Real Housewives of New Jersey: Kathy Meets Caroline

Kathy Wakile goes over to Caroline Manzo’s house to apologize about her behavior at the Brownstone and Caroline gives her the verbal boot.

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16 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Kathy Meets Caroline

  1. Did Bravo edit the part out, where Kathy bowed and kissed Don Caroline’s ring?

    • Click: And Caroline probably threw those flowers right out the back door… as Kathy was leaving, walking backwards as to not ever turn her back on Don Caroline.

  2. LOL Click! I might have missed it (ear infection and can’t hear that well) but did anyone hear an actual APOLOGY? or was that edited out too??
    Man that women looked like she was going to poop in her pants…LOL!
    It was so dang funny when the went to Kath in “interview” and she said she didn’t have to work for anyone’s friendship or need approval…..
    HAHAHAHAA! Uhm, Kath, clearly you DO. You just didn’t get it. Don Caro does not care about your family…she only cares about Albie and Cajun….
    Seriously, I have no idea why Kath went over there…..did she think Don Caro was going to fix it? did she think Don Caro was going to join team gorga with her?
    Kath looked terrifed..but honestly she got what she deserved if you ask me….there was no point in that…at all.

  3. Some time ago, I read that there’s a clause in the Bravo contract that each RH has to film a 1 on 1 scene with all the others, if the producers so choose. Witness: Alexis meeting Vicky to tell her about the dress line.

    I got the feeling that’s what happened here. Neither wanted to be there, Kathie was new to filming and they needed a scene for Caroline without her kids and not looking like an extra from Grease.

    • AOM, HarHar, Grease extra…in tribute to Jeff Conway. No ill intent here…Dr. Drew cured him of his drug addiction.

    • AOM: That explains a lot! And, that’s probably what happened. It did seem like neither one of them wanted to be there and it was very forced. That also explains last weeks’s fashion show conversation between Tree and Kathy.

      Kathy is getting a lot of flack from people, but I like her. IMO, she was kind of back-doored into RHONJ. If Kathy had not signed on, the lines would be very clear: Jackie and Caroline… and Tree and Melissa. They had to bring in at least one more family member to serve as a buffer, so Kathy bites.

  4. So Kathy has done her obligatory part, and she can move on? When I see those previews of that Ape Gorga ripping his shirt off, and Don Caroline yelling that momma wants to see more…I SKEEVE!!! He’s the new rough and tough Princess Albie?

  5. I am afraid even this HW series is gonna need to either provide all new cast or dump in the toilet with the others. Sadly, they all hace become stale, wAay too predictable, and just too boring with the wrong kind of drama.
    Tetesa is an embarassment to her children which tells me-time to give up reality tv. Thete is too much violence and ignorance with this family and the Manzo and Lorita families are so boring…HATE Assley and her lazy brattiness. I am wondering if all this time that I suspected Albie was gay-I may have been right. Still, those kids are waay too boring. The only one I can tolerate is Lauren and Chris. Sad but I think this series is done.

    • I kinda agree. Watching Tree making a fool out of herself (cumin) wasn’t even funny, just very sad. Watching to make myself feel better about my life is pointless. I win. BTW, Lauren is the biggest cry baby ! I followed her on twitter for a while.

      • Thats interesting Annie about Lauren. So she must have dodged a major editing bullet with the producers huh? I always wonder what goes on behind the scenes and how they choose who is gonna end up looking like the biggest butthole. I am guessing its the ones that act like divas and disrespect the hair and makeup people. Never piss off a pocket gay or your stylist. Day one stuff

  6. Question- Are these Real Housewives shows scripted? Everything seems a bit too coincidental? M/b partially scripted. (?) I can’t even take it seriously at all….but I Do love all the same. My mother says I need therapy b/c I watch these shows and enjoy them. I think something must be wrong w/ me, but until “they” find out what it is…I’ll keep watching.

    • Emily, Wait till you get hooked on this site, She’ll probably have you committed.

  7. Hey Kathy – You’re boring and you are married to a middle aged jewish woman with gigantic hips…

  8. Kathy talking about having two kids and if they didn’t speak to each other, sob, sob, tears, sniff, sniff. Makes me sick. If you don’t have any drama, MAKE the drama, huh, Kathy? Give us a break. This is one fake biutch.

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