GRETCHEN ROSSI: Real Housewives of Orange County: Slade Smiley Uses Son, Grayson, as a ‘Prop’

                                  Really Slade, we should visit Grayson more, but he lives 57 miles away!

On a recent episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Wretched Rossi and Slade Slimey were whining to Slade’s mother about the mountain of paperwork from the Courts regarding child support and medical bills for his son, Grayson Arroyo-Smiley.  Grayson has been battling a very rare brain tumor, which cannot be surgically removed… he will receive chemotherapy indefinitely.

After that episode, Wretched wrote a lengthy essay on and on her website (here) blaming Slade’s problems on caring for his son, Grayson:

“When Slade realized that all his hard work of 18 years in the title business had been lost because of his time away with his son, I think his world crumbled financially, emotionally, and mentally, as you see him humbly address in this episode. It was a hard knock for him and a wake-up call.”

                                   You already saw Grayson last year.    Yeah, but I need him for the show.

After visiting Grayson’s website (here),  SH received the following email from Grayson’s mother, Michelle Arroyo:

grayson.jpg Grayson Arroyo-Smiley

“Obviously Slade Smiley does come up from time to time with regards to Gray.  It is unfortunate that he has chosen to use his son as a “prop” when it is convenient for him to try and rebuild his image as a “father” in the public eye. He has not played an active role in parenting Grayson, or helping to financially support him with all of his medical and therapeutic care associated with his brain tumor. I can assure you that all of the donations made to the Amazing Gray Fund are used for Grayson’s extensive medical and rehabilitative therapies. Even once a child is medically stable, the rehabilitation therapy usually goes on for a long period of time, and that expense is enormous. I would imagine that Gray still has at least another six to nine months of extensive therapy. I am hopeful that Gray will be able to continue to get better and stronger every day, and that he will be able to work through the tougher part of the brain injury rehabilitation. I am always looking at better therapy for him to get him doing the things that he loves to do as a boy, even just going to school is a big obstacle for him with his diverse needs.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, and your concern for my amazing little man. He is truly the light of my life and an inspiration to me each and every day.

Michelle Arroyo

Slimey and Wretched certainly talk a good game about Slade’s attention to his son, but Michelle Arroyo, Grayson’s mother, knows what actually goes on between her son, Grayson, and his father, Slade Smiley….

A great detailed piece on Slimey and Grayson on DBKP… here.

Many thanks to readers “cc” and “MP”!

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  1. The jig is up Wretched!!! You and that scumbag Slimey have to be the lowest of the low!!! Now Wretched can join that middle aged useless piece of crap in my cats litter box!!! I hope they both wind up homeless and eating out of dumpsters! Sell your baby blue convertible, and help that little boy out!!! I HATE YOU BOTH!!!


    • That’s real cute Tamara, I mean click/click, oops…. You and Butterface down below here who thought by spelling her name differently would throw people off, well read your comment, once a workaholic always a workaholic. Once a nosy B***H, always a nosy you get the idea. Weren’t you girls going back to Mexico for more “taping” this week anyway?


      • Donn, Hola, como esta! I have sold the house, my insurance business, cleaned out the bank accounts, and have moved to Mexico with the pool guy, Jose. See ya around, Sucker! Adios!


        • P.S. Slimey is still a scumbag, middle aged, LAZY, no chin Jim, dirty looking, (for God’s sake wash your hair and shave) useless piece of crap on earth! Now go do what you do best…powder and fluff wretched, and shlepp her whoring, gold diggin’ junk around!


          • Wow, that was easy. Thanks for giving Maid Smiley and everyone else a perfect example of what I was talking about. You’ve got your head so far up everyone elses asses being in their business, you didnt even stop to think that the Mexico trip was the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I even got P.I. work done for free thanks to bravo cameras and cell phone pics, hahaha……no no no, thank you, Jose!


            • Donn, Since you think I’m Tamara, then you must be Simon using Donn’s name. Well you and Slimey both need to get a job! You still with Jeana? She likes men to be mean to her and boss her around. One things for sure, you don’t have to worry about anyone sweeping her off her feet, and taking her from you…No one could lift her.


      • There is one ONE person on this entire friggin planet who would disagree with Click Click’s sentiments reguarding the Slimey situation and we ALL KNOW WHO THAT IS “Donn” Dont cha mean Donn gone and skipped another months child suuport?


  2. I’m with the other readers, I hope she gets knocked up by him – serves her right!!!! Jo is lucky she ran when she did!! I hope she never lets the child support issue die – my ex owes back support and if I have to follow that sorry ass to the SS Office I will – Slimey and all the other deadbeat dads out there – IF YOU HAVE TO KEEP WORKING TIL YOUR 80 AS A WALMART GREETER SO BE IT THATS YOUR PROBLEM!!!!!


  3. Grrrr, these two just chap my ass!!!

    You know, I actually DEFENDED Wretched when she first joined the show because she was in a May-December relationship and I am in one too and I know how you often have to defend yourself against people ALWAYS thinking it’s a golddigging kind of situation. But the the bitch just goes and proves all the nay-sayers correct (because it turns out she WAS only in it for the money) and continues to give May-December relationships a bad reputation.

    THEN she’s hooking up with this Jay guy behind the scenes and cheating on her sugar daddy – WHO THEN GOES ON TO DIE!

    THEN she hooks up with SLIMEY STEAMIN’ PILE!

