too many questions today. Maybe I’ll go back to work.

    • And what the heck is “bankruptcy monitoring?” Did the adoption have anything to do with his status as a legal citizen? Not sure how that works but it seems weird to me too.

      • I was “sued” by the Judge Law Firm last year due to unpaid association dues. I worked for a popular association management company and went to a large-scale meeting where a representative from the law firm came to give a speach about how to collect late association fees and to a get hardened heart when the person on the other end gave their “sob stories” about how they lost their job, got a divorce, lost a loved one due to death, etc. I was floored…(ironically, no one knew this, but I was indeed going through all of those things at the time…and I was scared they would find out about me in the meeting since I was being sued by the law firm during my employment there).

        The person up there looked older and was bald. And, honestly, a complete jerk…

  3. Thats a good point, what is up with the little brother 1/2 brother maybe? I am sure there are lot of weird things going on here but the sisters story sounds off as well.

    • Sister story is TRUE. Eddie is egocentric, greedy and a crook. All his ex-girlfriends and friends would say the same.

      • Thank You. I wouldnt see any reason to put my brother on blast unless he was in complete wrong. Sorry Eddie.

            • Joeblow, If you have proof of all this, and how bad Eddie has treated you, e-mail MS.SH and give her all the details. I really don’t think you are getting anywhere on here, by being arguementative with the commenters. You are setting yourself up for backlash.

  4. I saw a special on TLC and it’s so sad. I bet the relative is overweight. Ellie is starting to turn into a creep. And I bet that Brook don’t have a dime.

  5. The Judge Law Firm is a very “low end” firm that does real estate and business law? Who knows.. Eddie will chase an ambulance like every other attorney I know if the money is easy. Seriously though, his sister is a P.O.S. You think Eddie never extended a helping hand in the past? Good luck getting groceries now! I too have a sister who manages her money HORRIBLY! She’s always scheming a “get rich quick” business with her husband. I’ve helped her countless times but always end up getting stiffed so even though I’m NOT an “Eddie” fan, I’m going to side with him on this issue. It’s NOT his responsibility to help! Everyone feels this “entitlement” just because they’re “family”. Sunday’s reunion show was excellent. Proof again that Tamra is a disgusting, highly opinionated, vile human being. She hates it when others comment on her life but she has NO PROBLEM making crude, disrespectful comments about others. I really can’t stand her and that scowl on her wrinkly face. I feel so bad for Donn. To get served with divorce papers at work? REALLY, that’s how you handle it after 17 years of marriage? I hope Donn takes Vicki to the cleaners… Alexis is missing half a brain… Seriously get an education, it’s never too late. I don’t understand Peggy’s existence. Why is she even on the show? All she does is sit there and nod like a f’ing bobblehead. In the end, I think Gretchen came out looking the best.

    • Really? You thought Wretched came out looking the best?
      Maybe you’ve never seen the pictures of her sloppy cooter with accompanying adult toys that are plastered all over the internet.

      But that’s okay. I think there are probably a lot of people out there who believe her lies and don’t know the full story behind Wretched and her various affairs and scummy behavior not the least which being her recent escapades in helping her disgusting boyfriend skip out of paying child support on his gravely-ill son.

      Wretched’s got so much negative karma that at this point the only way she could ever make up for all her sins and transgressions is if she became a nun.

      • They’re ALL trashy but based on just the reunion show only, Gretchen looked ok. Yea she looked a bit rattled when Tamra, “the bulldog “, was on her about banging Jay while Jeff was on life support, but she looked genuine when discussing Slade’s shortcomings, etc. I’m a softy when it comes to love and Gretch’s pain seemed genuine to me. We sometimes fall in love with someone who has faults, insecurities, failures but when she cried about loving Slade and about how hard it was for him to admit his financial situation, etc., I felt bad for her. Vicki’s tears did nothing for me. She ripped Donn’s heart out of his chest and deserves to get taken for 50% of the assets PLUS spousal support since Donn is semi-retired?? No one is bashing Tamra? She deserves it!

