Real Housewives of New Jersey: Season 3… Sucker Dad

Jacqueline Laurita thinks that her daughter Ashley is suckering her husband Chris into getting Ashley an apartment in NYC.

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12 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Season 3… Sucker Dad

  1. Stay in the positive tASHly… Right? Karma chica, she’s not so nice… I know it’s hard waking up, getting dressed, commuting to the bad as$ city to your exciting internship most itches would kill for… oh wait I think I left out a few sniffles, but you don’t understands and oh but it’s hard sometimes… Blah, blah freakiddy blah! Can’t stand you hon and you’re embarrassing yourself so buck up and STFU and go to work! You need an apt your parents pay for… Oy!

  2. BooHoo Trashley! Was she on the phone with her real dad’s family, using the computer at the same time? That Trashley can multi-task!

    • Right? She was really into that convo… and listening to lil bro she sees twice a yr so much that she couldn’t tear herself away from her fb for 5 min… The whole Laurita storyline is boring me. Jacqueline should be mortified or whoop her butt. She still lives there, right? Try something new bc the dynamic that’s going on at the moment, ain’t workin. What happened to Derrick… the bf from last season???

      • Romo, Derrick probably dumped her lazy behind! Hope your doing okay today? Have fun and laugh with us. How’s baby Gavin? Just a little reminder to let you know you are thought of.

  3. That’s like buying a kid a horse. That’s the cheap part, the upkeep is what’s expensive. Trashley probably doesn’t want to live in Texas because his house isn’t as big as her mom’s. I would ship her butt their pronto! Then she can go to all her other little brother’s football games.

    • that might work. Plus the cost of living will be cheaper and Texans have real paying jobs not hoity toity new yawk city intern crapola. People still fall for that up there? Good cause I want to import an intern down here to run my errands and do my chores so I can live like a real life stoopid housewife.

      • Ahh but ladies, if she moves with Daddy, then she can’t be on TV with Mommy anymore…wahhhhh wahhhhh! Life is soooo unfair!

    • Blain, No it’s not. She’s over 18, so it won’t be child abuse. Have at it. I’ll help.

      • Good point Click and with Trashleys documented record of assault then who the heck gonna believe her if she goes crying to authorities?! It should be a law that teenage Bratz have to get a weekly ass whoopin just for GP till they quit they bitchin. jk… or am I? ;) After a week of watching the Casey Anthony trial I admit I am somewhat loaded for bear on this subject. Whoa be unto my “grown” child this week if she so much as rolls her eyes at me in a disrespectful manner. tee hee. jk I got a good daughter fortunately….for her.

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