Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff… 5-30-11

Stoop Housewives

Tree JOO-DICE cooks again… is this only recipe she knows?  Were the interviewers told to only ask particular questions of Tree?  It’s the same on every cooking video she’s done… and she thinks she can handle a cooking show!?    here.

LeAnn Rimes, married to Eddie Cibrian, ex-husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville’s… ‘these are abs, not bones’… here.

Huge fight breaks out at lunch yesterday (Sunday) between women of Mob Wives… would love to see Shana/Traylor try to ‘go all Oklahoma’ on one of these chicks… here(Note:  I was prepared to recap Mob Wives; however, after Renee Graziano said on the first episode that her father killed people, but you know, he had reasons… or something to that effect it just totally turned me off.  I may reconsider as Bravo’s Housewives seem to be jumping the shark one franchise at a time…)

Kathy Wakile says she never wanted to be in the middle of Tree JOO-DICE and Melissa Gorga on the Real Housewives of New Jersey… here.

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23 comments on “Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff… 5-30-11

  1. Jumping-the-shark, one… I completely concur. But as far as Mafia-Wives, I wanted to hate them.
    I completely ignored them and I barely peeked at their drama from behind the 100% fake polyester/hemp/spandex sample-sale, blinders that Bravo has me wearing.
    I didn’t make up the saying, but I am Bravo’s bitch too, -(whoever did make that up).
    But those Mafia-wives sucked me in late last night.
    They were ridiculous, and then they laughed at themselves. I know that there are a lot of people who won’t admit it, but I think they actually did Staten Island proud in that moment.
    Thank God they won’t force us to guess who said what, who did who wrong—they were all wrong, and then they laughed at their own expense.
    I have to hand it to them, yes the jokes on them, but they know it and they let us in on it.
    When those two women post-mortemed “the big fight” at Renee’s place, and admitted that they got so worked-up and upset over nonsense that all they could think was “no meatball? gimmeee a freekin’ hot-dog”…………….when they told us what they were really thinking, and for once, I believed it and it was funny and true because they were laughing and smiling while they were screaming at each other……well I may be Bravo’s bitch, but the Mafia-Wives have won me over and I’m not embarrassed to admit it.

  2. The only problem I have with MobWives, even though I do watch, is their not MobWives. One lives in the past, Sammy the Bull’s daughter is researching a book she’s writing, and the other two are basically just PrisonerWives. And they see nothing wrong that their husbands committed bank fraud or whatever, that’ll be Tree in a year or so. I love watching them, but the draw is drinking and fighting. That’s just my opinion, and I’ll keep watching. Please no backlash.

  3. Who wrote that article on “TREE”? It was the biggest bunch of bs I ever read!!! how could she gratuate from anywhere..she can’t think or talk was it a computer course???

    • That bit came from her website. Didn’t know she was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. wonder how she did? was that after the bankruptcy? Bet she wouldn’t make it outa PaTTerson on Cash Cab. Taxicab Confessions maybe.

      • Some of the housewives also did the Newlywed Game. I can just see Alexass and Ripoff Jimbo on that show. UGH!

    • Scooter, it was ceramics 101. Like the original Trashley, Lauri’s daughter took.

  4. Haven’t watched it yet but Housewife hater when you said they dont take themselves too serious I am intrigued. I think I will add this to my tv viewing repertoire… my husband will be so pleased ;)

    • Ms.MP, LOL on the hubby comment. He has finally started watching Jersey Shore. Now he makes fun of Vinnie’s uncle calling the Situation, Sanitation.

        • Ha ha-the only Real world that I could ever get any man to watch with me was the sleezy 1st Vegas Real World. And I couldn’t stand them!
          I think they lost me along with Irene and her rabbit.

  5. SH: I know how you feel about the criminal/evil element of Mob Wives. I feel the same about anything that glorifies or tries to make you sympathisizes the mafia. For example, I tried to watch the Sopranos but sat through an episode thinking, “he’s a killer…he’s a killer….he’s a killer.”