        • Just out of curiousity, what’s Tamra done to deserve “bashing”?

          I’ve said before, I don’t particularly care for Tamra any more than a lot of the HW, but aside for the very minor “mace” incident and perhaps some poor judgment in having a bathtub scene, I don’t know that she’s done anything worthy of “bashing” this season.

          Just curious – maybe you saw something I missed.

          • Holy, I am so blinded by my hate for Wretched and Alexass, (we can’t forget the other half) I can’t see anything the others have done. If any of them can get a dig on those two, Have it! Nothing topped what Pennyless said about Dumbo Jimbo.

            • You’re right – at this point none of them are “perfect” and all of their transgressions are relative.
              Even Vicki, who used to irritate the p!ss outta me with her overreactions, ranks fairly low on my scum-scale when compared with the likes of Wretched and Duck Lips (and their lesser halves).

          • Oh crap – that’s right! It’s back on tonight!

            I’m so used to having to wait a week between episodes. Thanks for the reminder, Ms MP! And hey, if you DO ever get to work with/meet Ms. Handler can you give her my kindest regards? You can just tell her that Holy Hypocrite is a BIG fan! :)

            • Wretchen is the very definition of a butterface. She needs to quit it with that god-awful red lipstick. Not flattering at all to her lizard lips.

        • Here’s the way I see it. Men who don’t pay their child support are only one rung up the ladder from child molesters in my book. Not the ones that cant but the ones that WONT! Now I would never defend a gal for falling in love with a pedophile so I am not gonna cut Wretched any slack for “falling in love” with Slimey. If we, as a society started treating these men like the pariah that they are then perhaps they would be shamed into paying SOMETHING. Of course that is provided that they even have a conscience which most don’t and certainly Slimey doesn’t appear to have any shame or else he would go flip burgers or take in ironing or something. Yes I said take in ironing..

          • well i’m on the receiving end of a mofo that married a rich gal and doesn’t pay – slimey doesn’t pay and even takes to lying to justify why – THERE IS NO WHY YOU HAVE A CHILD GET YOUR SLIMEY AZZ OUT THERE AND SUPPORT THAT CHILD THAT YOU WERE WILLING TO CONCEIVE!!!!!!! men like that are no better than child molesters, you are sooo right, because in the end they SCREW their children either way!!!! i have no sympathy for wretched at all – her sitting there crying doesn’t do a thing for me – wait til she has a child by this loser and then some other blonde housewife comes along and she is on the receiving end of his “justification” then i want to see her cry!!!!

            ok sorry had to vent – now back to the scheduled programming ;-)

        • OMG, are you freakin’ serious!????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s crying because a guy she’s with is broke. That’s it! He has no money.

          Who here has no money and is married? Me for sure!

          Her tears should be directed at the FACT her bf’s kid is sick, very very SICK. Not over “the love of her life” being broke. Everyone is broke. Either shut up or get a new boyfriend.

          They complain about not seeing that adorable little boy because of a mealsy what 60 miles????? Are you f-en kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hate to say this but this will put it into perspective…
          Heaven’s forbid the worst imaginable happens… that piece of shit Slimely would give ANYTHING to just have a 60 mile drive away from him son, instead of the alternative.
          And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… if that asshole was more supportive towards his son emotionally, I don’t think the mom would be so gun-ho with taking him to court for the money.

          Which makes me think… he has to have more money that what he says he has… because why would you take some broke ass to court for payments he can’t make, unless you know something no one else knows.

        • Tamara is trash, she is mean, jealous and a vile excuse for a human being. She thinks just beacuse she can cuss and yell louder then a truck driver that she is right in everything she says. Vicki and Tamara are friends because they have the same behavior problems and Vicki is so much older then her. They won’t be friends for very long.
          Donn is a great guy and I like how Vicki wounldn’t answer the question to Andy about serving Donn at his place of employment. It looks like Breiana has gotten sick and tired of her mothers antics, I’m sure she has been caused lots of embarrassment at her place of employment. Nobody wants to hear about an old ladies love tank or sex life, come Vicki, you should bury your head in the sand and leave it there. You are just as nasty as Tamara!
          Tamra is an abusive women and Vickie is a whiney wierdo.

