NENE LEAKES: Wendy Williams Show… Nene Leakes Explains Why She “Quit” Celebrity Apprentice… VIDEO

Nene Leakes quit Celebrity Apprentice last night and explains to Wendy Williams why she left on a preview of Wendy’s interview with Nene that will air on Thursday…

Puh-leeze, Nene!  You want to surround yourself with people that love and care about you? Are you the same Nene that has used that tired old phrase, “It’s nothing personal, just business…” over and over again on the Real Housewives of Atlanta?  So, why has Nene taken her participation on Celebrity Apprentice so personal that she quit got fired from the show?

My theory on why Nene “quit” Celebrity Apprentice: A big requirement on Celebrity Apprentice is fundraising. Nene knew she would be no match to Star Jones’ ability to make a few phone calls and raise much more than Nene ever could. The end of Celebrity Apprentice was nearing and Nene would either have to put up or shut up and she knew it. So Nene went off on Star and then told Donald Trump that it just wasn’t fair of him to have caved in to Star’s game by trading Nene to the men’s team. Nene just walks away from her team, gets in a cab and drives off… Nene quit and Trump fires her ass.  Nene can try to BS her way out of the embarrassment, which she is doing on the above video, but when it comes right down to it, who is Nene gonna call to solicit money from? Sheree? Dwight?

Also, Nene cannot argue with anyone who has a brain.  Nene yells, screams and stoops to calling anyone she dislikes disgusting names.  When Nene went off on Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice, Star did not fall for Nene’s ghetto-scream-in-your-face arguing technique and simply ignored Nene.  Nene just don’t know how to argue with someone who simply shuts her off..  Now we know why the rumor that Star Jones hired bodyguards to keep Nene away from her is probably true.

Thursday’s show should be enlightening… just more excuses from big-mouth, ghetto, play-the-blame-game Nene.