Real Housewives of New York: LuAnn de Lesseps… Daughter Kicked Out of School

It must be very stressful times for the Real Housewives of New York… Bravo has threatened to recast the franchise with richer, less boring women.

                                                                        ‘Countess’ LuAnn and Count Alex de Lesseps, parents of joint-smokin’ racist daughter, Victoria…

And, it must be especially stressful for Countless LuAnn de Lesseps… her daughter, Victoria de Lesseps, has left the Ross School in the Hamptons after a video emerged of Victoria allegedly rolling what looked like a joint and using a racial slur.

                                                    Countless’ de Lesseps and her lil pot-smokin’ racial-slurrin’ daughter, Victoria…

The private Ross School has tuition rates that can reach $45,000 a year.  LuAnn denies that her daughter was forced out of the school according the NYPost (here) and Countless’ publicist tells the paper: “Your information is incorrect. Victoria withdrew from Ross School five months ago, but it was unrelated to the video. She is happily looking forward to studying art in Paris this summer.”

According to the Post, back in January RHONY castmate Ramona Singer had posted a link to the YouTube video on her Twitter feed, stating, “the countess’s daughter rolling a cigarette swearing n – – – – r!”

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35 comments on “Real Housewives of New York: LuAnn de Lesseps… Daughter Kicked Out of School

  1. I saw the video, and it sure looked like she was dabbling in some sort of tobacco product. I didn’t see the plastic sandwich bag, or the 1.25 Joker papers, but I know what I heard. The minute Ramona saw that, she was telling everybody, Dahling!

  2. I think Ramona RT that video after one too many daaaaaaaaaaaahlings. As much as LuLu would like to blame Ramona the youtube video was already going viral. Those who live in glass houses in the Hamptons….

  3. dats just what little girls with elderly absent fathers do when left alone in the Hamptons for days on end whilst mommy consorts with a Frenchman in THE CITY. Wonder what chapter in the countesses book covers rolling your own doobies with…wait for it… wait for it… class daaaaahhhhhling? Money cant buy ya class indeed.

  4. Long time reader, first time poster. Ramona, whether you like her or not, called LuMann out when she said LuMann was a weekend Mother and she is. I highly doubt that the Countless one’s reps would tell the truth if they were on fire. She needs to read her own book and spend time with her children, instead of a singing career that won’t happen or her Ross Geller boyfriend.

    • Exactly Ohboohoohousewives! Puuuurhaps if luanna was spending more time coaching her daughter on how to “act right” instead of chastizing grown women for the benefit of cameras then her daughter wouldn’t be acting up.

  5. Aww of course it had nothing to do with the video LuAnnie…of course not. You just can’t afford it anymore cause your BROKE. Poor Dawhling can’t even afford an apartment in the city…so sad really…Of course I believe LuAnnie…of course I do. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go finish my laundry before the world ends tonight at 6 (is that eastern time btw????)

    • If the world is ending at 6, why bother. OMG, you do have enough hangers I hope. Don’t go getting all Sidney Barbershop. Just kidding. Hell, The NASCAR All-Star race is at 7:00pm. I’d really hate to miss it, what with no world and all.

      • LOL! Well darn…I am still here and still didn’t get my laundry done…My SIL called ranting and raving again…She’s just jealous of me ya know. My brother and I use to be “thick as thieves” until she came along. Now he stays drunk just so he can live with her. She’s just jealous of me and how fabulous I am. She can’t understand that “I am up here and she’s down there” …when will the girl learn the “pecking order”? Plus my hangers ARE missing??hmmm how did you know? I think Ramona stole ‘em…and put them in one of Don Caro’s handbags and now they smell like Sonya’s dirty panties and Dina’s cat pee…..sigh guess I will just fold them and put them in a drawer or something…..gosh it awesome to be ME! Praise Jesus! Kiss Kiss!

  6. I just can’t believe this bitch continues to go on and on and on about class and how her kids are grown and don’t need her. She has never taken care of her kids!

    Do you guys remember I believe it was season 1 where she was talking about going out with her niece or some family member, and her son asked her if he could go or if she could stay in and she literally laughed him off and said no…. and if I remember correctly he said you’re never here for taco night.

    I don’t mind rich people having nannies or even family member helping out with kids because hey it’s HARD. But when they are the ones raising your kids and know more about your children than you… then that’s a problem. Why have kids? RAISE YOUR OWN DAMN CHILDREN! Oh yeah Cindy, that goes for you too!

    • nunya, I remember that. Rosie was raising those kids. She just had them because it’s profitable in a divorce. And Sidney uses her as accessories.

    • @Nunya i remember that episode! And wasnt her housekeeper/cook/nanny the one giving the children advice? she hit the nail on the head when she said how the kids were gonna grow up and ask there mom where she was and why she wasnt there for them! or did she say that about the cout? or both of them? too many storylines to keep track of, but im sure she said something along those lines. then she quit, probably cuz she grew tired of doing everything for the dahlilng countless. and i found Cindy’s comment about not being able to sleep because her help kept getting up all night to take care of her crying babies, to be so repulsive! they r her kids, why doesnt she get up??

      • Repulsive is right.

        I get great joy out of taking care of my daughter. It’s tough and you get pretty much zero sleep, but you get so much back in return. The sleepless nights are worth it.

        And CLICK I agree, they seem more like an accessory than anything else. She’ll carry them on her hip for two seconds and then is like… where are my nannies?

        I actually got into a “fight” via comments on a different site about Cindy, and her claiming to be a single mom and does it all on her own, but she really doesn’t. I quit checking the comments because it’s not like I’m going to change anyone’s mind.

        • nunya, I gave up on other sites for that same reason. I’ll just stay here where everyone is funny and nice.

