Real Housewives of Atlanta: ‘Retro’ Nene Leakes…




                                            My boyfriend is a short, black man… well, he is short… well, he’s not black… well, it’s just in my head, but John Rich could be my boyfriend… if he weren’t married… if he didn’t have a kid.. if he liked me…


SH loves to look back and see what Bravolebrities had to say back when.  Just to see how much their outlook and opinions have changed.  Nene Leakes had a chat with ‘way back’ on January 25, 2011 and had a lot to say about…


… her fellow cast members on the Real Housewives of Atlanta; her husband, Gregg; Nene talks about the bus scene on RHOA and throws in some jabs about Kim Zolciak, of course; Nene mentions her aspirations to relocate to LA; thinking she can carry her own talk show or ‘entertainment reporting;’  how she thought she was going to be one of the first to be fired on the Celebrity Apprentice (no wonder she walked away!); rags on Star Jones; and Nene just looooves John Rich…

                                                                              From 2008:  I am the most sensitive of the Atlanta Housewives… I’m gonna own a boutique hotel… and work hard for my foundation… oh, Bravo told me to make up a foundation ’cause it would sound better than sayin’ I was a stripper.

And, an interview with Essence magazine titled Nene Leakes ‘The Sensitive One’ from October 7, 2008, after the first episode of RHOA aired.  Looks like Nene never got around to building that hotel… here.

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7 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: ‘Retro’ Nene Leakes…

  1. member when I said I predicted John Rich would win because NeeNee had said she would wed and bed him in an interview after she was booted off? Yeah seems like neenee got a little gold digger in her too.


    • But who is the mysterious little black guy that’s supposed to be moneyed-up and loves Nene??? It’s not Jermaine Dupre or Dupri because he’s losing his house and getting sued by his baby mama. And it ain’t Prince. So, who is a short, rich black guy?? that would be after Nene???


  2. To veer off this subject, cause it’s just on my mind…Alex said when she had that face shaving, is how she described it, didn’t Don Caroline say she shaved her face on least season? Lathered up in the shower and shaved her face? The other women were shocked. Was she kidding and did I hear that right? (*last season) Caught it before I posted.


    • Yeah… Don Caro shaves her face in the shower. She said that Big Albie caught her one day and asked her what she was doing.


      • Maybe that’s why in the first season she said she didn’t have eyebrows. Why would a woman shave her face? Wouldn’t it come back like a man’s beard? I’m baffled by this. Anyone know?


  3. NeeNee is delusional. Seriously. Whack job who is a “wanna be”. No class, no manners and NO money. Why the heck is she still even on the show??? Why?


    • joee123: Nene must be makin’ some money at Bravo, ’cause she has a place in Miami. Did you ever start writing and then your brain tells you that what you just wrote you probably shouldn’t have written? My brain just told me that and Nene probably rents an apt in Miami… unless her short black moneyman (that is probably just in her own head) bought her a place.

      If Nene had a moneyman, she would be trotting him all over the place with her…


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