Real Housewives of New Jersey: Take a Tour of the Manzo ‘Boys’ Apartment

On last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, the Manzo ‘boys,’ Albie and Chris, made the move from laid back Franklin Lakes to swingin’ Hoboken NJ, home of Frank Sinatra and Buddy the Cake Guy.

They are sharing their apartment with a college friend of Albie’s… Greg and his dog, Deloris.  Did they need a third guy with a dog?

AND… there’s a preview of Albie and Chris’ new show ‘Boyz to Manzo’ at the end…

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11 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Take a Tour of the Manzo ‘Boys’ Apartment

  1. I am at a loss for words!!! Oy Vey!!! I just thought they were going to do the nitrous oxide out of the whip cream can. N.J. feels the need for a Giggy, and hey Deloris is cute, especially in her little hoodie. That opening scene, the Boys to Manzo, was YUK!!! I’m (almost) speechless!


  2. Hi Click :) Poor Deloris! she has a look on her face that says “get me outta here” lol! and what is up with Greg dressing her up in those outfits, and that comment about how she entertains many gentleman callers, but HE hasn’t ..yet? And is there something going on w/him and Albie? cuz what was up with that look Criddupher gave Greg when Albie was talking about his ‘girlfriend?” (that apparently exists only in his head…has he been eating Kelly’s gummi bears?) Love the reference to Kathy Wakile..didn’t know they had beef with her! And that furniture! OMG!! Audriana and Baby Joey have more furniture in their nursery! Motel 6 has more furniture! that is one saaad looking apartment! What is up w/that step and repeat/red carpet? Ego trip much? I love how Criddupher has a ginormous mirror to admire himself in..meanwhile, dog poop on one side of the room, garbage on the other! I know they are bachelors..but it looks kinda…unlived in? so i wonder if they only “hang out” to film, then at the end of the day go home to mommy..cuz they don’t even have food in the fridge! I just cannot wait, to see them featured on an episode of Cribs!!


  3. Hi Thug, I guess CritterFur is the Kramer of the bunch. How you feelin’ today? Worry when I don’t hear from you. That entire Manzo family puts Princess Albie on a pedastal, and I just don’t get it?


    • @Click, how sweet of you to ask! :) i can’ tell you how much it means! I try to distract myself.. i took a nap and just woke up, and had to come her to catch up! LOL! RE: the new Kramer..LOL! I don’t know about their whole new Bravo paid for, temporary new place! Should be entertaining to watch them fling ham at each other! wonder why bravo is not airing it, but instead choosing webisodes? How r u, the hubs, and the kitties?


  4. OMG Thats whip cream with alcohol is hideous. I got some vodka infused whip cream once and it is gag inducing. seriously I am not a picky eater/drinker by any means but that stuff was nassy.


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