Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Calling All Giggy Lovers!

We haven’t seen or heard from Giggy, Lisa Vanderpump’s adorable ball of fluff for quite a while, but he’s been a very busy puppy.   Giggy’s been taking meetings with the guys from Shark Tank, but although he respects their business sense, Giggy just didn’t think they knew too much about the doggy product business… so, Giggy has partnered with Edison Nation to find the next great pet-related product invented by YOU.

                                            Giggy the Pom with Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at JFK Airport

Here’s the deal:  Giggy wants all pets to be sexy and chic just like him, so come up with some ideas for products that fit that description.

                      Giggy’s lookin’ for some new stuff… he needs your help!

Here are the categories that Giggy The Pom is in search of:

• Carriers and travel products that combine function and style
• Harnesses, leashes and matching accessories that promote unity and identity
• Toys for the playful and smart pup
• Grooming and beauty items that are both dog and earth-friendly
• Bed and home products that promote comfort and have a clean design

Giggy will take the best idea(s) and put his brand on it and will feature the product in commercials and other advertising.

Selected ideas will receive a $2,500 minimum advance on 20 years percentage of sales or buyout.   Edison Nation will split the royalties 50/50 with you on the products that we select.  Royalties vary based upon the product but we always earn industry-leading rates.

Deadline for submission is July 11, 2011.  If you submit your idea/product before May 31, the submission fee is waived.

Start inventing!   See all details here.

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22 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Calling All Giggy Lovers!

  1. Thank You, MS.SH. I love that little dog!!! LOVE!!!LOVE!!!LOVE!!! I google him all the time. My husband thinks the cats are jealous.

    • He definitely needs some NASCAR clothes, and a little NASCAR racecar bed. Didn’t Kathy’s little knife playing boy have checkered and red sheets? Like a flag? They probably do formula one racing. I doubt Jersey folks do NASCAR.

    • I agree, he is adorable! I just wanna cuddle him and cover him in kisses! LOL i don’t blame Lisa for taking him everywhere she goes. I have a maltipoo, Lola, and i take her everywhere! pets r precious :)

    • MS.SH, I asked, and you put Giggy up. Thank You! We haven’t had Sir Giggy since Easter, when he ate all his candy in his basket. I Love You Giggy!

      • Oh, Now I have to call my husband to look. “Joe, Joe, It’s Giggy. Ain’t he cute Joe? Huh Joe? Look how cute.”

    • Hubby just walked by and said, “Aw! That little Giggy is really cute! Get rid of ClickClick and I’ll get you one.” Shhh! I had her ears covered and started humming real loud, you know, like a child does when they don’t want to hear what you have to say?

    • in Cali..3 hours before i know whether i will make it to “heaven’s gate” to be welcomed into “God’s Kingdom”. How fitting that Bravo is currently airing a rerun of season finale HW of NJ episode where Danielle calls DonCaroline a “Klownn” and DonC retaliates by calling Danielle “gahhbage”.

      • bcuz this was the last episode for poor danielle..wish they would replace Jacqueline with Danielle..would love it! :D cuz girlfriend can bring the drama!! i also miss Danny ” A punk is a punk is a punk”! now they were entertaining!!! ;)

      • Silly Thug, If I’m still alive on the east coast, then I’m sure you will be too. Nobody gave a time zone. I guess the Lord doesn’t have one. For all we know it could be China time.

        • ROFL laughing u r soo funny !!! love u!! btw..u never know..i mean im in the state as @china time!! hahahahahaha

        • Nooooow Click! You KNOW all the koo-tour clothes aren’t made in China… they’re made in Taiwan. So I’m pretty sure it will be smited first.

  2. Thug, I tried to find that article about Lauren. I had made a comment about Lauren, and MS.SH said her and Vito broke up. It was one of the articles when they were all having that rumble in Costa Rica at the Hard Rock. I’m pretty sure that she said that, because all the kids went, and I wanted to know if Lauren’s boyfriend was there. And you know BRATZ lazy ass Trashley had to go.

    • sigh..more trAshley??? :/ i’m so over her..she should stay at her pseudo job! she is so annoying!!!

      • Going on that trip was just another excuse for her to get out of work. There is a preview of her real dad coming to see her. I wish he’d take her lazy behind back to Vegas. I know her mom and Chris are sick of her, I am!

        • LOL!!! she is probably hoping she will get her own show a la “hills” or “the city”.. poor delusional TrAshley!!

  3. I have an idea for an invention. How about a Housewives pee pole for male dogs… ’cause they have those pee pads, but what if your 90 lb male Bull Mastiff or Great Dane needs to pee and nobody’s home. You could train your dog to lift his leg and pee on the picture of the housewife on the pole that you can place anywhere in the house. So, you’d have to clean up a little of the pee ’cause he missed the pole and your house would end up smelling very outdoorsy, like a public park outhouse, but so what! Great idea, huh???

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