Real Housewives of New Jersey: Albie Got a Job…

Albie Manzo, son of the Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Caroline Manzo, is pushing his sludge in a bottle black water drink.   Albie came up with the brilliant idea of naming the drink ‘BLK’… to make it more acceptable to the 18-25 idiots who will probably buy the sludge demographic.

Albie talks with Katerin (?) about all the wonderful properties of his stupendous find and where all of America will be able to put down at least $2 a bottle to try it…

Chris Manzo is VP in charge of inventory.  Chris loads the van and drives Albie around to Italian festivals to unload the stuff sell BLK to discriminating festival clientele…

FYI:  You can purchase a month’s worth of fulvic acid supplements (the ‘special’ ingredient in BLK) for around $10.

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12 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Albie Got a Job…

  1. When I saw the title of the post, I thought, it’s about time! Kinda reminds you of the O.C. daughters, the Aqua Angels. And is it BLK? I know for a fact, that the BTK killer is in prison. What a couple of Shmucks from Hoboken!


    • OMG you know who that monster BTK is? me scared of people like him. a man who words for the city and is America’s notorious Serial Killer. Dennis I don’t want to say his last name. Yikes, poor Kansas.


  2. SH, can you comment back or anyone? Help me. I miss the last episode of RHNY where can I watch? I tried on hulu.


  3. The product is not available. It says on the website that it won an award-yet as far as I can tell there is no such award! More fake fake reality!
    Yeah-it says click the link to buy it, but when you do, it is NOT FOR SALE!
    I also noticed that in the sparse info. available about this stuff, nobody mentions tasting it as far as I can tell, so unless I just haven’t looked in the right places for the info., my guess is that there is no such thing.


  4. Finally got to watch this. I love that he’s touting the health benefits of fulvic acid then, later in the interview, admits there hasn’t been much research into it. I wonder what the FDA will say.

    Anybody else get the impression this endeavor was bankrolled by his father? The way Albie said “we got involved” made it sound like he’s the face for a familial investment. Would be rather ironic since Caroline didn’t think Jacqueline should bankroll Ashley’s move into NYC but Caroline had no problem creating jobs (and probably paying for an apartment) for her kids. Hmmm.


    • Hi AOM, Long time,no comments. Was that Jackie’s hubby Chris in the background, by the van?


      • Yes cc/mc, I was lurking……

        Nice catch! I know there was a charity walk but I wonder if he’s bankrolling the blk water thing. I thought I read that a couple of his businesses went bankrupt so maybe he needs something to do too…..


        • I also read that Jackie’s hubby Chris was in alot of financial trouble. I guess BLK is a family venture. You think black drinks make your teeth black?


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