Real Housewives of Orange County: Slade Slimey’s Paintings… Update 5-30-11

UPDATE 5-30-11:   You snooze you lose!   Slimey’s two paintings, ‘Fashion Show’ have been sold.  The price for each painting was $750.  The buyer was someone from Texas. 

Hmmm… Wretched just visited Texas on RHOOC.  Wretched has ties in Texas going back to when she spent her college days there.  Slimey’s paintings have been sitting around… everybody’s looking, but nobody’s buying.  Until a mysterious person from Texas buys two of Slimey’s creations to get other potential buyers thinking that if someone from Texas bought one, then maybe it would be OK for me to buy one.

Could Wretched have fronted a friend in Texas $1,500 to buy the paintings and get the buzz about her boyfriend’s ‘art’ going’?    No… Wretched wouldn’t do something like that, would she?

Slade Smiley showed his artistic talent on Real Housewives of Orange County when he took Gretchen Rossi to his friend’s art studio for her birthday.  Wretched was less than impressed until Slimey gave her a birthday present that he painted… a portrait of Wretched and she just loved it, of course.  It’s a painting of herself.

                                                        Why thank you, Slade.  It looks just like me!   Now fix my hair the way I like it…

Since that RHOOC episode aired, Slade has created several more paintings, which are for sale.   Paintings with prices below…

The paintings that are not sold for the stated prices will be auctioned and proceeds will go to Amazing Gray for Grayson (that is not a typo) at a Charity Event to benefit Grayson on Thursday, July 14.

                                                The Golden Child “Grayson”   $750         Guitar Hero “Gavin” $750

                                                                            ”The Golden Monkey”   $1,100

                                                                   “High Fashion”   $750 each   SOLD!

    “Bono”  $1,100

                                                      “Our Future”     $750″


24 comments on “Real Housewives of Orange County: Slade Slimey’s Paintings… Update 5-30-11

  1. But where did the money go to? I hope it went to the courts where it is suppose to go. Is there anyway someone can let that judge know this? That Wretched scumbag probably kept that money for his friggin’ summer vacation! Please don’t let us have to look at him on the reunion! Replace OC and Wretched and Alexass will be yesterday’s news! I’m like everyone else, sick of all their brokeback behinds, foreclosures, lawsuits, etc. Not everybody in OC is poor or criminal. Didn’t Bravo audition Malibu and San Fran?


  2. Crap on a cracker!!! Notice how it says paintings NOT sold will be auctioned off for Grayson’s charity!!! That means these wicked buttholes are interested in profit for themselves before charity for Slade’s son!! And notice how the price is just a little bit o nothing? That aint by accident yall. Burns my britches to no end.


  3. I checked out the Amazing Gray charity…and for one thing, it does exist. I viewed his entire photo album, that consisted of alot of pics, and not one of Slimey or Slimey with his son. A couple of Grayson with the grandparents and his mother. I left a get well message to him on his guestbook, and then asked the people who run the charity to assure me that Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley would not see a penny of any contributions. I was very nice to all of them, and said not one bad thing about Slimey, as I would never trash a child’s parent…even though I think he belongs in the bottom of my cats litter box. To date, Amazing Gray only has $100.00. Maybe other folks think like me. That Wretched and Slimey will get their greedy, grubby fingers on it.


  4. wow the hate. loser viewers and loser who owns this site, filled with hate and judgement.
    hey owner of this site, show us your real pic, come on, show us who is behind the ugly hate promoted on this site.


    • pathetic: It’s really terrible that people come on this site and say things like: ” sorry teresa you really are trash” “That guy brad is disgusting.”. ” all these people are just insane trash.” ” kelly belongs in a straight jacket. She’s a mental case and a laughing stock to viewers.” Are these some of the hate-filled and judgemental comments that you’re talking about??? The ones that YOU wrote using another name???

      You idiot… you can change your name, but there are a few other things that you cannot change when you make a comment. Pathetic.. meet kettle. Here’s my opinion of you: you’re a moron and not a real bright one at that. But thanks for commenting! SH


      • LMAO,YU GO MS SH.
        Ha ha , I used another name , but I do it b/c i never leave mean comments and forget what name I used last and for get to sign in to my WP account.
        Go MS SH, keep feeding my addiction, love you for that.
        You rock!
        Haters, there is the door ——> no one is forcing you to come here. MS SH isn’t writing about you.


  5. Pathetic, Use you real name!!! How dare you call MS.SH a loser or any of us! This is a fun site, and I want you to tell us thet you 100% love every single housewife and have nothing but glowing praises to say about them all…that includes Slimey…the most hated man in the world! P.S. I’ll probably will get back at you later, when I get drunk! (just a little humor)


  6. Why would someone come to this site to bash the posts/comments here?
    Read-the-link-name patheticwebsite! s-t-o-o-p-i-d
    It’s for humor purposes and if these fake ppl didn’t want to be talked about, they got into the wrong biz.


      • Yea Nic, Make sure you pay Wretched and Slimey directly, cause that money will certainly go to Grayson/Amazing Gray/Wretched Cosmetics/Wretched Handbags/Vasectomy Reversal so Slimey can bring another child into this world that he can’t support.


  7. Sooooo…. how did the charity benefit go? I noticed Wretch and Slade didnt promote it an any way via twitter at least. Told yall I’d be back on this.. like a fat kid on cake. sooooooo….whats up?


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