Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice v Melissa Gorga… Cookie-gate

After reading Tree Joodice’s Bravo blog… here, and

Melissa Gorga’s Bravo blog… here

…the conclusion is that they are both ridiculous, selfish, petty women.  Neither Tree’s nor Melissa’s intentions, as far as ‘cookie-gate’ is concerned, are of a loving, giving, caring nature that they have both been trying to convince everyone that they want… they both keep whining about how ‘they’ve lost their family’ and ‘family is the most important thing in their life’ and ‘it’s all about family.’  They’ve stated their case using the site via their blog, now let’s hear the third side of the story… the truth, because neither Tree nor Melissa is believable.

                              Dear Lord, bring back Dina and Danielle.  Tree Joodice

Tree even has the nerve to use Joe’s mother as the scapegoat to bypass any responsibility for getting rid of Melissa’s cookies.  Tree says in her blog:  “… my mother-in-law was the one who threw them out. She didn’t know who brought them, she just said, “Who brought these cookies? Who brought them? They no good. Nobody eat them.” It was embarrassing actually.”   That’s an interesting story, Tree… because on the show, Tree tells Caroline that she herself threw away the cookies.  But, that’s Tree, always trying to back-pedal her way out of something she said or did.  Under Tree’s little-squeaky, innocent voice, smiling and with her arms flailing away while she tries to blurt out a full sentence, is a tough-talking Jersey girl with a quick temper who likes to portray herself as never thinking before she acts, but she knows exactly what she’s doing.  That tiny voice/innocent act is just that… a dumb act that she plays.  Tree is not as dumb as she would like everyone to believe.  (Sidebar:  Tree claims that she knew nothing until Juicy slapped bankruptcy papers in front of her to sign.  Really?  Then why is Tree’s name and signature on every real estate transaction document?  Tree and Juicy got their story together before they proceeded with the bankruptcy and they’re sticking to it.)

Also caught this in her blog:   “I go to the farmer’s market and try to get fresh, local food whenever I can. I almost always get my vegetables and herbs from the market, but we wanted to try meat this time.”  Tree recently said that she is living within her means and now shops at the farmer’s market because it’s fresher and costs less.  Uh, OK, Tree… next you’ll be saying that you’re growing corn and watermelons in your backyard and your kids are raising their own herd of cattle.

                               On her way to plant green beans…

Tree had it easy the first two seasons of RHONJ, because the focus was on evil Danielle Staub.  Unfortunately for Tree, there is no one to hide behind this season;  and, as if that’s not bad enough, Melissa, who knows intimate details about Tree and Juicy has been added as a Housewife.  Tree’s true colors are showing and is uncomfortable because her facade is fading… fast.  There is nothing Tree can do about this situation as Bravo has her under a contract that she tried desperately to get out of before filming started with Melissa.  Tree is stuck and is constantly on edge because she doesn’t have Melissa under control.

As for Melissa, she’s only been on four episodes at this point, so no solid opinion can be formed, only to say that there is just something about Melissa that doesn’t ring true.  Melissa and her sisters seem like the Witches of Eastwick.  They all seem to be playing up to the camera and Lysa, especially, seems as though she’s enjoying the split between brother and sister.   If it’s true that Melissa agreed to become a cast member of the RHONJ to use the show as a springboard to pave the way for her “God-given talent” to shine through as a ‘pop star’ in exchange for creating drama with her sister-in-law, then let’s get on with it!  Start singing, Melissa!  Because displaying and perpetuating her personal distaste for Tree is getting old and boring… and we’re not even halfway through season four.

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32 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice v Melissa Gorga… Cookie-gate

  1. We all know it’s not about the cookies or anything like that… someone pissed the other off first and they have been making digs since… unless they start from day one of meeting each other and say how they really felt about the other and why,etc. This will always be a mystery.

    I will say this… my husband never has strong reactions about the housewives… yeah, he has his opinions and make his jokes, but I never see him get passionate about the franchises like me(how I scream and seem to have headaches and heart attacks over what’s going on,lol). But he feels an utter disgust for Melissa. And every single episode he says that she keeps putting things into j. Gorga’s head and making everything worse. And I mean, he REALLY can’t stand Melissa!!!!! I can believe how people who know her are coming up and saying shes playing it up for the cameras and that she’s a nice girl, but she isn’t showing it so far.

    OK. done.