          • And people who cuss well are awesome. Proper cussing is an artform. Tamara might not have the highest moral standards, but at least she’s witty and somewhat intelligent.

            • Not witty or intelligent unless you are comparing her to someone who dropped out of high school in the 9th grade. She is white trash at its best and NOT representative of an orange county housewife. Eddie is trash too. He has no formal education but goes around pretending he is a lawyer and claims to own the judge law firm. They need to be clinically diagnosed and treated!

        • It’s probably all those years having to put up with Simon’s controlling jealousy – her face is frozen in a squinchy-look of ‘you gotta be kidding me’.

          Good thing she lost 180 lbs in the divorce!

        • I was thinking, what has Vicki done to her face, it looks like she has put fillers in her face and it looks unever and puffy. They both have severe sun damage. Ladies start using the suuuuunnnblock asap!
          You both look like old raisens.

          • crazy: Noticed that about Vicki, too. Her face looked like a balloon… if it was pricked, her face would pop.

    • Wretchen is a liar and her nutless spineless bf is useless. I dont recall anyone ever extending him a vagina card so why he feels the need to sit on the couch with the other ladies is beyond me. Could have something to do with the fact that he aint a real man anyways… in any sense of the word.. seriously. and his hair looked super duper dorky too. And I bet he smells like cabbage and prunes.

      • MsMP, He made me so sick…sitting there…Useless piece of crap! I hope that judge, (not Ellie Judge) saw that!

        • Except to Slimey’s critically-ill son, of course.
          Because I call it “abuse” when a father neglects to care for his son. But yeah, other than robbing a seriously ill child of much-needed money for his hospital care, and scamming a terminally-ill, wealthy man out of money while dating another man on the side, Slimey and Wretched are GREAT people.

          Well, and of course except for Wretched’s nasty vajajay/masturbation pictures all over the internet. But yeah – she’s a GREAT role model.

          But I’m sure Tamra and Vicki are terribly jealous of Slimey and Wretched’s multiple lawsuits, stacks of lies, callous treatment of Grayson, and porn-type naked-vibrator pictures on the internet. I’d be jealous, too.

          • Holy/Tammy Sue. That’s who this is right? Yep!! You sure are showing your nasty old trucker side again… Go jump in the tub with you gay lover Eddie.

            • wrong. No matter what anyone thinks of Tamera, she has Wretchen and her little lap dog bf slimey outclassed for sure. In fact if Tamera has a “trucker side” then Wretchen is the ultimate lot lizard (with dildo pics to prove it..look it up on The Dirty cause that trash would not be on here) and slimey couldn’t even rub together the two bucks it takes to get a musty crusty hand job from her.

            • OMFG. From Nik Richie of “From what I hear his son is dying and about to have brain surgery and Slade refuses to go to the hospital. Think about it people, Slade is a leech… he would have married Gretchen already, but he can’t because he is waiting for his son to die so Gretchen’s episodic fee doesn’t get garnished. The scripted “should I marry him” BS is a joke.- nik”

              (Her pathogenic cavern just looked like a pink heart. And she was really enjoying a purple popsicle.)

          • Clearly, I’ve missed a lot in this saga. Sorry, I didn’t know half of this stuff about Slimey. Horrible. Wretchen must have some incurable STD or something. Her butterface and prostitution windfall are not enough to explain why she would choose to be in this situation.

  6. ROMO, She’s been talking from the start…the same story on how Tamara and Ellie met. This is the first I’ve heard that a sick child was involved. Wretchen and Slimey are contagious!

    • I agree with OC with I’m sure she’s given him a reason not to loan her $$$ anymore. Once you’ve been burned by a family member enough when you want nothing else but to trust the words they are telling you, you can’t enable them any longer. Tough love. She’s totally selling him out anyway. She calls that family? She wants his help? I don’t blame him.

