Real Housewives of Orange County: Slade Slimey’s Paintings… Update 5-30-11

UPDATE 5-30-11:   You snooze you lose!   Slimey’s two paintings, ‘Fashion Show’ have been sold.  The price for each painting was $750.  The buyer was someone from Texas. 

Hmmm… Wretched just visited Texas on RHOOC.  Wretched has ties in Texas going back to when she spent her college days there.  Slimey’s paintings have been sitting around… everybody’s looking, but nobody’s buying.  Until a mysterious person from Texas buys two of Slimey’s creations to get other potential buyers thinking that if someone from Texas bought one, then maybe it would be OK for me to buy one.

Could Wretched have fronted a friend in Texas $1,500 to buy the paintings and get the buzz about her boyfriend’s ‘art’ going’?    No… Wretched wouldn’t do something like that, would she?

Slade Smiley showed his artistic talent on Real Housewives of Orange County when he took Gretchen Rossi to his friend’s art studio for her birthday.  Wretched was less than impressed until Slimey gave her a birthday present that he painted… a portrait of Wretched and she just loved it, of course.  It’s a painting of herself.

                                                        Why thank you, Slade.  It looks just like me!   Now fix my hair the way I like it…

Since that RHOOC episode aired, Slade has created several more paintings, which are for sale.   Paintings with prices below…

The paintings that are not sold for the stated prices will be auctioned and proceeds will go to Amazing Gray for Grayson (that is not a typo) at a Charity Event to benefit Grayson on Thursday, July 14.

                                                The Golden Child “Grayson”   $750         Guitar Hero “Gavin” $750

                                                                            ”The Golden Monkey”   $1,100

                                                                   “High Fashion”   $750 each   SOLD!

    “Bono”  $1,100

                                                      “Our Future”     $750″