Real Housewives: Where They Will Be Spending Their Summer…

Jill Zarin from the Real Housewives of New York will not be spending her summer with the ex-Governor of Florida and his wife (remember, her friendship with the Gov resulted in Jillz receiving a $15,000 speaking fee at USF… if you don’t recall that nice perk, click here), but…

Jillz will be hopping over to London for part of her Summer vacation…


Lisa Vanderpump from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be going to St. Tropez…

Lisa will be taking Giggy with her…


Nene Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta bounces between Atlanta and Miami…

More Bravolebrities Summer plans… click here.

NOTE:  Jillz USF $15,000 speaking fee had nothing to do with her summer plans… it’s just one of those little bits that should be brought up every now and then.

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56 comments on “Real Housewives: Where They Will Be Spending Their Summer…

  1. I think Jillz has changed for tha better this season… alright y’all, hit me… ;-)

    • They can’t relax – it’s a bravolebrity rat race and they are the rats. They’ve all got to try to out-vacation one another. The final line in Jillz’s statement sums it up, “If you have a good invitation, let me know. Plans are up in the air.”

      It reeks of, “I’m a media whore and I’ll do anything and go anywhere to get attention.”

      It also reeks of, “None of my other stateside friends are inviting me anywhere fantastic because they’ve seen what a backstabbing, revisionist-history, shit-stirring liar I am and they want nothing to do with me so will someone who doesn’t know me as well please invite me somewhere great so Bravo! doesn’t drop me from the show? Please????”

      Same with Leaky Nene running down to Miami to go husband-hunting every weekend. Partly for the attention, partly to see if she can “accidentally” end up on some RHofMiami cameras, and partly to get some man-action.

      That’s not to say that some of the bravolebrities don’t actually go on vacation just to relax. My guess is that Lisa and Giggy are probably going to St. Tropez not to try to out-vaca anyone but to just genuinely visit where they came from and get a little R & R and also just to go there because they CAN because they’re so stinkin’ RICH.
      Heck, I’m surprised they don’t vacation on the moon. We all know Ken and Lisa could afford it if they wanted to.

      • LOL! HH not a jillZ fan huh? and I must say Click. If Slimey goes on vacation this year I’ll be pissed. Think of all the daddies this year that are choosing NOT to go on vacation so they can support their families or at the very least contribute to their own upkeep. I would love to know if Slimey is paying ANYTHING? He said CS is $4000.00 per month and he cant afford that. So can he at least pony up 1,000? or does he have scummy lawyers advising him not to pay anything in order to perpetuate his PBB status? Grrrrrr.

        • Maybe Slimey has the same lawyer as Wretched, oops, I forgot, she lost her case too. TeeHee!

      • Re: Nene Leakes spending time @ her “home”….wonder if her “home” is like Jillz’s friend Brad’s “home”..aka a Bed&Breakfast/hotel? or does she actually own a house?

        • Nene gave me the impression she has 2 homes? Maybe she hooked on to that rich guy in Miami that was Kim’s OTHER Sugar Daddy, allegedly.

            • LOL!!! but Nene don’t do married men!!Remember, she told kim to close her legs to married men! I doubt nene has 2 homes, much less 1! Poor greg, remember how he was staying in pantry/ or was it the basement? or couch? Im glad kim finnally moved on from big poppa/$ugar daddy to big booty/$ugar baby! Kim $ure know$ how to pick them! Nene was hillarious on the apprentice though! She is a mean girl but she has some funny one liners too!! Like her comment about LaToya Jackson “looking like casper the ghost!’ LOL!

            • thug: If you look at photos of Nene when she started RHOA compared to photos of her now, looks like she’s taking the bleaching route, too… she’ll be lookin’ like Casper pretty soon, too.

            • @bitterkitten Hi! :D LOL!!! Nene the ghost..only thing..she sure isn’t friendly!

  2. Holyhypocrite, LOL!!! And I’m so glad you LOVE Giggy. Now tell us how you really feel about Jill. Kinda like when I go off on that dirtball, scumbag, deadbeat dad, middle-aged useless piece of crap known as Slimey…driving with a suspended license!

    • Yeah, Slade is scum. And I don’t even have cutesy, funny words for it. I’m just plain disgusted. Especially after seeing the pictures of his son with him and Gretchen at CVS. His son is ADORABLE, and so sweet and innocent in all of this. It just breaks my heart that that POS Slimey Slade plays the games he does to try and get around being involved in his son’s life.

      It’s total crap they claim it’s so far to drive the 40-50 miles to go see Grayson. As cute as that boy is, I live half across the country and am not even related to him, but I’d FLY to go see him (if they’d let me and wouldn’t be at all creeped out by a total stranger showing up on their doorstep), because he seems like such a cute, fun sweet little boy.

