Real Housewives of New Jersey: Blind Item… Take a Guess

Since the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s started their new season, thought this blind item would be easier…  (Originally posted April 19, 2011)

OOHHHHH!!!!  This is just tooo much!

A brand new blind item from Blind Gossip:

A Cast Full of Fakers

This reality television show’s season premiere is coming up soon.  (The only reality show to premiere soon is the Real Housewives of New Jersey.)  While there will be plenty of drama on the show, there are a whole lot of lies hiding behind the scenes:

  • Cast member A has lost a few pounds. She will  claim on camera that it is from healthier living. The truth is that she had lap-band surgery a few months ago.
  • Although A claimed last season that cast member B was “just like family,” the two now have absolutely no contact with each other when the cameras aren’t rolling. Once B lost her money, A wanted nothing to do with her.
  • B absolutely hates cast member C for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that she believes that C had an affair with B’s husband.
  • Cast member C’s family pretends that they are the wealthiest of all. However, their house is under water and they have a huge balloon payment (> $1 million) due in the next year that they will not be able to pay off.  (No longer have $2 million balloon payment–loan mod in April)
  • Cast member D used to work as a call girl in a major US city.
  • Cast member E and her husband are going broke trying to portray themselves as wealthy people for the show. In real life, she is a hairdresser and he pumps gas.

Reality Show:

So… who are they????   Hmmmmm… I know, do you????

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39 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Blind Item… Take a Guess

  1. A: Caroline?
    B: Tree
    C: Jacqueline?
    D: I have no idea… Tree again?
    E: The Gorgas?

    I am stumped by these!! What are your guesses, Ms. SH?


  2. A:Caroline B:Dina C:Melissa D:Tree E:Jacquline F:Kathy GiggyLover, I am also lost. AngryOldMan is usually good at these. Where is he when we need him.


  3. My guess – A. Caroline, B. Tree, C. Melissa, D. Tree’s Cousin, E. Jacqueline. The first two were easy, the others are questionable. PS LOVE this site!


  4. hmmmmm, I think:

    A: Caroline, definitely, there were rumors about her lapband surgery

    B: Tree, definitely, Caroline used to say she was “fambily” until she found out Guidice’s were crooks

    C: Hmm, possibly Melissa? Although I dont believe she had an affair with Juicy. Months back, there were rumors that Melissa and Joe weren’t paying their bills either…

    D: Jacqueline. Danielle used to say she was an escort back when she lived in Vegas.

    E: I guess, cousin Kathy? Pretending to be rich and really a hairdresser? Don’t know her well enough yet…

    This was fun!


    • Emily: Thanks for commenting! Because this is a BI, we are all very careful with our words… however, your answers are possibly, allegedly in the category of being excellent guesses. And, just to clarify… Kathy Wakile’s occupation is that of licensed hair stylist.

      The following info is from the NJ Cosmetology Board: License Information:
      Name: Katherina F Wakile
      Address: WAYNE,NJ
      Profession/License Type: Cosmetology and Hairstyling,Beautician
      License No: 32WA04429600
      License Status: Active
      Issue Date: 7/1/1983
      Expiration Date: 9/30/2012


  5. I want to know more about Jacquline being an “allegedly” call girl. She acts so prim and proper. Isn’t her husband having financial troubles also?


  6. I wonder if A doesn’t trust B because of all the lies she has been caught at or in? I mean, how far can you throw Teresa?
    Money doesn’t make a friendship, but trust can…


  7. Just read in the paper that the Brownstone had a kitchen fire on Tues. As per Caroline’s blog..all is well and business goes on…..I wonder if Tree was cooking her famous dish there?????


  8. I know this is an old post, but I’m gonna guess:
    a.) Caroline
    b.) Tree
    c.) melissa
    e.) Kathy
    though my question is around d) .. it could also because I always thought it was Danielle, then again, that is already known. I missed out on 2 things: the rumors surrounding Melissa and Joe Joodice; and call girl from vegas.


  9. Surely it couldnt be ubber catholic Melissa that had an affair with Juicy. surely not. Not Thank you Jesus Mel? Naw way jose! that would make her a slutty hypocrite and no wonder her christening party turned to chit. The Lord he do work in mysterious was.


    • Made: Read elsewhere that the story about Melissa being Joey’s secretary was a bunch of bull and that she was workiing at a strip club when they met. Which is interesting, because my husband is now hooked on the HWs… he got started on DC and misses that bunch, but anyway, I mentioned this to him while we were watching the last NJ show and he said “of course she worked at a strip club! Did you see her strutting out of the changing room at Posche and then down the runway? She’s had experience and she was doing stripper moves.” That practically blew me away, because if you watch those scenes of her modeling with that in mind, you can see her strip club moves.

      About her being uber Catholic… she is really slipping up. When she said that all the Italian guys sit around and then say Where’s my food, bitch, that really changed my mind about her. No respectful Italian Catholic or just Italian or just Catholic would ever say that… maybe her stripper lingo is coming through. Honestly, ever since my husband told me that, that’s all I see when she comes on screen

      A: Caroline B: Teresa C: Melissa D: Jacqueline (in Las Vegas) E: Kathy


    • Made: And about that christening… Melissa was right in there. Did you see her kicking the guy on the floor? I watched that over and over… there she is all dressed up and she’s kicking whoever ended up on the floor (it wasn’t one of the Joe’s).


  10. I have watched that evil devil child, Milania attack everyone and everything, over and over!!!


  11. Bitter Kitten, I think that is so cool that your hubby watches housewives. Like I said before, my hubby wouldn’t know a housewife if one bit him. How’d you do that?


    • He started watching DC… very reluctantly. Then one day he asked me which day they were on. And then DC got cancelled… but he now watches all the other ones, too. As it turns out, a few of his friends are ‘closet watchers,’ too. They get together for lunch about twice a month and 90% of the conversation is about Housewives! It is soooo funny, because they were all casual and said they they see it when it’s on TV, like when someone else is watching… and then they all admitted that they’re all into it. Tell your husband that all the other husbands are watching…


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