  7. Hmmmmm…Click, I wouldnt be so sure about that…. The more I read the more I was thinking about the validity of it all. I agree with OCBanker… I think all his sister wants is money from him… asking to help with her kid through MONEY and help with the mom through yet again MONEY.
    I think there’s much much more to this story.
    I understand trying to help family, but what if this member is a mooch?
    Regardless of having the language barrier… dates and timelines are the same in every language UNLESS you’re story is off.

    • Yeah I’m with you – I think I’ll have to reserve judgment on this one until I hear more.

      Of course my knee jerk reaction is to assume that Eddie’s not a nice guy since he won’t help out his family, but I’ve also seen firsthand how relatives like to exploit their children and use them to try and “guilt” more well-to-do family members into giving them money and other assistance. All the while squandering the money and never bothering to try and take care of themselves on their own. And sure it makes that family member look bad the ONE time they DON’T give in to their mooch of a relative, but no one bothers to look at the multitude of times that family member helped out and/or was repeatedly taken advantage of by mooching relatives.

      So, I’ll give good-ol Eddie a pass on this until I hear more convincing evidence of why he might be a jerk.

      • He is a fraud and a thief. He recently went on national television and claimed he owned a law firm! He has zero education! He is not an attorney. i think it’s a crime for a non-attorney to own a firm or practice law. Yet he gives legal advice and charges for it. He also makes non-lawyer staff charge for non-attorney work. His Gay adopted-dad is a drunk and lets eddie practice law and steal.

        mexican have an obligation to family in major need, that is why I want to side with sister. P

        • Sisters have an obligation to get up off their lazy be-hinds (Mexican or American) and provide for their own freakin offspring. Its not anyone elses obligation to provide for anyone elses spawn. Period. regardless

            • I agree. But if your kid was on his death bed and you went to a family member in desperation, you might be saddened to be rejected at such a time of need, especially if that family member is wealthy. I’m all for financial independence. This Eddie is so greedy. If you knew him, you too would see how this plays into other area of his selfish and predatory existence.

          • I have always worked. I did stop working and going to school but at the peditricians request. Then what? child support wasnt going to be even half of my expenses. So please I am far from lazy. I do whatever it takes to take GOOD care of my girls.

  8. IF and this is a big IF – her daughter truly does need therapy, if I was Eddie and wanted to help her then I would pay the therapist directly and not the sister! and I wouldn’t help out all the time – the sister needs to figure this out on her own or look for charities to help out

    • I wasnt asking him to pay for any of her needs. I was simply stating that I needed some extra money to fix my car which I used at least 3 times a week for doctor/therapy related appointments. He couldnt lift a finger to help me. I am very greatful i had RADAR to help, since I have NO ONE.

          • how bout I speak my mind about it since this is America and !st amendment and all dat.. I cant stand low life moochers. I have two questions for you. What age where you when you become a legal citizen and how long have you and your offspring been on the government teet? (you already said you dont have a job and your baby daddy “aint around”) so…. whats up?

            • I became a US citizen when I was born here. I am educated. I am not a low life. I do recieve disability benifits for my disabled daughter, And I began a Full time job earlier this year. Things take time to process. I said it before and Ill say it again. I wasnt looking for someone to hand out or support my kids. I just needed a LOAN. I have no credit and no one to Co sign.No one to ask for help. No family if you dont get it. That is were I asked Eddie for help.

            • your story doesnt ring true. and you should have kept yer crap outa the tabloids ifn ya didnt want to come across as a lowlife. I will say it again… It was a scum bag move.

            • Grown assed people that “have no credit” have no credit for a reason. you obviously are unable to pay for financial obligations and creditors know you aint good for it hence no credit and no one to co-sign for you. How come the story said you dont speak English well? If you were born here, how old are you? Shouldn’t English be your first language?