    • My husband too Nunya! He’s not given to profanity (usually) but when she comes on he mumbles be-yotch under his breath… I hope he means her and not me for making him watch! LOL

      We even talked about the after letter talk between Mel and JoeyG. She says, “Are you READY to never speak to your sister again?” The inflection leaves me to wonder if that’s not something she’s pulling for… especially when she follows it up with something like, “Or do you want to be like the typical italian male who doesn’t speak to half their family.” Now insinuating that it’s good for his oh-so-precious green white and red male id to drop Tree.

      I don’t think Tree is innocent…. but something about Mel (and Kathe now) is rubbing me wrong.

      • yeah momma, And if you listen real close you can heat her correct Toey ever so slightly when he is sharing the fact that Tree wrote to apologize. Mel is quick to point out that it wasnt a full on apology just a “sorry you feel that way” and that may be true but if I were her I would have kept my non-blood related mouth shut about the nit-pickin stuff in the letter.
        Mels blog on her explanation of the re-done card made her sound like a butthole I am sure Tree never got a follow=up apology card for that boondoggle or even a “sorry ya feel that way” Toey needs to realize that Tree has showed great physical restraint up till now regarding Mel. for him only. Any other person would have got their face rearranged

  2. My hubby wouldn’t know a housewife if one came up and bit him. “No, honey, that’s the evil devil child named Milinia.” He does know Sir Giggy, but the only time he even sees a picture of one, is when he happens to look at the computer screen. He thought Ramona was Jill and he thinks Kim Z is a man. He knows NeNe from Celebrity Apprentice, and thinks she has bad behavior. Well, DUH?

      • I make mine watch too! He did like NY and couldn’t believe when they would talk about each other! He would say “Don’t they know what the other one is saying?” Me. “they will! That’s the fun!’ His parents are from Sicily so when i have him watch NJ with me he totally gets it!! True to form! That’s some of his Italian family!! The OC he flat out can’t stand!! He’s a lawyer and for him to see Tamra spout off legal crap about Slade and her not knowing EVERYTHING disgusts him. Only one season of BH so he’s still out on them. He did like Bethany and we have her books. Also have Teresa’s cb’s too. His family CAN COOK! His 92 yr. old mom has taught me a few things! My point on that is I read that Teresa didn’t know somethings that were out of her element on certain recipes. These are family recipes which are very simple but VERY good. She loved my potato soup! Never had it before!

        • Hi Stacy. I still cant convince my husband to sit thru one whole show. But I dont sit thru his football games so whadda gonna do right? Anyway, does your hubby think Slade has paid one red cent? I just cant imagine how anyone could not pay anything and still keep breathing. Is it true that sometimes lawyers advice NOT to pay anything until matters are resolved?

  3. First hangers, now Sprinkle cookies. What will NY hold in store for Thursday night?

    • probably round two of seat gate since they do have to fly back. Now we know why they didnt all fly up together, no one wanted to wrestle Cindy Carhop over which seat they got. tee hee , Or may be we will get treated to a nice juicy episode of husband-gate.

      • Well a big ol’ Happy Birthday to you! I’ll drink to that! I’ve been hoping you and yours are fine…and the folks in Joplin.

        • We’re good just very busy.

          We were in the process of moving in Springfield (about an hour or less away) when the tornado hit Joplin. My grandmother lives a couple miles east of the hospital and SHE decided there’s no safe place in her house so she was going to sit on the porch… She says she watched the tornado go by just before it completely dropped (so twisting clouds and lots of wind). I’ve been giving her daily lectures! :-0

          I have second cousins and other extended family that lost everything- you can’t even go down the street and definitively say, “that’s where the house was” because all the landmarks are gone.

          Mr Carbzilla has been SUPER busy at the hospital since they’ve now taken about 1/2 of the St Johns patients… Just means Momma is in Momma mode A Lot and less time for shows and blogging :(

          I’m still an episode or two behind on NY I think. Havent seen Morrocco past them getting there.

  4. Momma, I lost my house to Hugo in 1989. I still get upset when they do anniversary shows every Sept.

    • We were in Mississippi starting dh’s residency when Katrina came through (this crap follows me, I swear) and I was in Alaska when the chain started erupting in 2008… we had lots of earthquakes from that too.

      JESUS help me if I ever visit my brother in California… they’ll probably have The Big One. (sign of cross, kissing fingers, lifting to sky)

      I remember Hugo. My dad is Coast Guard and I remember he had flight duty through it. Freaked. Me. Out. Sorry about your house- did you rebuild or buy somewhere else?

  5. For 10 days we stayed with a relative, found a condo, which was hard, because everyone was looking for places to live.We just bought another house. We were without power for weeks, and it was hot! National gaurd was everywhere. I finally got to see my house after 3 days…It was devastating!