      There’s a special place in hell for people like Slimey. And it’s probably in a small cell with people like Cedric with Jillz’s voice piped in 24/7 over a loudspeaker and they only let you out 1 hour a day for exercise where you get smacked around by Leaky Nene and Tree and have to smell Stabby Danielle’s stripper-crotch all the time.

      Now you got me all good and angry. I need some happy thoughts…

      ….I need a gratuitous Giggy moment. I like the times when Ken and Giggy dress to match each other. :) Happy times. :)

  3. Wonder where Wretched will be going, with that monkey Slimey in tow, shlepping her crap around? You’d think they’d spend time with Grayson. I forgot, Wretched will be performing with the Pussycat Dolls. Then it’s off to DWTS. Why is Tree taking all those dance lessons? Well if she gets on that show, I’ll vote as many times as I can for all the others.

    • I think Wretchen and Slimey are off to the fleamarket to hawk her products!! I don’t understand that relationship at all.. what does she see in HIM??? what??? Oh yeah, i remember, as the classy Wretchen likes to remind us, his job is to pleasure her in bed.. i just vomited in my mouth!! ;p The only place he is going to is back to the village that is missing him…and he is hitchiking!! Cuz as we know, the only free ride he gets is Wretched! vomiting in mouth yet again… ;p

      • I’ve asked myself that question a 1000 times! If she dumped him, I’d give her another chance, but until then, I can’t respect her at all! Bad Taste!

        • with all due respect, my dahling, but i must humbly make a bad, dahling, how about no taste? Wretchen is: young, pretty, and smart (tho i wouldn’t buy her products, others do, and seems like she is doing well, so i will give her props) well, smart in that she is using her HW 15 min of fame to make some $$ and im not gonna hate! Tho she is not smart when it comes to her relationship with Slimey..what would attract her to a broke, loser, who not only is avoiding child support payments, but to do so to his child who is struggling with a LIFE THREATENING illness!!!! Earth to Wretchen!!! Pay attenshun puhleez! I hope she dumps that broke a$s loser! But it makes me question why she chooses to date him at all..why is she settling for him? does she think she can’t do any better? what is going on with her emotionally? Or is she out to prove that she isn’t a gold digger? cuz if so….we get it ..but couldn’t she have found someone with less baggage? cuz as we saw on the last episode, she has plenty of baggage of her own, literally!!!

          • Wretched uses people. Wretched knows exactly what she’s doing with Slimey. I haven’t figured it out exactly yet, but it might be to rehab both of their reps on the show. Wretched will drop him. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has someone on the side right now, just like she was with Jay Photoglou when she was ‘in love’ with Jeff Beitzel. I’m making a prediction here: Wretched will get rid of Slimey as soon as possible after she thinks her rep has been repaired… not completely rehabbed, just a little bit.

          • Thug I don’t get it. Jeff had money and did nice things for her, and she cheated on him with Jay. I guess love is deaf, dumb, blind, and STOOPID. And why did Miss Andy make a point of telling us that Slimey was sitting off to his left, by himself? To make a quick get away from warrants for not paying his child support?

            • ok i musta been off in KellyLand, making sand angels and jumping over rainbows, whilst eating my jelly beans and gummi bears…who is Jay? is this the guy who was calling Tamra telling her he was Wretchen’s BF? so Trailer Park Barbie Tamra was telling the truth? Can someone please fill me in? I agree with u @ BitterKitten, yes Wretchen must have an agenda..otherwise, why stay with slimey? As for sex appeal? Him? bahahahaha! Danny Provenzano is sexier! heck, even Juicy Joe/Barney Joo-da-chay has more sex appeal than forget season 1 when he is wearing goggles doing …Tai-chi? He is so gross looking..yuck!! he looks like the guy who frequents stripper clubs and go clubbing, trying to hit on all the 18 and unders.. As Tree would say, he looks “skeevy”! BTW wonder what ever happened to Jo De La Rosa? is she on tour? LOL! cuz im saving my pennies to buy her cd :p

            • Thug, The story about Jay is long, and yes Tamara was right, and Jo is soupposedly running a Kareoke night somewhere.

  4. Y’all nailed it… Gretch is proving she’s not a golddiggin ‘itch. Those crocodile tears don’t fool me. My arse she doesn’t want to get married, white picked fence and the whole enchilada… Go sell it somewhere else, hon. Maybe tubba wubba’s buyin it but I ain’t! She’ll dump that loser quietly after the season wraps. Any takers as to who Sladerade will leach onto next???

