The Real Housewives of New York City Season 4 – Preparing Kelly for the Worst – Bravo TV Official Site

Kelly mentions that she is having lunch with Ramona and Sonja does her best impression of how Kelly’s lunch with Sonja will go…

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8 comments on “The Real Housewives of New York City Season 4 – Preparing Kelly for the Worst – Bravo TV Official Site

  1. ugh… Kelly seriously need to admit herself into a facility that gives actually treatment not just medications. I recommend electric shock daily.

    I laughed my ass off last night when Kelly was giving Sonja riding tips. Kelly states she has been riding ten years. Riding WHAT and who the hell is training this dipshit?

    She has no balance, she is balancing with her hands which is why her hands are almost on the crest of the horse. A real trainer would take her stirrups away for at least 6 months. And she sure as hell should not even be going near any jumps but ground poles and low cross rails. Her ass needs to be working on the flat for the next year or so. This would eliminate her being dumped all the time. Its too bad she is riding such a quality piece of horse flesh, she is ruining him for the next buyer.

    Sonja needs to be eating dirt more often. I really liked Sonja last season. Her true snotty personality is coming through this season. Not that I care for Cindy who looks like Don Dokken from a 1989 hair band video. Cindy needs to grow that beard again and go back to being a man. The incestuous relationship between her and her brother is so Jerry Springer.

    Cindy before the sex change

  2. Someone should prepare Koo Koo Kelly on how to handle things like an ADULT!! She is so childish and def has a few screws loose. I honestly believe she told Bravo she would not return this season unless the other women were nice & respectful towards her and that Bravo had to edit her to appear normal.

    • At least she admitted that no Normal Man wants a nut job. If I was a man, and watched how she was on the show, I’d high-tail it in another direction.

  3. Poor Kelly… doing sand angels to wander far off into KellyLand. And, she’s such a good mother… always there for her kids, except when she’s in Haiti digging for water, in Miami for a pool opening or in Africa bringing food for Africans. I don’t know if that last part is right, only that she’s always bragging about her mothering skills, but the girl is never home! And I call her a ‘girl’ because she is a ‘girl’ who needs to grow the ‘f’ up! I’m really getting sick of her relying on her connections because of her marriage. Really, had she not married Gilles Bensimon she would now be working selling dresses at Century 21 or the makeup counter at Macys.

  4. I noticed on this last weeks episode of RHNY Kelly brought an Native American t-shirt to LuAnn and then made an EXTREMELY inappropriate and and disrespectful motion with her hand to her mouth. Basically making fun of Native American people. Did yall see that? I cant explain it thru words but I was wondering if anyone else caught it.

    • Made Piley, KooKooKelly made that woo, woo, woo, noise like when kids played Indians. I’m half Native American, so when she did it, I just thought ,”You Bitch!”

      • exactly. She is always doing stoopid stuff like that. Now being a fur wearing, meat eater , I didn’t mind so much when she pissed off the PETA peeps but I really expected to see an Native American backlash over that move. Or at least a clip of LuAnn putting her in her place over it. I guess since LuAnn is now sleeping with the enemy so to speak(the french) she has forgot her history and/heritage? lol That or it never really mattered to her anyway and she just mentioned it when it was advantageous to do so. I am thinking the latter

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