Watch What Happens: After Show… With Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer was a guest on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live and answers a caller’s question about Ramona’s behavior in Morocco.  Ramona says that LuAnn de Lesseps was trying to make Ramona look bad.

Ramona says that Countless assured her that there were extra staff on hand and they were ready to handle any and all requests.

Ramona also reveals how Jillz only rented the Hamptons home that she claimed to own and the yellow Ferrari that was a birthday gift from Baw-bee was only rented for a week.

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28 comments on “Watch What Happens: After Show… With Ramona Singer

  1. I for one, like Ramona. I’m glad she got to say what she did about Jill and Discountless. They have been trashing her and ragging on her this whole season. I think that was called, “Payback” Why would people lie about ownership to houses and cars? For that matter, Why lie at all? You will get caught in your lies sooner or later.

  2. oh dang Ramona! pullleze. So I reckon this broad would expect the room steward on a cruise ship to hold her hair back for her when she gets sea sick?!?!?!? What a tool.

  3. I read her blog and IMO, Countless is really making her out to be unreasonable and a drunk. Countless basically told everyone that every request will be taken care of because they have more than enough staff and Countless assured Ramona that anything requested will be done. So, Countless was Miss Bigshot and then on camera she does a 180 on Ramona. As for her drinking, she’s not drinking any more than when she first started on RHONY. But, because of the boring footage, Andy had to make something happen. I really hope there is a new cast… and that Kelly spend some time with a MH professional, ’cause she kray-kray.

    • I hope they get rid of that whole bunch. I can barely watch them anymore. Bring on Troop Beverly Hills. Sick of O.C. also.

      • I cannot wait for Bev Hills! But Jerz keeps us going… Last weeks editing sucked tho. Don’t tame the gorillaz Bravo…

    • I’m not saying I would ever do this, but I didn’t think that having the staff help you unpack is so unreasonable at a five star resort. I bet Countless already had them unpack her not on camera :)

      ALSO: did anyone see this tweet by Cindy Barshop? I thought she was half normal, until this . . .

      Cindy Barshop
      Hey @EvaLongoria ! Learned so much from @RallyForKids Im not sure if you follow, but if so whose side are you on regarding #hangergate ? :)

      Cindy Barshop
      Hey @EvaLongoria ! Learned so much from @RallyForKids Im not sure if you follow, but if so whose side are you on regarding #hangergate ? :)

      • May, Like Eva would care? Do you think she actually went to her and asked? I think Sydney is a horrible, dull, ugly, addition to NY housewives! Like they weren’t bad enough?

        • I know, WHY WOULD ANYONE CARE??

          I think Jill’s need to brush elbows with celebs is rubbing off on her. Or she’s just completely wack and thinks ppl care about her dumb hanger issues.

  4. I am with you guys, I cannot wait for BH to return. They are TRUE real housewives. Rich and have class. PLUS that little Giggy even has real class, (unlike that pooping obnoxious lil chi) (click/click that was for you!) This season of NY is the most boring of all. It has lost it’s ‘IT’ factor. Bethenny is surely missed by me. Cindy is horrible and just plain boring to me. What she gives the show is … well a huge zero. She is weird. And poor, poor Kelly. Why they even let her come back is a mystery. Ratings, I guess. I think it is cruel to let her back on this show.

    • Mornin’ Lori! Did anyone see Gingers picture? NOT! I was glad Ramona called them out on their lies.

  5. Also, click, I really like Ramona too. I love people who are little nutso. LOL They make life so interesting. I love how she busts everyone and tells on them. haha

  6. I don’t know how anyone can “like” Ramona – she is the rudest, most horrible creature I have ever seen. She seems to revel in hurting people’s feelings – and the way she treated the staff in Morocco was appalling. I was so embarrased – this is the kind of behavior that gives Americans a terrible reputation internationally. But Ramona doesn’t seem to understand how offensive she can be. I believe she thinks she is better than the “little” people she thinks are here to serve her and doesn’t need to use manners (no wait, she doesn’t possess them). Poor Avery because she will grow up just like her Mother -she won’t know any better. All these wealthy Northerners like Housewives of NY and NJ should be shipped South for lessons in manners and comportment. We could teach them how to behave – but I guess it wouldn’t be so entertaining without the snarkiness!