    • Romo, I hope the OC fianle is one big Tamara and Jeana episode. So help me God, if Slimey proposes to Wretched, and Bravo plays that out, I will no longer have a TV in my bedroom, due to flying objects!

      • Click: That is going to be part of the finale. Prepare to throw your TV outta your bedroom… I don’t remember where I read that, it may have been here on SH. I’m going to do a search… will report back.

        • UGH!!! No No No!!! I haveto look at that creepo? I’ll bet he gets on one knee, and then she’ll act all STOOPID like when she got the Harley from Jeff. It was Vicki’s yard, so why did she allow that piece of crap in it? Now I hate her!

        • Bitter Kitten, Okay. Plan B…I gotta think on that, cause I really like my TV. Well, All I can say, is that will be Wretched’s punishment for all the sins she has ever committed in her entire life…even if she stole gum as a child…she marries that scumbag, we all get the last laugh!

          • Yeah… I hope she marries Slimey and has tons of kids. That will be punishment for her… just to be saddled with that last name ‘Smiley’ is pretty bad. Any guesses on kids names?

            • OMG another ploy to add to the 15 min! what is slimey gonna propose with? one of those candy rings? puhleez, he can’t even afford a cubic zirconiaa! They are trying to be the Heidi/Spencer of the OC! As for slimey..i think Vicki may harbor a secret crush on him..for all the negative things she has ever said about him, me thinks the lady doth protest too much!! Plus, she makes her own money and has lots of wouldn’t she be perfect for slimey?

      • Solution: I will so be changing the channel for fear of going blind from watching her make worst decision ever! Like I care. I also can’t stand to look at Slime ball’s hair either… ugh. When does Bev Hills start? I’m glad tonite Tree wrote a letter and we won’t be hearing her dumb arse speak, for a while anyway… Jersey!!!

  5. Thug, Go to MS.SH April, 13,2011, under Gretchen Rossi, and the whole story about her and Jay is there. It cost her a pretty penny.

    • thanks click/click! omg..just read the post! forget wretched/en im gonna rename her.. defamation whore! let me pick up my jaw off the floor! I have officially lost any respect I had for her! OMG! It’s one thing to cheat, but to cheat on your dying fiancee? Wow! I never thought she could be so heartless! Now I understand the i see what she and slimey have in common! And Tamra’s allegations about her being “paid” to be with Jeff were true! So i think im not off by calling her a prostitution whore! How could she do this to a dying man? and he left her money too? Karma is a b!tch and she is getting what she deserves, first with Jay, then with slimey. She and Simey are gahbage and they deserve one another! i also retract my earlier comment wherein i said Defamation Whore was smart..she is a liar, a cheat, and a village is missing her too! How could she think the truth would not get out? R u kidding me? She is scum just like slimey! And her ex looks just as sleazy! What is his story? he looks dirty, in a perverted way! now im gonna wanna look up more info on him! Like how they met, etc! I had pictured her with someone around her age or a bit younger, and hot. Umm ..Jay? Not so much! Was he a sugar daddy or someone she was supporting? I nominate her for STOOPID housewife of the year..but there must be so many nominees!

  6. Thug, And her Wretched behind sitting there bold face lying to everyone at that reunion. He did not Bravo to use his name at all. That’s where I read, that when Wretched went to Peggy’s Taco Party (haha) there were 2 process servers that served her those papers, as she was trying to get away from them. Bravo didn’t show us that either. Slimey probably wasn’t there that night, cause he knew crap was going down. Scumbag! Both of them!

    • Click, why doesn’t it surprise me that Slimey left her to deal with her mess all on her own? I bet if she was as broke as him and not on the show he wouldn’t give her the time of day! It says a lot for him though, what a man, to stand by his woman through good times and bad! No wonder there was so much tension at that party! Between her drama and Alexis’ its no wonder they got hammered! And why did Bravo leave out the most juciest tidbit? I’m shocked! they show us that gross scene with tamra in the bathtub but not this? Bravo showed Danielle’s book, the christening fight(which IMO was MUCH worse) but not the truth about Wretched? I thought this was a reality show? by not showing that, it makes me wonder if they are protecting Wretched? but from what/who? How come Bravo airs others’ dirty laundry but not this? why are they feeding into Wretched’s attempts to come accross as a saint? I don’t get would think Andy would love to air this..the real drama, not the fake shite she is giving us! What a loser! Just like her boyfriend (who is using her).what is that attracts like! The only reason slimey is with her is to get air time and cuz she has money! I bet he didn’t hit on Vicki cuz she was married..but now…Wretched may have competition!

