Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer, Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills arrive at the John Wayne ABC Mother’s Day Event for cancer awareness.

                                  All the RHOBH showed up for Camille’s event… except Kim and Shana/Traylor

Kyle Richards talks about how the issue hits home, what she thinks of the ‘Real Housewives’ popularity, and supporting Camille Grammer.  Kyle also mentions that she is coming out with a HANDBAG line!  (Kyle’s bags HAVE to be better than either Wretched or Caroline Manzo’s crapbags…)  Whatever happened to Kyle’s hair products line??

Camille Grammer talks about being nervous to host the event and whether she’s excited to do another season of  RHOBH.  Camille also mentions that RHOBH is filming now…

Lisa Vanderpump chats about her support for Camille and her job as royal correspondent for CNN.   Lisa does not have Giggy with her!

Adrienne Maloof talks about supporting the cancer institute and Camille.  Adrienne also mentions that she is coming out with a shoe line!  

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30 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer, Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof

  1. How refreshing to see Troop Beverly Hills! Sir Giggy must have jetlag and it’s probably to hot for him. Are Adrienne’s shoes going to cost $3000.00 a pair? A little too steep for me.

  2. what i dont understand is why they dont come out with the following products: brars (just cuz they have their breaastss implants dont mean they arent gonna sag) and chapstick, for their lip implants (cuz dont their real lips get cracked/dry from being so over stretched?) if one of the HW thought out of the box..oh said thought..implying .. lol..!! alcohol has been done, purses (as vicky said, i rather buy bags from real designers, thank u very much), shoes (ditto) and puhleez HW, pay attention: just because u insert the word “couture” into ur walmart reject-product line does not mean we r gonna go purchase ur fugly products, mkaay? News Flash Jillous: skweez is a wannabe Spanx!!! what am i to believe, that by wearing ur skweez i am gonna look as good as u? ugh i pass! not even on halloween would i wanna look like u! maybe Jillous u can invest in the clip on koalas and start a trend! oh whats that..they were..back in the 80s? oh well, i tried!! Baahwbie..they r picking on me again, why bahwbie..lulu gimme a hug..oh i know…Jillous how about a tissue even better: the Jillous Laxatives cuz u r full of shite!!!

    • also Jill u could do some toilet paper with ur pic on it..cuz we would all luv to wipe our asses with ur face!! lol!! ooops i did it again!! ohramonoudidnt! oh yes i did, i am not even feeling ramational, i just dont like pooop and u and the countess are major poo poo stirrers so it is fitting that u would be associaated with Jillousy Toilet Paper Couture (patterns/textiles can be found at Zarin fabrics)

  3. Can’t really comment on these bunch of loser cause I have never watched one episode….they didn’t interest me…..

    • Joee123, This is the best franchise in my book. They ARE really rich. Except Traylor. There houses aren’t in foreclosure, they live in REAL mansions, Hell, Adrienne owns the Palms in Vegas, and the Kings basketball team. Lisa has that adorable Giggy and the Villa Blanc restuarant. They grew up with money, they didn’t marry it like Alexass and Tamara. I love Beverly Hills. Camille is worth over $50 million dollars. And on top of all that, they act like the rest of them. They don’t put on airs, unless they’re hire a private jet to take them where they want to go. I guess you can tell I love most of them. Ain’t no crying the poor mouth on this show. Oh, and no broke ass men like Slimey and Taliban Jimbo. There is Traylors poser husband Russell.

      • Click: Just remember, Brandi Glanville will be on RHOBH and she’s in the same money bracket as poor Kim. If Kim drinks, who can blame her? She becomes an adult and looks back at how her mother and sister totally took advantage of her and then Kyle turns on her in the limo. Read that Brandi decked Kyle… God, I hope they show that on the next season.

        • That would be awesome! I would love it even more if she tried covering up the black eye with her Hangover Shades. I foresee a lot of outdoor shots until the purple fades

        • It’s the best! I’m trying to keep up with you and that thug in a cocktail dress, when I got 2 of my sons racing tonight in the NASCAR Allstar race, Jeff and Jr. I’m going back and forth. TV, and computer.

          • Weekends and now summer. I won’t be able to keep up with all of y’all and 3 kids 5 and under. LOL. Kids… Ms. SH…. Kids… Ms. SH.

            • LOL! It’s hard! I have people calling here (my son graduates high school tomorrow) and hubby trying to get me to watch a movie but I am having way to much fun here with you ladies! LOL! I am going to go and catch up the BH’s gang and start watching! Thanks again!

            • Momma, 3 kids under 5? You are busy. Very busy! I did it all that several yrs. ago, and I so understand. What you do to keep up, is go to each post MS.SH has up, read and then comment to each commentor. First, catch your breath, and do it at your leisure, when the kids are down. There are very few people that can blog back and forth for long periods of times. We’ll respond to you, and then when you get back on, you can respond back. Don’t sweat it.

            • Oh, I’m not. Everytime I get them settled into something I run to the ol’ ‘puter and try to scope out the most recent comments.

              But DANG! By the time I did baths, stories, and got them all down to sleep you girls and guys done commented more than the list could hold! LOL

              Yeppers. Carbie is 5, Carbiella is 4, and Carb Jr is 9 months :)

              Oh! And I’ve even been Ms.Sh’ing while I work out. 100 lbs down, 100 to go… keep commented y’all!

  4. Beverly Hills oh what a thrill….(anyone remember the rest of the chant they did in that movie??)

    • We’re the girls from Beverly Hills, shopping is our greatest thrill.

      Patches, we don’t need no stinking patches!

      • BTW- do you realize that if you google “Troop Beverly Hills what a thrill” Ms.SH comes up on the first page? Yay us!

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