Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff

Stoop Housewives

Camille Grammer is very subdued this season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and producers have asked her to ‘bring the drama’… here.

Wretched Rossi photo’d at NASCAR… here.

You can now buy Alexis Bellino’s black maxi dress for $69.50 (check out the skewed dress sizes!)… here.

Alexis and Wretched’s photo after RHOOC reunion show was taped… here.

Melissa Gorga’s Facebook page (here) is titled “Team Melissa Gorga.”  RHONJ’s first episode just aired…. isn’t it too soon to be picking ‘teams?’  

Teresa Giudice on her Facebook page:  “I’m in People magazine this week! An actual true story with my actual quotes from a real magazine… I was supposed to be on the cover, but that pig Arnold took my spot! Go get it! xx”  Photo/Facebook page here.

More Tree… from her website:  Tree’s obviously biased thoughts on her RHONJ premier episode viewing party here.  BizBash reporter’s first-hand experience at Tree’s party… much different from Tree’s Facebook page entry here.

Jimbo ‘studied’ here… he only took the “How to Bless Your Kids at the Door” Class. Jimbo quit before taking the “Get Closer to Your Son…Let Him Ride in Your Car” Class.

Melissa Gorga’s Mother’s Facebook Page… here

Kim Zolciak is on the list of the 20 hottest meanest chicks in sports… Kim’s #18… here.


17 comments on “Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff

  1. I can’t really comment, because I hate facebook, due to one of the most horrible experiences I have ever had in my entire life, after only being on 1 week. I have tried to just be a reader, and they basically want my first born child. Will ya’ll let me know about the pictures?


  2. Well ain’t that a bitch, Tree? Getting knocked off “your” cover because of someone else’s bad behavior.

    It’s a damn shame when behaving like an animal gets people attention, isn’t it, Teresa?


    • Kac, Didn’t you see Jackie’s tour video from Bravo? She showed us her closets and said her and Tree were knocked off a cover, because of Brad and Angelina?


  3. Alexis’ bottom lip is inflated, did y’all notice? Either plumped or photoshopped! We’ll see on the reunion footage!


    • So NikkiTheVet, I really think ClickClick needs cheek implants. You, as a vet, should I just give her the Botox?


  4. I saw the picture of Wretched at NASCAR! Wearing her GC tank top! If she’s such a savvy business person, let her sponser a NASCAR driver’s car in a race. Oh, she doesn’t have $1/2 a million dollars to do that? POSER!!! Hate her and Slimey!!!


  5. I got a view of their facebook crap pictures, and it’s commentors may as well be the Bravo commentors. Alexass is wonderful, Wretched is the most beautiful girl in the whole world. Her and Slimey are better looking than Brad and Angie. Gag me with a spoon!!!


  6. Ms SH these links are great! One of them lead me to this little gem from Alexass regarding her and Jim’s Playboy interview she said “Tiffany Granath playboy radio interview was so much fun- and clean! Lol! It truly was a witness to God!” cant make this stuff up peoples. Notice how ole jumbo didnt sit home for this one? He’s such a douche… er um.. a CINO douche. Christian In Name Only. Yeah I said it.


  7. I saw all of Wretched pics of NASCAR that were posted. Haulers, fans, and I think one pic was Joey Lagano. None were pics of NASCAR superstars, that are multi-millionaires. I’ve been into the sport of racing since I was 8 yrs. old. Sorry ya’ll if I seem to go KooKooKelly about this, my passion for it is, well, long before housewives.


  8. Alright, I’m prepared to catch some wrath over this comment, but how are Alexis’s maxi-dress sizes “skewed”? I checked her webpage – xsmall for size 0-2, small for 4-6, etc. This is a pretty standard sizing system. Is it “skewed” just because you needed to find something to hate about Alexis’s dress line?

    Hey, I’m just calling it like I see it. So don’t dish it out if you can’t take it!


    • Holy Hipocrite, I don’t have a clue? I’d never shop to buy anything she offered, and God, cross my heart and hope to die, swear on all my kids and cats, I am 5’4” and weigh 95lbs.


    • We don’t have to look for things to hate about Alexass Holy Hypocrite. The fact that she is such a hipocrite is grounds enuff to blast her and her husband’s every move. Price of that RHWOC contract.
      Also If she has an eating disoder and she is trying to serve as a role model for other ED gals then S M L XL 2XL was unnecessary. She should have just sized them 2-3 ,4-6, 7-8, 9-10 ,12-14 Since she should know by know that ED girls ALREADY attach a judgement to their “numbers” so they really don’t needs Alexass taking upon herself to make sure that that size 14 gal KNOWS beyond a shadow of a doubt she is considered a 2XL. and the 7-8 gal has a little more purging to do before she can squeeze her fat ass into anything smaller than a medium. And I didnt think that coatturd came in S,M,L,XL.2XL anyways. Furthemore that particular dress defiantly should be sized by length also given the design of it. It will not flow to that ankles of a 5’2 SIZE 2 gal but probably drag the floor.


    • Holy Hypocrite!: Alexis’ sizing is not standard. A XXL (or Alexis’ 2X) would be 18-20 per standard sizes; Alexis’ 2X is 14-16. Alexis’ sizing runs small.

      U.S. Misses Sizes:
      Sizes XS S M L XL XXL
      0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20

      Sorry to know that you expected wrath over a comment. Rules at SH are simple: no foul language and no battling other commenters. Otherwise, comment on! Thanks for commenting! SH


  9. Made Piley, I agree a 100%! I would no more put a penny of money, buying anything from that ignorant Alexass! I don’t care about her sizes, except I know she has a pea sized brain, and I hope Bravo gets rid of her and Wretched. I can’t even stomach either one of them to even watch the show. I just go on S.SH’s recaps.


    • Her facial ones of course! She’s really pretty, but I do feel like as the Botox Mom, that she needs a little advantage to compete in CFA competitions. (You do understand that I’m that I’m just funnin’ here?)


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