    • Oy! I’m glad you had family nearby to stay with. I kept my cousin’s girls for a few days until they had something a little more permanent so they wouldn’t have to go through the shelter thing. I just tried to keep them distracted with the pool and wii and things because I knew it would be hard enough when they got back to town.

  6. Based on Monday’s previews, I think Melissa’s singing career starts in the next episode and we’ll get to follow her recording a single which will culminate in a “live” performance at the end of season party which also launches Little Albie’s black water thing (which Jacqueline’s husband bankrolled or just also works on). Then, the two will probably be on Cohen’s after show doing it all over.

    The product placements/launches/plugging is getting to be too much. Since Bravo allows and airs this, I have to think it’s true they get a cut of the profits for those products on the show.

    • AOM, I understand that Bravo gets 10% of all sales. Wonder if they got any Skinnygirl money when it was sold?

      • That’s what I heard too. But I also heard the NJ Housewives in particular were more savvy in their contract negotiations. I wonder if they got out of it somehow.

        I suspect this is local but has anyone else seen commercials for Teresa’s book signings during the initial airing of the show? Last Monday, there was a commercial for Teresa’s book signing somewhere in NJ. It was the first time I’d seen a Housewife product commercial and first time I saw such a thing during the show.

        • AOM, I live in Charleston,S.C. and I didn’t see it. We did get a commercial here that had Wretched in it. Some shady strip mall tax preparer.

      • I was checking out some stuff because I was curious how much those ho’s get paid to do those shows because I was noticing that there is a correlation between financial troubles/foreclosures and their arrivals on the show so was thinking that , perhaps they did the shows for the money or because they had products in mind that they wanted the Bravo franchise behind or to gain recognition for. Let’s face it, had Beth never been on RHWNY, she’d still be cooking for people and bitching about wanting a husband

        From what I could find, T is the only one who actually gives Bravo 10% and that was in return for product placement and coverage of her events … I could be mistaken but, that’s what I found

        • I read that each NJ housewife was paid $500,000. And Vicki is the highest paid.

      • They don’t. Bethanny came in business savy, and Bravo had yet to realize the money that could be made from these women promoting their products, even while embarrassing themselves, so the earlier shows have no provisos which make Bravo money. The later shows/contracts do, but Skinnygirl was lost to them. I don’t know about any other products though.

  7. What Tree is this? She shouldn’t have even brought cookies into the issue. She should have shut that bitch down, held the card up in her face and said “WTF, re-done… Who says congratulations re-done? You had to sign my brother’s name to this b.s. because there’s NO way he would willingly ok such backhanded mess! Why even give a card? Then to say love… You bitch!” then get Toey in for her excuse. End of story. This should have happened the second Tree read the card so no cookie stupid ass gate would’ve even occurred! That’s how I get down… And I have done something similar. Not to my SiL. To a wife of a friend of my husband and mine ran her mouth. I checked her butt, then called HIM up and had a loooong discussion about all the messy stuff she’s been doing and how we’re not having her stuff anymore and he needs to put her on a leash basically. Funny, he had NO idea of what she had done. He travels for work… Poor guy! He found out a lot that day. And now, no one in our group hangs out with her bc she’s at it again with others in our group (except one dumb ass) and her hubby now works in Canada…. a lot. Talk about Real Housewives!

    • Romo, Next time you see her, just turn Milania on her! She’ll shut her up, if she doesn’y kill her first, or gnaw off her leg. Sorry folks, I’m going to rag that bad little girl every chance I get! I saw the devil in her eyes!

      • Yes… Thx Click! That’s exactly what that b needs … MILANIA! Wasn’t it sad that when devil Milania slapped Gabriella in the face poor G just stood there, holding her face? She’s older, right? Didn’t even fight back… Shows how evil M Dog is… The others just know!

        • That was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. Gabriella was probably afraid to hit her back…She may have gotten it worse from the Tazmanian Devil known as Milania. That is just the beginning of Tree’s problems with her.

    • Yeah its good to nip that chit in the bub straight out the gate. Causes if not too much time passes and the crusty female has managed to alienate all the dude’s friends and family to the point that he is too afraid to go up against basically the only person he has left on the planet.

    • So you tattled? That’s childish. You couldn’t simply deal with her, and squash it? You had to tell on her to her husband? Wow, that’s so adult.

      • Well she did say it was a wife of a friend of hers and her husbands so…. loyalty lies with the friend not the shady wife. Same way that Gorga loyalty doesnt automatically extend to the siblings’ choice of mate. It all comes down to people knowing their place and know that being married to someone doesn’t automatically entitle anyone to an instant best friend.

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