            • Rosetta Stone is an excellent language program. Try to Google loans that are available for your child’s needs. You never know what our gov’t has to offer or privately funded types, money is possibly out there for your situation. I’d spend my time there instead of on gossip sites to find that assistance if I were in your shoes. That or if you can get your community or your church to help you with that benefit…

            • If I were truly in such a sitch… I wouldn’t be hangin around these parts to clear my name n such, wastin time. I’d be raising funds fo da kids! Just tryin ta help… ;-)

  9. Heres a little sumpin I found posted in November of last year. Exlasis talking about HER post pardon-me. Damn I bet she was pisssssed when Peggy “stole her storyline” so she had to quick come out with the old eating disorder standby and poof a Bulim-o was born forgive me if this has already been posted Just wanted to remind everyone again how stoopid Exlasis is so we can all be on the same page tonight :)

    • Well if post-partum was taken then she could’ve always pulled a “Koo Koo Kelly” and claim to have been abused by a man. (Anyone else think to themselves during Koo Koo’s “heartfelt” moment sharing about previously being hit by a man that she was probably referring to the guy she assaulted who was trying to protect himself from her? And yet Stoopid Lulu, the sap that she is, ate it up like it was some Oprah moment.)

      But I’m a little thrownback by Ex-Lax’s “fantasy purchase” from the video. Did she seriously say a “G1″ named the Bellino 5? A G1 as in, a Gulfstream – a private turbo-prop plane? Seriously? Woman can’t make her mortgage payments and wouldn’t even be in a house if Jumbone hadn’t scammed the system and put it in his business name, but she’s hoping that their “christian” family will steal enough from the offering plate to be able to buy a friggin’ GULFSTREAM??? Who does she think she is??? The well-known TV televangelist-preacher guy – HE owns private planes – but then he also owns a major televangelist organization and preaches at a HUGE, televised church. (It was on Inside Edition a couple weeks ago.)

      Alexass seriously thinks she’s in the same league as a majorly-wealthy televangelist??? (Or ANYBODY who’d ever be wealthy enough to OWN a Gulfstream (and be able to name it something goofy like the Bellino 5)? Girl really is brainwashed.

  10. I’m suspicious of this sister. My guess is she spends all her own money on herself and then expects Eddie to support her children.

    • She only makes money off the housewife show, that doesn’t go far. Simon should get the kids and Tamara needs to pay support (she could do porn) and we’ll see how much she’ll talk about Slade.

  11. The biggest lowlife to me is Tamra. He mouth is disgusting. She had kids! And she says things like…”Is your ass jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth?” She is a pig!

    With the stuff she comes up with, it’s almost as she is finding “cute” (in her filthy trashy mind) on purpose to use when she’s on camera. She thinks it looks so clever. Little does she know.

    • Tamara is one nasty dirty female. Simon should be happy to be done with the trailor trash’
      I can’t figur Eddie out but something is weird about him, it will come out, just wait and see.
      Hasn’t Tamara ever watched herself on TV, she needs a life coach’ Her poor kids.

      • Speaking of “poor kids”, the first thing that comes to my mind isn’t Tamra’s kids, but rather the seriously-ill child of Slimey who’s been neglected by his own father who doesn’t pay his child support.

        I’m still trying to figure out what’s nasty and dirty about Tamra? Maybe the naked vibrator masturbation pics of her all over the internet – nope, wait that was Wretched.

        Hmm… okay then maybe Tamra’s nasty and dirty because she neglects to care for her kids by not paying her child support – nope, wait that’s Slimey.

        Alright, I give up. What is nasty and dirty about Tamra?

        • AND let us not forget that naked wasted Wretch pawing all over Tamera’s son like a two bit cougar WHILE JEFF WAS STILL ALIVE!! Dats purty nasty to me.

  12. I think Eddie is too interested in what he imagines will be his acting career to think about much else.
    Also, I’m stunned to learn the law firm actually exists. And that the law firm isn’t a front for something else. Or maybe it is.

