Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice v Melissa Gorga… Cookie-gate

After reading Tree Joodice’s Bravo blog… here, and

Melissa Gorga’s Bravo blog… here

…the conclusion is that they are both ridiculous, selfish, petty women.  Neither Tree’s nor Melissa’s intentions, as far as ‘cookie-gate’ is concerned, are of a loving, giving, caring nature that they have both been trying to convince everyone that they want… they both keep whining about how ‘they’ve lost their family’ and ‘family is the most important thing in their life’ and ‘it’s all about family.’  They’ve stated their case using the site via their blog, now let’s hear the third side of the story… the truth, because neither Tree nor Melissa is believable.

                              Dear Lord, bring back Dina and Danielle.  Tree Joodice

Tree even has the nerve to use Joe’s mother as the scapegoat to bypass any responsibility for getting rid of Melissa’s cookies.  Tree says in her blog:  “… my mother-in-law was the one who threw them out. She didn’t know who brought them, she just said, “Who brought these cookies? Who brought them? They no good. Nobody eat them.” It was embarrassing actually.”   That’s an interesting story, Tree… because on the show, Tree tells Caroline that she herself threw away the cookies.  But, that’s Tree, always trying to back-pedal her way out of something she said or did.  Under Tree’s little-squeaky, innocent voice, smiling and with her arms flailing away while she tries to blurt out a full sentence, is a tough-talking Jersey girl with a quick temper who likes to portray herself as never thinking before she acts, but she knows exactly what she’s doing.  That tiny voice/innocent act is just that… a dumb act that she plays.  Tree is not as dumb as she would like everyone to believe.  (Sidebar:  Tree claims that she knew nothing until Juicy slapped bankruptcy papers in front of her to sign.  Really?  Then why is Tree’s name and signature on every real estate transaction document?  Tree and Juicy got their story together before they proceeded with the bankruptcy and they’re sticking to it.)

Also caught this in her blog:   “I go to the farmer’s market and try to get fresh, local food whenever I can. I almost always get my vegetables and herbs from the market, but we wanted to try meat this time.”  Tree recently said that she is living within her means and now shops at the farmer’s market because it’s fresher and costs less.  Uh, OK, Tree… next you’ll be saying that you’re growing corn and watermelons in your backyard and your kids are raising their own herd of cattle.

                               On her way to plant green beans…

Tree had it easy the first two seasons of RHONJ, because the focus was on evil Danielle Staub.  Unfortunately for Tree, there is no one to hide behind this season;  and, as if that’s not bad enough, Melissa, who knows intimate details about Tree and Juicy has been added as a Housewife.  Tree’s true colors are showing and is uncomfortable because her facade is fading… fast.  There is nothing Tree can do about this situation as Bravo has her under a contract that she tried desperately to get out of before filming started with Melissa.  Tree is stuck and is constantly on edge because she doesn’t have Melissa under control.

As for Melissa, she’s only been on four episodes at this point, so no solid opinion can be formed, only to say that there is just something about Melissa that doesn’t ring true.  Melissa and her sisters seem like the Witches of Eastwick.  They all seem to be playing up to the camera and Lysa, especially, seems as though she’s enjoying the split between brother and sister.   If it’s true that Melissa agreed to become a cast member of the RHONJ to use the show as a springboard to pave the way for her “God-given talent” to shine through as a ‘pop star’ in exchange for creating drama with her sister-in-law, then let’s get on with it!  Start singing, Melissa!  Because displaying and perpetuating her personal distaste for Tree is getting old and boring… and we’re not even halfway through season four.