Real Housewives of Atlanta: Marlo Hampton… Nene Leakes’ Replacement

There is a new face that’s been filming with the Real Housewives of Atlanta… Marlo Hampton.  Marlo has been seen with Phaedra Parks, Sheree Whitfield and Miss Lawrence filming scenes for the new season of RHOA.

                                                                               Marlo Hampton with her fiance, NFLer Charles Grant

The story is this:  Nene Leakes is being shoved out of RHOA and Nene is trying to save face by telling anyone who will listen that it’s her choice, not Bravo’s.  Nene wants everyone to think that she’s getting a spinoff show from Bravo that will be about her new life as an ‘actress’ in Hollywood.  But, that isn’t happening…

                               Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak… Kim has a spinoff show, buh-bye Nene!

However, there is one RHOA who has been busy with her own spinoff show and that is Kim Zolciak.  Kim’s been filming with Kroy and her two girls, splintering off from RHOA.  And Nene’s pissed…

More about Marlo Hampton here.

8 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Marlo Hampton… Nene Leakes’ Replacement

  1. I’m sorry, but I don’t see Kim’s show being a real big success. I mean she met Kroy they hooked up and boom she was pregnant and still smoking!!!! I would rather have a Nene spin-off seeing how Nene is more energetic, and has a bigger fan base. WE LOVE NENE!!!!!!! Bravo needs to make “Miss Lawrence” a housewife, i mean come on he’s always around when the juicy stuff happens (yes he is technically a man), but so what, he’s hot and we love him!!!!!!!!


  2. Kim show will not make it !I can say I will not be one of her viewers.Now if they give Ne ne a show I will watch it because she is raw,energetic,and has humongous personality bit of spice and she is who she is.Love or leave it.We love you Nene……


  3. NENE is nothing but Trash. Her and Kim. Avoid these kind of women at all cost. If you dont have anything godly to say you aint saying nothing. I love Phaedra Candy and like Sheree now. She has improved as a person. She was once nasty and angry!


  4. Marlo I think you are Gorgeous. Dont let them use you! Rumors are exactly that until you conferm them. I have beautiful Educated Sisters that is why I feel that way about Phaedra. She is the only one with an education and a real job besides Candy! Watch out for Cynthia, She is a spinless Hag who I cant stand. Why has noone heard of her modeling career before. Well she is no Beverly Johnson!


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