  13. Exlasis came off looking like a colossal horses rear-end last nigh using her last few moments to relay a text message from THE OLE HAIRY ONE instead of reflecting on HER year and HER coat-turd line Her personal growth and reflection.The only thing she was missing was a neon sign stuck to her forehead saying my husband lies to me and I am jealous of Peggy and I feel more secure being lied to by a man than being lied to by a woman.. Ima gonna go vote for her stoopid butt one more time… maybe three more times.

  14. Shalimar, where is the father of your baby?????? Why do you think that it is your right to rag on your brother, about financial assistance? Too many of you little girls have the wrong idea about being a parent. Parenting is a very serious commitment and does not include trying to extort money from your family. You should have thought of how you would care for the child before spreading your legs. PLEASE HAVE A LITTLE SELF-RESPECT! Get a job, get the court to award child-support, and collect it. Most of all, DON’T HAVE ANYMORE BABIES till YOU can support them.

    • Obviously he isnt around. and i wasnt looking for Eddie to support my kids. I was simply asking for his help. i did plan on paying him back on a mth to mth. I just became angry after finding out he was handing out money to other mothers and their children in other countries. i couldnt believe him and his actions. It is his money and he can chose to do what he wants with it but he had just dropped off my little brother at my home in the middle of nite off of a rumor. I dont know you or how you were raised. I was brought up bouncying from place to place with not a mother nor father or anyone to ask for help or advice. I have lived a very difficult life. I wouldnt expect anyone to understand unless they have been in the same situation or could relate some how. So please keep your negativity to yourself. It would be appreciatied.

      • Which is it, is Eddie selfish and greedy or helping everyone else but you? I just read how giving to those in need he is in your last post. Would you be putting him on blast this way if he didn’t have a dime? Like it’s been stated already in this post, there has to be a reason he feels to no longer throw money your way. Have you thought about organizing a benefit to raise funds for your child? Those do well. I just attended a BBQ benefit in my town for someone I went to sch with back in the day that couldn’t pay for his med bills and had zero health ins. He raised a lot of money. Get everything donated. Good luck!

  15. Eddie did have a sugar daddy since his teens – A gay man named James Judge. After Eddie turned legal, he took Judge’s last name. He also took his legal practice and now runs a law firm. James Judge doesn’t do anything besides provide the name and vehicle for reckless greedy Eddie to steal money.

    Eddie cannot (legally) own a law firm, despite what he said on Andy Cohen’s show and as also stated by folks in these comments. He is not a lawyer and has NO formal education.

    “Non-lawyers cannot be owners in a law firm b/c it is illegal for licensed attorneys to share legal fees with non-lawyers. So either: a) Eddie is full of shit; or b) Eddie and his dad are breaking the law.”

    It’s b). Eddie and Dad are breaking the law. CA State Bar Association should be informed. If they watched the Andy Cohen’s show, they are informed!

    Eddie is only with Tamera because he wanted to be on TV. He has been using people since his teens and still does. I’m sure Tamera knows and understands the game.

    • question: If Eddies wealth is thru ill-gotten goods and fraud then no one in the Judge family or Eddies family or Eddie himself deserve the money. But I take it the sister was fine with the criminal aspect of it until she realized she wasnt gonna get a piece of it “for her sick child”

  16. Edward (eddie) Judge sued me in civil court for not paying $140 in HOA dues. I was in the hospital and missed 2 months. He wouldn’t allow me to pay the balance off and personally returned my check because he was intent on filing a lawsuit so he could make an extra $2000 in his pocket for attorney fees! 100% True. These were not attorney fees he was collecting, it was ill-gotten money. I asked him if he was an attorney and he told me he owns the firm and is CEO. He wouldn’t answer me directly. I pleaded with him, but he wanted $2000 to dismiss the case. He is a cold-heart-ed UNPROFESSIONAL man and in my opinion a THIEF!

