Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… She Has Big Plans

                                                                                 Which one of you bitches called me bitch… bitch?

Melissa Gorga the newest Housewife on the Real Housewives of New Jersey has a lot to say about Tree, Caroline, Jackie and Kathy, but her real reason for signing on to RHONJ?  It’s all about her singing career.  (Interesting that the email sent to SH (here) that caused such a brouhaha said that Melissa’s whole intention for getting on RHONJ was to further her singing career.)

But, if Melissa is such a world-class singer, why would she go through the constant ‘heartbreak’… now there’s a drinking game… take a drink every time you see a video of the cast of RHONJ and they say ‘heartbreak’ or ‘heartbreaking’… you’ll be looking like this in a matter of minutes….of a reality TV show to get her singing showcased?

                          Did someone say ‘heartbreaking’ again?

Are the rumors true that Melissa was pissed with Tree JOO-DICE for not acting like la famiglia and ‘sharing the wealth’ with Melissa and her husband, Joe during the first two seasons of RHONJ by way of introducing Melissa and Joe and allowing them some screen time?

During last season, Danielle states that it was Melissa who was feeding her information to use against Tree… not just to inflame Tree, but to also get Melissa noticed by the Bravo producers.

                           Don’t hurt my Juicy!!

According to Danielle, it was Melissa who told Danielle to bring up Tree’s nephew at the reunion, as there were problems brewing between Tree and Melissa and Melissa knew that bringing up the subject of not recognizing her nephew would really steam Tree.  Of course, there’s still that rumor out there that the nephew is not Melissa’s son, but a baby that Juicy’s ‘side’, Tara G or T, had.  Who knows?  It’s difficult to piece this relationship together.

Are both Tree and Melissa playing a huge game on RHONJ viewers?  Tree is a pretty sneaky biatch and Melissa can’t be too far behind her in that department… Melissa has been in the family for almost 10 years.

                                  Melissa is very serious about her music.  You always stand by a piano if you want your audience to think you’re serious…

So, with that in mind, here’s a scenario:   Melissa thinks she is a fantastic singer.  Tree says to Melissa that RHONJ would be a great springboard for you, but no one will watch you if all you do is sing.  There has to be a really good back story to the reason that you would participate in the show.  Melissa and Tree confer and come up with the tried and true story of competing women.  Yeah, let’s really hate each other on the show… since we know each other so well, we could really make it believable.

Melissa would only have to suffer through such ‘heartbreak’ for one season and Tree would come out of it a little bruised, but a lot of viewers would have such sympathy for her that they would want to see her back and would even buy cookbooks 3 and 4  “Sauce or Gravy” and “Cumin, Dinner’s Getting Cold:  Fast Meals if You Don’t Make it to the DinnerTable.”

After Melissa has her singing career off the ground and she’s relocated to LA, there will be a spot left open for another RHONJ… this time it might be one or two of Caroline’s estranged sisters… now that would be a show!

Melissa has a chat with HubPages and explains how she got on RHONJ and her plans… here.

                                                                                 You can book Melissa here.

Melissa also had an interview with an Atlanta radio station… and chatted about how she overcame being the ‘new girl’ on RHONJ.  Melissa says that she, Caroline, Jackie and Kathy get along well.  Teresa just cannot stand any attention being taken away from her.   AND…  Melissa’s singing is just gonna blow everyone away!

Radio Interview here.

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45 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… She Has Big Plans

  1. Her pictures look like the types of poses and scenery we used to use for senior pictures back in the day, but with far sluttier clothes.

    I clicked on the link to her website where we can book her for singing gigs. It looks like the website for a chintzy escort service. Classsssy!

    But then, judging from the pictures, maybe that’s what she was REALLY intending to sell…

  2. Oh Jesus Barbie… we got freakin hustled! Nice catch Ms SH… makes perfect sense, I’m impressed! With all the gorilla Joe/Tree bid’ness I forgot about Missy’s main focus. The singing career, riiight. Ha! You just made Monday nites even MORE entertaining, my friend! :-D Trifflin!

    • Romo: Yep, I’m thinkin’ we all got hustled. I’ll be watching RHONJ and the Tree/Melissa/Joey feud as a setup. At least it will make it less boring.