    But I think the overall tone of the show, and it’s intent, is to show that the life of a mob family isn’t all glory and power and money. I think it also shows that there is a price to pay and the families suffer. Not one of them is happy with the circumstances of her life. In fact, some are miserable due to what and whom they’ve lost.

    So unlike the Housewives franchise where they try to sell us sunshine and lollipops (and cookbooks and songs and drinks and purses, etc) to make us like the wives, Mob Wives shows a price that’s paid by the families of mobsters.

    • I see what you mean AOM about not over-glorifying the consequences. Or at least talking about/showing the consequences. But you never know about the American viewing audience–look at Teen Mom, it has inspired teenage pregnancies for fun & profit and the intent was to make them look miserable.

      No guy would become a criminal and get himself locked-up just so his girl could do Mob-Wives, so it would be a stretch to imitate. But I resented the Son-of-Sam law being ignored/ or waivered–where you’re not supposed to profit from telling your story, (in print/a book?)…I had reservations about all of it, but despite that they were laughing over how truly dum they were acting, and even-though they go over-the-top with the yelling & drama, I think they would be the first people to tell you how it sucks to be them more often then not but they are trying to make the best of it, and its oddly entertaining.
      I was afraid to like these women. I tried really really hard to hate them and it almost worked, until they cracked-up at themselves.

      • Who’s to say if they get really popular, they haven’t learned a thing or two from housewives and come out with Mob cookbooks, wine, clothes, etc. I’m just saying. And those husbands calling from prison with all their demands. Everything from a certain soda to fresh fruit. How do these women even get food items in there? Most prisons tell you to put money in their accounts, and they have to buy from the prison regulated commissary. So them even making a salary is helping these men in prison. I still watch, and still will. Hell I watch the Basketball Wives also.

    • AOM: Thanks for your perspective. Honestly, I am getting really tired of all the Housewives shows. They are getting so predictable and ‘unreal.’ What really ticks me off are the reunion shows when Andy does not mention any of the off-screen things that are going on with them. If he does mention something, it’s a softball question and he accepts any answer that is given by them… SH

      • I hate to admit it, but Wendy Williams has said several times, 1 year or maybe 2, then replace them with a whole new set of housewives for that particular franchise.

  6. MS.SH, Please don’t stop your hilarious recaps. I think we are all frustrated with the housewives at this point. Sunday we get to see Tamara throw the wine in Jeana’s face, which I have so been looking forward to. And Beverly Hills is coming up soon…the real true story of why housewives was created in the first place. What will we do without you? Go to IHATEJILLZARIN or REALITYCRACKHOUSE? Never! We’ll all get over this slump, but I feel the same way. I can’t even watch Tree cook that crap one more time.

  7. I agree with the idea of starting from scratch with a whole new cast after 2 seasons. That way the story lines dont get boring. Plus the ones that really pique our interest we can continue to follow the gossip about them on this blog as we begin to blog about the new ones. The media is pretty good at keeping tabs on the HW’s off season so I am sure that would not change once they leave. The draw-back would be that these women would have to agree to making 1,00-2000 per episode knowing that it will only last a season or two (hardly enough time to develop a line of fill-in-the-blank whathaveyous) and still expose them to.. well.. us. Alas, I image Bravo will just stick to the formula thats working for them and we’ll keep talkin bout it.

    • MsMP, Well it would never be dull. 2 seasons to shine, they’d bring the entertainment.

  8. Ingredientces? WTF Tree?! And she kept on saying it! Why is she on the best seller list… sonsa! SMDH And the standoff with Kathy and Don Caro? Can’t blame a girl for trying. Hell, I’d do it for a new Benz too! :-D

    • Romo, I caught that too. Ingredietences? And she went to college? She needs Hooked on Phonics…the 3rd grade level.

    • I know right? And Tree with he cumin/q-men/come-in ? LOL! According to Wikipedia cumin is the second most popular spice in the world after black pepper. No wonder she dont like.

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