    • By the way, it cost $240 to sue in civil court but you can get attorney fees if you win. This is why he rushed to to court house to file a lawsuit for $140! This is how he makes his money. I think there must be laws against this type of scam. They could have sued in small claims for $30 or accepted the payment for $140. Petty Petty Petty

      • Christy&Mac, you’re not alone! It seems that they at least served you with the complaint? They didn’t serve and only found out because they then garnished wages! Eddie Judge and The Judge Law Firm is not right.

  17. Joeblow, I dont believe everything I read in a tabloid especially one that paid you money to be scummy to your brother. I think you are full of poo and I even doubt your willie prader story, Truth be told yer kid is just a fatty and you are workin the system to get government dollas.

  18. REALLY?? because you have commented back on everything that has gone on since i have been on here. why dont you get a life and stop trying to make me the bad person. Get off your fatass and do something useful with yourself. You are probably a person who has never worked for anything nor have had the chance to experiance lifes up and downs. You obviously have no class to make such smartass accusations about someone you know nothing about…let alone their kids. It takes a real SCUMMY person to go out of their way to try and be a part of something that has nothing to do with them,especially in a negative way. I hope you feel better now that you are just stright out talking shit. i hope God has some mercy on your soul for talking shit on one of his lil gifts. Im done with this crap. i hope you find happiness for yourself. Because it seems like you are a angry and bitter person. – Shalimar.

    • I’m still wondering why you are wasting you’re time with “scummy” people on here that “have no class” when your child is in such desperate need for help? You even liked my fund raising ideas. So maybe put your energy in that? You are so off base with your attempt at trying to bring MP down to such levels… Btw.

      • Thanks Romo, I know I am coming off as a hardass on her but I really do not believe her story. I cant help but wonder if there is a drug addiction involved. Sometimes family members will not loan money to other family members if the family member doing the asking has a problem. We might never know the truth unless Edwina counters in the press and it doesnt look like he is going to.

    • not angry or bitter at all Shamalamadingdong. YOU and you alone are responsible for your own spawn its not your brothers responsibility to cover your auto expenses and you are a scummy person for going to the tabloids about it. Now, put on you big girl britches (and I know you have some) and support your own self and your child. Next time try skipping a meal or two and you could have extra money to afford auto repairs. If you came here thinking everyone was gonna blow sunshine up yer butt then your more damaged than I thought. Peace.

    • Shali
      I get were you are comin from but you need to take care of your own though. shocking when family and friend turn there backs and are greedy still at the end of the day no one owes you

      • Navy
        She was just saying what a greedy fake fraud her brother was and not only because he once denied helping her out. Clearly she is disappointed in her relationship with her brother. From all the hate out there about this Eddie Navarro the Fraud character, I thank her for sharing and believe it 100%. He sounds like a bottom dweller douche bag that preys on people with his fake white smile and cheap suit scamming people out of their money and pretending to be a lawyer. As much as I don’t like Tamara, I can’t even see what the hell she see’s in this man (eww, let’s be real, he is gay).

    • First you leave comments on here as JoeBlow now as DatzMzshali. The article says you don’t speak English but you claim to have been born and raised in the USA. And you are responding in English – bad English but English nonetheless.

      Are you even a real person? When I google your name and CA, I get this:

      A closed restaurant.

      But let’s go with that you are a real person. You are around 25 years old. Educated in the USA. How many kids do you have? 3? 4? How many baby daddy’s?

      If your life was so tough growing, why’d you put yourself in this situation? 1 kid, fine. More than that? Nah. You’re on welfare? food stamps? get medicaid? I thought so. But you want more of a handout. You want your brother who has a job to give you money because your car needs repair. Take a bus.

      You should have a job long before now. You claim you just got one. Well, what have you been doing for 7 years since leaving high school? Having kids out of wedlock? Gaming the system?

      You complain that Eddie doesn’t even give his own grandmother money but drops off groceries instead. Yea, probably because he’s smarter than you give him credit for. If he gives money, you’ll get your hands on it. If he gives groceries, then people eat.