    • If you read Ramona’s blog on Bravo, she was told by Countless that every and any service was available and to just ask. So, Ramona asked. I like Ramona. As for the ‘ugly American’ abroad, that’s a crock. The dollar is still recognized as THE currency worldwide… when foreign nationals see those dollars, watch out. Then after doing anything, offering to do anything to get those dollars, some of them complain about those terrible Americans. Hey, if they don’t want to do something, then don’t offer. But, back to Ramona in Morocco…

      IMO, Ramona did no wrong. Countless should not have gone overboard on how many services were available. Helping unpack is a service provided in upscale hotels, and they were certainly in an upscale riad.

      • PS: When will the boring NYers be off of Bravo? Could you imagine the booooooring footage Andy/Bravo editors were faced with when it caused them to put NY on hold?

        Hurry up RHOBH!!!

    • Avery seems nothing like her mother. She knows her mother is a little coo-coo so I think it’s extremely unfair and harsh for you to say that about Avery.

      • nunya, I like Avery also. She doesn’t need to be a camera hog, like that Trashley. That Trashley has to get in every scene she can. Also noted in the previews, that if that big man that approaches Trashley, is her dad, it looked like he had a big scar on the back of his head. MS.SH, do you know anything about that?

  7. We all need a change…I’m glad to see the husbands are left mostly out this season..the only sane one is Bobby.
    bring on the “new housewives” PLEASE!!!

  8. SouthernBelle, I’m from the south, and “Everybody Knows” a true southern belle would never lash out like that.

  9. OMG.. I was reading a different blog and they were going over “another woman” comment… and how Ramona asked like another kid…. well, does anyone remember the preview clips for the WHOLE season? Wasn’t there a teaser clip about Ramona possibly being pregnant because I think it was Sonja(idr) who asked her about can she pee on a stick and keep it a secret… remember?

    IDK, I just haven’t read anything about Mario cheating on Ramona… not that I wouldn’t believe it, but I just remembered that clip from the previews.

    • oh wow. I didnt see that teaser. But Ramona is gonna be 55 she said. Is it possible that Avery peed on the stick and that is the reason R is loosing her mind this season? Especially if things are shot outa sequence.

  10. nunya, I saw the pee-on-the-stick preview, and we know she’s not preggers as we saw her on WWHL. I think her, how can I put this gently, time of the months were sparatic, and she may have missed a couple. Me thinks she is in menapause denial.

    • good observation click. But a pregnancy within the cast could explain the push back for the RHNY season. Ya know so that everyone is camera ready for the pre-season promos?? Holding off on the big bombshell announcement? But then again I cant imagine it being Ramotional since she is openly drinking like a fish. Even when Kim was preggers she made an effort not to smoke on camera.

      • MP: No way that was the reason for the delay of RHONY. Andy said that it was ‘boring’ and that there were ‘too many HWs talking over one another’ and that it ‘needed more editing.’ I remember reading this in the NYDaily News when this whole delay/bring in Miami thing was going on.

        IMO, Andy was right. It is boring. B-or-in-g. And, have you noticed how many subtitles there are on RHONY?? When I see the subtitles, I just think of what Andy said about all of them talking over one another.

    • Oh I think she’s menopausal big time. It would explain why she appears as she does over the entire ‘housewives’ timeline. Woman who are riding the ramotional ramona coaster of menopause (which can last a decade) WILL seem to speak out of turn, be painfully blunt, over react, etc. Many do not realize they’re in menopause. Many assume that it begins in the late 50’s or 60’s. I went into it at 40 and had no idea because of my age. Here I am in my later 40’s and all of a sudden… no more periods. Glad I got it over quick but wish I’d known, it would have explained much hysteria in my world. I remember thinking I must have been experiencing a nervous breakdown. How come no one else could see how horrific things were in my world but me? No breakdown. Just a major hormonal imbalance.

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