  3. Just a minute—-thank-you SHW for spelling-out exactly what has been hinted at with the rumors. I have seen guesses that Joe Giudice and Melissa Gorga had an affair-(but I just couldn’t believe that). But a rumor that the in-laws adopted “Juicy”-Joe’s love-child?????
    Something must be fishy for Danielle to specifically make a point to mention a baby nephew, and for it to make Teresa go insane??
    Unless of course it was just a jab that Melissa had another boy and Teresa doesn’t have any boys?-A sore-spot referencing the “feud”?
    Its starting to make sense to me now in a weird paranoid way. (and I completely agree with your insights about the “pact”. How could the animosity be that real?)
    “Not acknowledging by not going to visit the hospital”-to visit a new baby & momma, was just not something that is that unusual. -so it was the implied threat that Danielle would tell what she knows “about” the nephew, that made Teresa rage.
    (and Danielle is just evil for dragging an innocent newborn baby into it).
    Just for the record, I thought that Melissa rocked the runway in her debut stroll. Kim G. and the evil-sisters ruined it by turning it into a competition. But I don’t quite believe that it was Melissa’s 1st time down the runway either.

  4. TrueKnight (blurred face guy) said he would not attend anymore events, unless Messy#2 was singing. So, it would seem, him being Messy#2′s cousin, she may have got to him, and now he’s basically helping promote her “singing” career. He said she’s been singing and dancing since she was a little girl. (Showoff! The flower girl at every wedding, twirling around on the empty dance floor,”Watch me! Watch me! Everybody look at me! Look!”) She’ll most likely be another Jo. If she’s go good, why is she 30 something and hasn’t already been discovered? Maybe she needs Slimey to help manage her career. That could be his job, manage “singing” careers of housewives. We all saw where Jo’s went. Jo who?

    • OMG click click, you just found Slade’s next victim (cough, cough) I mean hook up once Messy and gorilla move to LA. Bc we all now Wretched would have dumped him by then… Ugh, does that mean a spin off of some sort? Eyeroll but I’m gonna watch it anyway LOL! As long as it’s not scripted… Hear that Ms Cohen?!

    • Click: I caught that True Knight comment, too, and it made me wonder. Now I’m wondering if TK is in on this whole thing. And, she’s over 30 and just now deciding to start her singing career… I wondered the same thing. I smell some stinky fish in New Jersey.

      I’m also thinking that the reason that Don Caroline looks like she could puke when she’s around Tree and Melissa is that she knows their feud is a big scam. And how about Tree and Juicy actin’ like a mature, lovey-dovey couple? This show is a joke and Bravo is tryin’ to make the joke on us.

      I’m looking forward to RHOBH, but you gotta think that they’re gonna start going down the mostly-scripted path, too.

      • The comments that Andy made about the viewers knowing too much and going to scripted? A HINT? (check) (not my idea but I believe it)
        BitterKitty—The Hills already pulled the joke is on us, plus they had the decency to ‘fess up that they were, “scripted reality” way before the final mind-freek.
        Mob-Wives-The joke is on them. I get it and like it a little.
        Real Housewives-???? If they are going to admit to anything, it has to be better than Andy’s ass-backwards compliment, (“Our viewers are too smart to fall for fake reality, so we might stop doing it next year”)……I hope they think of something good after what they put their Housewives, and their familys , and us through if they do.
        Personally, I think that it started out with a lot of implications, and promoting the drama-yet leaving it up to the cast to decide how they wanted to act.
        The Teresa/Melissa plot against Bravo would work, if they had decided their gimmick without Bravo really knowing?
        I could almost even respect them for that scenario.
        But-until we hear for sure, for all we know it could be almost completely fake, for instance with the, “baby nephew”-being an outside actor. (not related to anyone in real life).
        Or it could be a little of this, a little editing, a little of improv., lying, scripting, producing…(I think that some played it completely straight while some are card-carrying S.A.G). And it makes it really confusing.
        If anyone is playing themselves, I think I would pick Ramona?

        • Hi HWHater! BINGO!!! yes, the hills a la NJ!! I totally but that 100%! At the end we will see that the Brownstone is really on a strip mall next to Posche! LOL! That may be the only thing “real” about the show! I do believe they are acting/scripted, albeit very bad actors..but..entertaining nonetheless! :)

          • typo again! not But, i meant buy! i am on a new laptop! yay! (it is hot pink! lol! girlie and i luv it) but am adapting to the keys ;p and having lots of kookoo kelly moments! lol! so sorry in advance for typos…i can spell..i don’t want to be confused for tree! LOL

        • i think KooKoo is also playing herself! and Jill too! she may have started out acting, then decided to do some improv, then it backfired on her big time!!

