Real Housewives of New York: Kelly Bensimon… Giving Away One of Her Stinky Dresses

                                                                                     No, this is not the dress that Kelly is giving away… this is too nice.  The one she’s giving away almost made it into her rag collection.   Oops, I meant her flag collection.

Kelly Bensimon says that Prom looks have become, so out-dated!  Kelly is offering one of her dresses, she picked out from her own closet!  It’s been worn several times, but so what, that’s the whimsy of the dress… plus, Kelly’s skin cells are embedded in the dress, an added feature.  But, Kelly isn’t just giving the dress away, oh no… she’s making the winner of this piece of rayon work for it…

To whoever tweets or posts on facebook their idea of “the best street style”. It could be you, your friend, your mom, a stranger. Then Kelly will pick the one she likes best and that person will win the dress! For free!  So Tweet @KellyBensimon, or post on her facebook fanpage, Kelly Killoren Bensimon!  You have until June 1st!

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14 comments on “Real Housewives of New York: Kelly Bensimon… Giving Away One of Her Stinky Dresses

  1. Is this nut case for real? KooKoo! KooKoo! And didn’t she get arrested for assaulting her boyfriend/fiance?

  2. What teenage girl doesn’t want to wear some sort of sparkle at her prom? That dress is “meh” at best. Let me guess, she would tell them to pair it with gladiator sandals. Ick!

    • Chammy, KooKooKelly would love your idea. Just for chits and giggles, see if you can win it. Someone from this site should try. We’d all so enjoy the laugh!

  3. I didn’t watch the video…I couldn’t…all I could think was “ewwwwwwwwwwwww”…….

  4. @Click I went to the FB to give my idea, but it was taken and couldn’t think of something else. Plus she said post it on my fanpage, but I was confused on why not her page, and if it was her page,etc. IDK… they were only like 5 responses at the time when I went.

    • nunya, maybe MS.SH can help you get there…she’s on now so ask. You could sell it and get that baby girl the shoes you liked. If you can win it, make sure KooKooKelly signs it in some way. Hey E-Bay.

  5. Maybe we should all enter, and make this a contest. I’ll try. I just so suck on the computer. MS.SH can you make it possible for us to enter from your site?

  6. woo i was not ready for that zoom in! it was trippy! that is one fuuugly dress! lemme guess, kookoo: the goodwill wouldn’t take the smelly dish rag, so u r going to “donate” it? I wouldn’t even clean my toilet with that rag! But @click, i say we take over her fan page! we would have sooo much fun with her! i would “style” the “dress” with her feather/leather cord jewelry. I would wear like stacks of bracelets, the feather earring for sure! I would straighten my hair, then not wash it for like, a month, then spritz on some saltwater to give it some textured waves. Of course i would spray tan, like EVERYday, to give me her golden glow! Back to the dress, i might wear some ugg boots with it, and throw on one of her oversized sweaters that look like hand-me-downs from Chris March. Of course I would have to get the dress altered so as to barely cover my vajayjay (that i would have ChicletMr.Ed bedazzle for me). Or i might just be a rebel, and go without shoes, so as to be one with nature! Cuz i wanna be like Kookoo, she is sooo down to earth, and veeery low maintenance!

  7. Translator on aisle 2! I don’t speak Kellyismslandkookoo! IS THIS FOR A PROM DRESS?? For realz??? hahahahaha This wochildman is a nutball!

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