      So continue to sell out your brother to the gossip rags and be shocked that he doesn’t help you.

  19. Tamra needs to hire a private investiagator on Eddie’s background and everything his past before she decides to get married to him. The culture would be a problemo. Mexican men tend to treat women as a lower citizen. My white sister was married to Mex guy for 20 years and got divroced due to different culture. My dad warned her about it and he was right…..

  20. Karen – I so agree with you. Tamra would be an ABSOLUTE IDIOT not to look into his past. The minute I saw the way Eddie was treating Tamra on the boatride with Vicki and Brooks I knew that he was an absolute manipulator of the situation – and a MASTER to boot! Her comment “Oh my God, what have I done?!” was a clear sign that he is able to transfer the blame for his mean and nasty attitude onto her and she never even noticed. But if she marries him (or even moves in with him!) OR even decides to delay the wedding (which would absolutely piss him off), chances are she will see EXACTLY what kind of controlling, manipulative, jealous, explosive, and quite possibly physically abusive he is. In my opinion, he already has his verbal abuse down to a science and covers it with his manipulation. To me, he is worse than ANY of the other husbands on ANY of the shows and I see right through him. She would be a FOOL to marry him. TRUST ME, I KNOW. Been there, done that. Would never do it again. EVER. EVER. EVER. Mine was a carbon copy of Eddie, but ten years older. And I am a WELL EDUCATED WOMAN! It took me TEN YEARS to get away because it had to be “him” that wanted out. If I got out by MY wanting to I would have wound up dead. As it was, he took me for all that I was worth: physically, spiritually and emotionally. It doesn’t get much worse than that! I hope she RUNS, not walks, AWAY A.S.A.P.!

    • I agree with you. Although Tamara is a manipulative sh*t talking “B” as well. Tamara was always the mean girl. Then when she had many blogging about her being mean she became “nice.” I’m not buying it. Tamara always reverts back to her old self. Look at how cruel she is to Alexis. For what? She always feels the need to be EXTRA mean when she says she’s “trying to help” Alexis…. bulls**t. Then when she goes to a simple dinner with Eddie she bashed Alexis. She was cruel to Gretchen for the longest until recently. I think Tamara & Eddie are alike. “Birds of a feather flock together.” That saying is so true. I have seen MANY sites that have people who live in OC who know Ediie Judge & say he’s gay. This one gal said Ediie treated his prior girlfriend like crap b/c he isn’t into women but is in the closet & mad about it. I do think Eddie is too good to be true & you know how that saying goes…. “if it’s too good to be true it usually is.” Look at how super supportive Eddie is, how he always says/does the perfect things, how he takes Tamara on trips, gives her son a job, gets along oerfectly with her son, said he wants her even when she asked why he wanted someone with 3 kids going through a divorce he says the perfect thing & more. I just don’t buy this “perfect” boyfriend crap. Tamara deserves it. She is just a vile person. She is trailer park trash to the fullest. She is just as manipulative as Eddie & more. I am surprised knowbody has come forward in regards to Eddie being gay. Maybe people feel it will surface eventually. I wouldn’t doubt it if he is… or maybe he’s bi-sexual.

  21. Why is Tamrat even on the show at all? It used to be about rich, upper-crust accomplished people, now it’s down to trailer-trash truck stop waitresses who never even got a GED! And dating a man someone on the RHOC said was merely answering phones at the law firm, a RECEPTIONIST for God’s sake! How’s that beer budget gonna work with Tamrat who has suddenly gotten champagne tastes???

    Her jealousy I can literally smell thru the TV! She was jealous of Gretchen for so long that she just couldn’t contain it all, but left that space for Alexis who has EVERYTHING Tamrat wants! Did you see how stupidly giddy she was after she gang-thrashed Alexis and sent her packing? tamrat is aging quickly, couldn’t happen to a bigger dickhead!

    And the Oscar goes to Tamrat! Who faked crying and shaking when she got her “engagement ring”. Tsk-tsk,not a damned tear to be seen.

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