  5. What happened to Tree’s daughter’s “acting” career? The talent agency said she needed to get rid of the “Jersey” didn’t hurt Rosie Perez’s career to have a thick Bronx accent…was this BS too? As for M.”s singing career, she needs to go over to “Atlanta” everyone’s singing over there!

    • Scooter, Tree doesn’t have time for her kids…It’s all about her. She’s on Ellen today, which I get at 4:00 pm. est. I hope she doesn’t cook.

    • So…the story-line that Gia change her real, honest to God accent to a fake one, and Gia and T decided “Why be fake?”, was….a F-A-K-E???
      Why does it make so much sense?
      I’m telling you SHW, this topic holds all the secrets! It is the Golden Easter-egg of who’s and whys.

  6. Doesn’t Messy #2 look like Natalie from Bad Girls Club? The only people that would know this, watch the show…and yes, I admit I do.

  7. I have an announcement to make. I am bookmarking this topic in my favorites.
    Some of it is wild guesses. But this is one discussion that I want to re-visit again & again, even if just for reference. (If favorited every item that I liked, I’d have them all saved)
    All we need here is “Blurry-Guy”, TG-whatever his name is, and this topic alone could fill-in a lot of missing pieces to the puzzle.

    I was really proud of Gia for deciding to stay a natural born Jersey Girl. It fits her-so why be fake? Danielle’s fake accent was part of what made her so repulsive and such an outsider, (she was raised in Western Pa-near Elmira, NY, and they don’t have an accent).
    Jaquelin knew better than to even go there.
    Not that I’m a big fan of Melissa’s, but the girl’s got talent, and she may even be what’s know as a “triple-threat”….(Hmmm-a “Pageant Patty”‘s worst nightmare? Not a runway model, but I know training when I see it, even if she is a “natural”).
    Melissa’s singing debut, (and Gia’s too if she decides to go there-think Broadway show tunes please), is in my opinion, the only one that I even have the slightest smidgin of hope, that might collectively leave the audience speechless in a good way, not dumbfounded.
    *on a personal note, SHW and friends here, I hope that you can all overlook my lack of periods, TMI, and run-on sentences. I’m experiencing some serious menopause lately and I’m really enjoying the “no period”-experience. I’ll try not to get too disgusting about it.

  8. I have been wondering from the beginning whether these fools were all in on it and the joke is on us! I bet they are all in on this–they throw us off cuz we think, surely they can’t be that good at acting! But they are shady as they come! They have so much to gain by being dramatic on the show (while pretending to hate each other) Tree needs the attention to promote her “cookbooks”, Melissa has her “singing career”. And because of their crazy drama, the other HW pale in comparison! Look at how we all complain about how boring Caro and Jackie are? I mean, if they didn’t get along to begin with, wouldn’t we have heard about during earlier seasons? Wouldn’t Tree want to make us feel sorry for her because of her issues with her brother? Why would she downplay his existence? then know he and missy are on and it’s world war 3? Things that may u say hmmm… and then there was that tweet Ms SH posted by JoeyToeyGargoyle. Didn’t he say he and his family were “fixed”? I took it to mean their situation may be resolved now, but they can’t reveal it, becaue then they wouldn’t be all over the news/net/mags/etc! They are fameprostitutionwhoares! I wouldn’t put it past them! Don Caro probably knows it is all b.s. , which may explain her seeming disinterest in all of this! Yet, having said this, i hate to admit it, but i will be glued watching! LOL! and of course can’t wait to read what u guys think too!

    • I think Caroline and Jacqueline are more believable and realistic. So I guess they are boring…yet they still have a large fan base. The Giudice/Gorga/Wakile are crude people. Not a fan! And these pictures of Melissa are not classy at all.

  9. my 2 cents…i think that joe gorga’s reaction was far too real, include the scene with his father and i can’t imagine that this is a ‘plot’ faked by T & M… but, if i am wrong, than i will be soooo over this show, just sayin.

