NENE LEAKES: Wendy Williams Show… Nene Leakes Explains Why She “Quit” Celebrity Apprentice… VIDEO

Nene Leakes quit Celebrity Apprentice last night and explains to Wendy Williams why she left on a preview of Wendy’s interview with Nene that will air on Thursday…

Puh-leeze, Nene!  You want to surround yourself with people that love and care about you? Are you the same Nene that has used that tired old phrase, “It’s nothing personal, just business…” over and over again on the Real Housewives of Atlanta?  So, why has Nene taken her participation on Celebrity Apprentice so personal that she quit got fired from the show?

My theory on why Nene “quit” Celebrity Apprentice: A big requirement on Celebrity Apprentice is fundraising. Nene knew she would be no match to Star Jones’ ability to make a few phone calls and raise much more than Nene ever could. The end of Celebrity Apprentice was nearing and Nene would either have to put up or shut up and she knew it. So Nene went off on Star and then told Donald Trump that it just wasn’t fair of him to have caved in to Star’s game by trading Nene to the men’s team. Nene just walks away from her team, gets in a cab and drives off… Nene quit and Trump fires her ass.  Nene can try to BS her way out of the embarrassment, which she is doing on the above video, but when it comes right down to it, who is Nene gonna call to solicit money from? Sheree? Dwight?

Also, Nene cannot argue with anyone who has a brain.  Nene yells, screams and stoops to calling anyone she dislikes disgusting names.  When Nene went off on Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice, Star did not fall for Nene’s ghetto-scream-in-your-face arguing technique and simply ignored Nene.  Nene just don’t know how to argue with someone who simply shuts her off..  Now we know why the rumor that Star Jones hired bodyguards to keep Nene away from her is probably true.

Thursday’s show should be enlightening… just more excuses from big-mouth, ghetto, play-the-blame-game Nene.

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19 comments on “NENE LEAKES: Wendy Williams Show… Nene Leakes Explains Why She “Quit” Celebrity Apprentice… VIDEO

  1. What a Spin. The only thing NeNe has going for her, is everybody hates Star Jones worse.

    • I cannot understand why everybody hates Star. What did she do. The only thing I know is that she got her surgery and did not to discuss the procedure and that she married the man that everyone says is Gay. I heard Nee Nee is going with him now. Does anybody know if that is true? Give me the scoop.

  2. Good Point Ms. SH. I reckon she could have called on Dwrong for “TEN THOWSAND DOLLARS!” But he done tapped out when he loaned it to Greg. Blonk.

  3. Are you F#$%ing kidding me? You want to surround yourself with love? HUH???
    Does Nene think everybody is stupid? She is a quitter and a sore loser. She didn’t know what she was up against. I may not like Star but she did work hard on CA. Nene did not win any money for her charity, none, and she was also the poster child for domestic abuse. Not against it, for it. She is the epitome of a loud mouth bully, she gave LaToya some of the worse insults. Then got upset when LaToya said she didn’t want to be her friend. Her MO is to demean and belittle people and when they don’t kiss her gigantic a$$ she gets upsets and calls them names. She has a lot of growing up to do, she is like a spoiled child who needs to be kept in line at all times.

    I have never heard so much hate spew from anybody else’s mouth on TV and I have watched a lot of reality shows. That description about people and Star’s a$$ was so disgusting and descriptive it made me cringe. (I refuse to retype the insult) She is incapable of expressing herself without cursing, rolling her neck or snapping. It’s an embarrassment to see her behave that way. Absolutely despicable and detestable behaviour from a woman who claims to be the victim of domestic abuse.

    She has no real friends and that is why she cannot get donations for charity. That one episode where she invited Jill Zarin who bought that hat was the only thing I saw. She kept calling her Jill Zarin the whole time. “Jill Zarin, Jill Zarin, Jill Zarin”. I am sorry but nobody refers to their friends by using their entire name all the time. That was just name dropping at its lowest. Oh yeah that is the same hat that Jill Zarin is now trying to resell.

    Nene is a quitter a loser no matter how she tries to spin it. She is no threat other than physically but somebody will drop that a$$, you wait and see. David and Goliath style.

    • When she was running after Kim and Micheal Lohan, she was funny. “Lindsey Lohan Daddy, Lindsey Lohan Daddy, Carry your ass back to Malibu. Girl, please, I can’ts run in these heels, Linsey Lohan Daddy.”

    • She is upset because she could not get the spotlight that’s all. I know she did not expect to come on the show and be brighter or more intelligent or even a little intelligent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • this comment is for Bored@Work girl u a hater and its funny how u have the time to write a book and gossip when u should be working is i was ur boss bitch u would fired hoe like star was fired u fat bitches

  4. Nee Nee is the most disgusting woman I have ever saw. She is lower that a homeless person with low self esteem. At least the homeless person has a reason to have low self esteem. Nee Nee is ignorant, ghetto, thinks very little of herself and she does not know what to do since she might have a couple of dollars. Any man that she gets, she will not love, just try to take advantage of. How can you charity be domestic violence when you are violet and scare people on national television? She really needs to be punished for attacking Start and dumb Latoya on national television. I say no one should hire her for a while. The reason that she picked on Star is because she knew she could not be a project manager and was afraid. If Star did not help her out all of the time, Nee Nee would have been fired and she knows that. That is why she walked off of the show and tried to blame it on someone else. Girl get a GED and then come back.

    • I was surprised when Latoya was not able to pull in nay more money than that. You would think that with all that Jackson money the minute she confirmed she was gonna be on there she would have just doled out some of her own money to various contacts so she could call it in later. I reckon there is rules against that. Anyhow Celebrity apprentice be must be jinxed seems like every season at least one “celebritity’ has to to to jail after filmin.. Daryl Strawberry, Richard Hatch, That Chicago politician… who else?

      • Made Piley, I live in a small neighborhood, and the Jehovah Witnesses, come around every week, they call it pioneering. You know, leaving Watchtower Tracts and stuff. I tell my husband, when Mrs. Jackson comes to my door, I’ll listen. Remember, I’m Catholic and my husband was almost a priest. That’s why I call him, Father what a waste. So, I don’t think the matriarch, Mrs. Jackson would help. Jehovah Witnesses aren’t very charitable.

  5. Star is no where near as tacky as Nee Nee. Little John should have gotten together with her and warned her not to embarrass them. I am also surprised the Latoya did not bring in more money, but, she is not ignorant or embarrassing. Little John has way more sense than I expected. Nee Nee is a beautiful woman and it is a shame how ghetto, violent and imature she is. She reminds me of kids in school who is always waiting and preparing for a fight. I felt sorry for Star because she really frightened her on National Television and everytime Star would move Nee Nee would move. Suppose she would have attacked Star because of Star had said the wrong word, Nee Nee would have lit her up and be in prison right now. Mr. Trump should have stopped way before it got that far. Star and Latoya should have sued her. And as for Latoya she is just a chicken because there is no way Nee Nee would have called me all of those names and we become friends again. There should be a boycott to keep her ignorant butt off of television. She is not talking smack about Mr. Trump. Like I said before she quit because she know she would not have won and she have no charity. She did not have one when she was on the Housewives’ show.

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