Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff… 5-27-11

Stoop Housewives

Fernanda Rocha sets the record straight about her role on Real Housewives of Orange County…  here.

Project Ladybug adds local salon for fundraising…  here.   (Eh)

New Housewife on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Marlo Hampton, was arrested in Florida back when for beatin’ up another girl… watch out Nene!  Details here.

Tree Joo-dice and Juicy Joe on Miami Beach… and talkin’ about (what else?) how RHONJ is causing chaos in her family.  Details and photos of a young Tree and brother JoeyG… here.

Chelsea Kane, Disney chick and DWTS contestant, says that she might be related to Danielle    First, being related to Danielle is not something that little Chelsea should even mention.  Second, is lil Chelsea aware that ‘Danielle Staub’ is not her real name?  Lil Chelsea should try:  Beverly Merrill, Angela Minelli and others…

Speaking of Danielle (and this is pretty trashy)… a promoter is trying to arrange a boxing match between Danielle and Teen Mom 2’s Janelle Evans… as the article state, they both need the cash… here.

Kelly Bensimon says she doesn’t have any enemies and doesn’t need to be a bitch… here.  No, Kelly doesn’t need to be a bitch, ’cause she has an excellent right hook… just ask her ex-fiance that Kelly beat the crap out of and was arrested for beating on him… here.