    • Unless… Tree and Messy are the only ones in on it? They couldn’t involve gorilla Joe in such a risky operation bc he’s too stoopid! Way too many details for his lil self to juggle. He has WAY too much going on already with remindin Messy about her women work, making sure sweet Antonia cleans up after his sons… controlling his sex poison. It’s a complex and also hard as well as very tough life he leads. The women have it easy… Oy! :-D

  10. Well let me weigh in on this one. I think it would be super hard to pull off a fake-out of this magnitude. They would have to all agree to not be seen EVER out with each other or zap TMZ will plaster the pics.Thats a long time from filming to promos to showtime to reunion. I know that I could never pull that off and agree to keep my kids away from their cousins just to perpetuate the show. I will say this though I have been pausing my TIVO at every crowd shot to see if Mel is hanging out with a blonde that COULD be Tara. Now THAT my friends WOULD be worthy of a SIL- war. And its not like Mel is above hanging out with people that are vile toward Tree(Danielle) But until someone digs up a pic of this Tara chick we will never know who to look for. Something is so jacked about that tara/mel baby boys born about the same time. very intriguing.

    • MsMP, I googled that Santeria stuff, and that is who that tarot card reader was akin to? All new to me. I watched the Irish Travelers weddings, and I’m still dumdfounded about them. It was on TLC a couple of nights ago. Another weird bunch. My hubby asked if I remember watching “Snatch” with Brad Pitt. WOW!

      • yes thats what the link said. I havent watched the Irish Travelers stuff but from what I can tell is this Santeria cloaks itself as benign by claiming to recognize catholic saints. Back in the day this was a way they could continue to practice their religion without tipping off people to the fact that they were not converted. Only pretending to be. But we all know that Satan is the father of all lies and the darkest evil of all will blaspheme Christian traditions in order to get his meat hooks into people. Can I get an Amen? What about a YooHoo? lol
        At any rate all the RHW shows uses psychics and such as part of a story line but this one was the creepiest one of all. the others were just clowns.

            • Are we talking about the psychic in Morocco? I didn’t notice any dark rituals. But I don’t know what to look for. All of the psychics that I’ve seen so far on the Housewives were run of the mill Charlatans. But this is a good point. If they are using real practitioners, they could be attracting bad mojo. Whatever that is.
              The mockery of a Christian celebration? The way they use the word, “Christening” for NJ Housewives this season. Now you guys are scaring me!

  11. I thought that I saw somewhere that one of Melissa’s producers/managers or someone working with her music career has a family member on Platinum Hit. I don’t know if that is true AT ALL, and of course now I can’t remember where I saw it- I think I linked some tweets together or something. But if it is true, that is very interesting. Is that HOW she got her record deal? Has anyone else heard this, or just me?

    We’ve all seen Bravo connections/crossovers before, and her music recording did all happen during filming, correct?

  12. Messy is a mother of 3 small children, an at home mother and we’ve been told has been blessed with this heavenly voice. It’s been described to us that ever since she was a little girl, she would break out in song every chance she could. She just can’t hold in that magical voice… It’s like buttuh… So why don’t we see footage of her walking around singing in her home for her children? (I sing to my kids all of the time. That’s what moms do!) I’m sure that would be a wonderful treat, sing ‘em a lullaby, hum a lil diddy you got stuck in your head while gorilla joe puts the lotion on your feets… Come on Missy, release that gift for all to enjoy. Thank you Jesus, sign of the cross. (kisses to the sky)

  13. The woman hugging Joe Juicy is his sister. She was hugging him and the other Joe trying to calm them both down

    • Thx Ginger! Pieces to the puzzle… I love that TrueKnight is answering so many questions. Although in a perfect world, I just wish that sweet baby boy could have had a peaceful celebration for his Baptism. That’s how it should have been for such a sacred event with so many small children present.

  14. OMG! Im so sick of housewives trying to sing just because they are on a reality show! You are old Melissa k? Raise your damn kids and get over yourself I’m sure you suck at singing and nobody freakin cares! I can sing better than you! Oh and by the way….New Jersey sucks! Loser state if I’ve ever seen one…so low class.

  15. So if Melissa is such a great singer, why isn’t there at least a you tube video of her singing? Why wouldn’t her website have a demo to listen to? I’m becomming very doubtful of the entire franchise and really believe that these people are complete fakes.

  16. Gia and Milania are not pretty.
    Antonia is nice looking,Gabriella and Adriana 2.
    Melissa is adopted like Snooky.
    teresa leaves the show.
    Joe has no $$$$$
    Gorga Joe is a nice guy.

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