          • @click click/my cat im sorry u have had that experience! i see no need for rudeness..this is all in good fun! this is the first site i began posting comments on and everyone has been very welcoming :) thank u all for being nice to the new girl! it is greatly appreciated! i just come on here to rant/rave with fellow HW viewers/junkies and it is just something i do for fun and to take my mind of my thank u all for the laughs and please keep em coming!! :)

            • What illness? You don’t have to say if you don’t want to. Some of us, I feel are very close and we share. I can’t imagine with your sense of humor, to be down. You are a great addition, and I laugh everyday on here. Isn’t that the best medicine? I’ve been on MS.SH’s site a long time. We are also very protective of her.

            • @Click that is so sweet of u, thank u so much! i dont mind sharing that I have Crohn’s disease, and have had it for a long time. I am currently awaiting surgery, hopefully soon. It is a very debilitating disease, which leaves me bed bound more than I’d like. So believe it or not, watching the crazy antics of the HW helps me pass the time. that and facebook. I am very addicted! LOL! just cuz I’m down (literally, as in down in bed), doesn’t mean I have to be emotionally down!! I try to find the humor as I believe it really is the best medicine! I love meeting new friends and even tho i dont now any of u, we have our HW viewing in common, and believe me, i loove talking about them! LOL! Luckily I have many friends who watch too, and I’m trying to get them to join me on here too! I’m not selfish! LOL! Just don’t ask me who makes my designer dress, dahling! LOL

        • @Nunya u sound like a great mommy! :D I’m not a mom, but i can imagine how hard ur job must be! IMO that is the hardest job in the world and I respect all mothers! one of my favorite quotes is by my fave role model (IMO a real lady with Class who Lumann should learn from) Jackie O, once said that if she only did one thing right in her life, it would be to raise her kids right (or something to that effect, i dont remember it verbatim) the point being the importance of motherhood. And thru it all, she did a great job with both John John and Caroline (i was in high school when Jackie O passed away, but im obsessed with her and collect her autobiographies).
          I cannot believe anyone would have defend Cindy! R u kidding me? I respect all working mothers, and if she can afford the help, I’m all for it! But don’t complain about how u can’t sleep when clearly ur not lifting a finger! Can’t she take a look at Bethanny? She had a baby nurse but she also takes care of Brynn, and if anyone is busy, it is Bethanny! yes, i am a Bethanny fan! She is real, and i love that about her! Plus i love her self-deprecating humor and her neuroses..hey i can relate! Plus, unlike the other HW, she was not afraid to admit when she made an error, and she embraced her imperfections. She is a work in progress, as am I and yet she has no problem letting us see her life. She admits that as an executive producer of her show she could edit the scenes yet chooses to air it all, even the parts she is not proud of. IMO that is a “real” HW. Too many of them worry about how they come across instead of being genuine. And then when they don’t like how they come accross, they blame editing, rather than take personal responsibility for their behavior! As if we buy into it! Puhleez!

  7. oops i meant Jackie O’s biographies..she was such a private person she never wrote about her life. If she were alive she would be repulsed by the behavior of all these HW!

    • I have a friend that has Crohn’s, so I feel your pain. Well, not literally, but I totally understand. There are so many nice funny people on here. You’l love them all. I’m on here everyday, as I don’t have a life. No, I paid off my house, completely, so I’m taking it easy. No “modifications” or “short sales” or “foreclosure” Free and clear, and it’s mine with 1 acre, a husband of 100 yrs. 3 grown daughters, 6 grands, all are on their own, no BRATZ Trashley, and 11 cats. The cats are the BRATZ.

      • I’m new here too and feel right at home…Great ladies who just crack me up! Now of that bitter crap and nastiness you get on the other sites! I swear I think half of them post hoping BRAVO will see and cast THEM as the next housewife to hate! My prayers to you Thug…
        LOL! Cat…dang me too! why oh why did I buy a modest house I can actually AFFORD? I too could had a huge gawdy mansion and rub it in my families faces…only to fall flat on my face when they take it back…oh yeah…that’s why I didn’t.. lol

        • @Joee123 thank u! and so happy to have u on here as a newbie just like me! :) looks like we picked a great site!! :)

      • aww Click Click u r such a sweetheart :) thank u soo much for ur kind words! It is great to know there r regulars on here and I look forward to getting to know all of youse guys! LOL :) Wow it sounds like u like cats? LOL u have a full house and must have ur hands full! LOL! I love pets!! I have a doggie and she thinks she is a human, as i treat her like my baby!! I love her so much! :) Congratulations on your family, they sound lovely, as do u! U must be a great mom and grandmom!! as BravoAndy would say, “Mazel!” again, thank u so much for ur kind words and welcome :) u don’t know how much it means to me!!! :)

  8. I saw that video before it was pulled, too. So, maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… maybe the dtr saw Countless do the same thing. IMO, Jacques, the boyfriend will get a nose job, look more like David Arquette (sorry, couldn’t think of any other David) than David Schwimmer and run off with a younger woman of higher quality than Countless. Then Countless and Sonja, who has turned into Samantha from SATC, can pal around all their old haunts tryin’ to snag their next old guy…. but they don’t and end up on a ‘Golden Girls’-type reality show with Nene and Danielle. BWAH-HAHAHAHA….

    • ROFL! “Golden Girls” reality show! Now that I would watch too! can you imagine??? LOL!

    • how did she get the video pulled? its not like she is the presidents wife or anyone important ;-)

      • Vicky, I think the video is still up at The Dirty site. My guess is Discountless used the “I’ll sue UTube” because I think that Dahling little Victoria was under 18.

  9. I am not a fan of Sonja at all. She is a snob! I actually like the Countess. Maybe she isn’t that the best mother but most of the women on the housewives franchise are not. Kyle Richards seems to be real hands on. Her little Portia is always right there with her.

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