  7. Thug, If you find anything about him, let me know. They say that had alot to do with the OC start delay. But, the good part is she lost and had to pay him. She did run her mouth, I’m sure as Slimey’s puppet, saying she was going to do this and that to him, but just, as Lisa Vanderpump would say,”Put it to bed.” I don’t think she had a leg to stand on at that point.

    • u know im gonna do my homework..i will report back any findings! :) I’m intrigued by this whole triangle..why would she go from jay to slimey? they seem just as bad! aahh gotta love our bravo “reality” shows and our bravolebrities! im still curious as to why they didn’t show wretched getting served, when they aired Lynne’s daughter getting served the foreclosure papers?

      • Wretched and Jay head back to court June 2nd. She paid him 20k already and he wants his 40k, and she wants him to shut up. If I was him, I’d let the money go, and just run my mouth about her.

        • I’d take the money AND keep runnin my mouth since the truth is not slander and the court has already sided with him on what the truth is.

      • I wonder if Bravo tipped the process servers off to when and where to show up. In Lynn’s case they filmed the actual serving but Gretchen’s case they didn’t film it due to the Jay embargo but they sure used the emotional momentum to get some residual footage from it. I felt really bad for Lynn’s kids on that one but zero sympathy for wretched.

    • Jay must have had a good legal team, because he wanted nothing at all said about him, and how would Bravo explain that. These were supposedly leaked by production staff. That was also said to be the day Alexass found out she had lost her home. Bad day for those 2, and no male support, except those 2 assistants. Alexass is boasting on another site, that she has found the home of her dreams…and “It’s way better.”

  8. Alexarse… She is very competitive which is unnecessary with Peg and it’s getting tired. What I thought was funny/telling, switching gears, was the episode that Slime’s mom came to visit. She also has NO idea that he either had a job or if he does, what it was… LMAO that he had to explain and break it down to moms! :-D And even after he did… still not buying it.

    • Hi Romo! luv ur name, BTW :) So if u figured it out could u please fill me in, as to what it is that Slimey does? come up with ways of swindling people with his partner Wretched? Those poser-wannabe Bonnie and Clyde are pathetic!! I’m not buying into any of the crap those two r selling! Why doesn’t he go get a job and pay child support? How much longer is he gonna “look” for a job, before actually working? cuz that whole being Wretched’s assistant isn’t convincing anyone! I really think they may be hoping to get a spinoff a la Speidi! They r like the older version of them..well wretchen is..slimey could be their father! Slimey needs to shave his peach fuzz too, though he will always be a sleazeball in my book! Just like his sleazy Wretchen. As for Jesus Barbie Alexass, of course she is in competition w/Peggy, as P dated Jimbo! did Jimbo dump her sorry as$? Are they fighting over him? LOL! they should change the show from rhoc to real foreclosed wives of the oc.. i mean is vicki the only one on this season whose home hasn’t gone into foreclosure? The only reason is that she works 24/7! I think the reason Slimey is gonna pop the question with a ring pop, is because they know it is their last 15min..i doubt this show will be back, cuz it is sinking faster than the titanic!

      • That’s just the thing being with Jimbo is enough to make my head spin (gag) but to fight over him? Insecure much… Looking forward to the Jeana/Tamra fight! What’s wrong with this world that wt Tamra is now my fave

        • @ Romo–oh no you diiitn’t!!! Tamra your favorite? I can see how– she does have her moments..she can be funny, unfortunately it is always at someone else’s expense! Of all the OC HW my fave is … Breanna! and she isn’t a HW but she has the most sense, and I luuv her. Isn’t it a shame when the children have more sense than the parents? Look at Gia, Avery, and Danielle& KKB’s daughters–they end up having to be in the mom’s role. I feel for them! The only one out of All the HS franchises that I love is Bethenny! Neurotic-but-keeping-it-real-business saavy-and with humor and wit too! That is my fave hw ever! I miss her and her funny one liners! Wish bravo would let her cohost WWHL with Andy and let her give a commentary on each HW!! She is the funniest of all of them. Meanwhile, I did go look @ pics of Jeana and she looks great, that is a good facelift! Im not a Jillz fan but IMO she looks good too! Why not admit she had work done? oh yeah, look @ who i’m talking about? But pretty is as pretty does, and if your “core ” is not good then what good are your looks? Yup, i think Jill was projecting her insecurites about her own character defects onto the Ramotional. At least Ramona speaks the truth (even if it gets her in trouble) and is not afraid of how she comes across. She keeps it real. Unlike Jill who pretends to be what she is not. As if she could fool the viewers. Puhleez!!!

          • LOL and you’re right about the kids, but doesn’t that usually reflect favorably on the parents? They are phonies when the cameras are up… Kells is a good mom tho. Go figure. I guess what I meant is Tamera is good TV! :-D

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