Real Housewives of New York: Kelly Bensimon… Giving Away One of Her Stinky Dresses

                                                                                     No, this is not the dress that Kelly is giving away… this is too nice.  The one she’s giving away almost made it into her rag collection.   Oops, I meant her flag collection.

Kelly Bensimon says that Prom looks have become, so out-dated!  Kelly is offering one of her dresses, she picked out from her own closet!  It’s been worn several times, but so what, that’s the whimsy of the dress… plus, Kelly’s skin cells are embedded in the dress, an added feature.  But, Kelly isn’t just giving the dress away, oh no… she’s making the winner of this piece of rayon work for it…

To whoever tweets or posts on facebook their idea of “the best street style”. It could be you, your friend, your mom, a stranger. Then Kelly will pick the one she likes best and that person will win the dress! For free!  So Tweet @KellyBensimon, or post on her facebook fanpage, Kelly Killoren Bensimon!  You have until June 1st!