    And THEN the two of them pull this crap with the child support where they’re ‘hiding’ money (well technically it’s right out in the open that she’s making the money and just not paying Steamin’ Pile so that he doesn’t have to pay his child support) and this wonderful little boy gets NOTHING (from them at least).

    Grrr, I’m just so angry right now.

    Hey, I have an idea, why doesn’t Miss Andy come up with a new show full of people who gyp the system? You know, deadbeats who don’t pay child support but have enough money to drive Range Rovers, people on welfare who take lavish vacations, people who buy diamonds and live in foreclosed homes, people who live off disability checks but can get around just fine, people who’s wineries go into bankruptcy but have enough money to go ballin’ in Paris (Salamis).

    I’m just good and angry enough to call in tonight about this on WWHL.


  4. Slade can talk all the bs he wants but if he REALLY wanted to help his son, he would use his screen time to tirelessly promote the son’s charity or any charity funding research into the condition. Once Slade lost his job, he focused on promoting himself, Jo’s music and dating careers as well as Wretchen’s dubious businesses. He could have done both. He could have had Jo sing at a fundraiser, or try to rally the Housewives to appear at a charity event or any number of things to get money to help his kid. They let Dina promote Project Ladybug, didn’t they even film a benefit? But Slade didn’t and I think that’s pretty telling.


    • I agree… why don’t you get off your high horse….you lost your business oh well, but stop sitting on your ass and go get a job slimey! Having no income is pathetic…stop focusing on your girlfriends career and start over with your own. If you have a college degree use it and apply at a business somewhere! There is no excuse to do absolutely nothing and if you love your son you would work at subway just to give him what he needs!


    • also something was way jacked about Gretchen claiming she wasnt able to sing her song on WWHL. Andy let her slide a bit on that but I thought she and slimeball owned the catalog on all her AND Jo’s songs so… Perhaps she cant sing it because any proceeds would go to Grayson? Would love to get to the bottom of that boondoggle. Any info Ms SH?


  5. You guys already know how I feel about this whole situation, and know it’s all BULLSHIT excuses about the 57 miles away shit.

    What’s making me angry now is how Gretchen writes about how Slade losing his business because he was spending time with his son “crumbled” him financially, emotionally, and mentally …. losing his BUSINESS… forget the fact that his son is going through this… that would never “crumble” someone financially, emotionally, and mentally…. only losing your business of 18 years!

    But people… let’s not get too toxic from this because God’s justice is greater than us all… and when he has to explain how much of a low-life he is… he WILL pay. So let’s hold onto that sliver of hope that no matter all this traveling he does will Gretchen and TV time he has, it makes him all the same when he’ll die.

    Sorry for going religious… but I think of that when I see all the cruelty of this world.


  6. Grayson’s mom is now aware of Stoopid Housewives site, so she’ll most likely read the comments. So I think everyone should say how they feel.


  7. I have a question, okay both parents are responsible for teh medica bills of course. Now, when you donate, doe a part of teh donation ome off EACH o teh parents “portion or tab’ owed?


  8. I have a question, okay both parents are responsible for the medica bills of course. Now, when you donate, does a part of the donation come off EACH of the parents “portion or tab’ owed?


    • I don’t think they keep tabs like that…

      The way I see it is like if it’s getting paid great. As long as the dead beat dad contributes SOMETHING.

      I think if Slade was there more emotionally for his son the mom wouldn’t be going to court. And the courts can’t make him see his son, but they CAN MAKE HIM PAY!

      I guess there’s no knowing the answer to your question unless you ask the mother.


    • P.S. And if Slade would be contributing somewhat of his money to Grayson, even if it’s not all the money owed, I don’t the courts would be involved. But I believe Slade is contributing zero.


      • nunya: The courts have nothing to do with Grayson’s medical bills. Grayson’s medical bills are a complete and separate issue apart from child support. Slimey has reported that he has no income; therefore, he claims that he cannot pay child support, nor the arrears he owes for back child support for Grayson. The foundation/medical bills are not calculated as being deducted from what the parents ‘owe’… other than that, I’m unsure how this works in CA. To be sure, I will check further into CA law to find out… Thanks for commenting! SH


        • The medical bills here in Cali do factor in provided there is a court order stating that “each party is responsible for 50% of the uncovered medical expenses” for the child(ren). The med bills are separate from the support. For instance, under Cali law the District Attorney working under the state francise board collects support (spousal and child) absent a court order they do not have authority to also collect for unpaid medical bills. (FYI my info comes from 15 years of working for a Fam Law atty in Cali).


    • I think what they were trying to say was like both parents are responsible for the medical bills as in 50/50… so if the fund from his foundation are paying the medical bills… if that money is going to the mom portion of the 50/50 or the father portion of the 50/50.

      …I think.


  9. Didn’t Slade explain to his mom what his job is a couple of episodes ago? He’s some sort of Mgr of talent? I’m sure he doesn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart. (choking back laughter). Where’s the money from all the clients he was talking about? If you are responsible for child support it’s automatically deducted from your bank account on payday. (in my state anyway) What? Is he getting paid under the table or did mama get told some lil fibs? Ahhh no… Slime bucket wouldn’t lie to his mama, um mum mum mum.


  10. Foremost:
    1. first in place, rank, or importance

    Gretchen isn’t using “foremost” in it’s most common usage. But she isn’t incorrect either. She simply means “most importantly”.

    But yeah, she’s still stoopid.


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