Rating the Real Housewives of New York…

New York Magazine asks the question:  “Which of the Real Housewives of New York is the classiest?”

                                                                                                      The man responsible for LuAnn’s classy title… Count Alexandre de Lesseps (and LuAnn)

Obviously, the question stems from the RHONY being the only franchise that includes a ‘Countess’ who not only thinks she’s classy, but is riding her ‘by marriage’ Countess title as far as she can paddle her canoe.  Oh, sorry.  LuAnn de Lesseps, aka the ‘Countess,’ would not paddle a canoe, dahling, so let me change that last part to ‘as far as the captain of her yacht will sail her.’  LuAnn thinks she’s so classy that she’s written a book about the subject, has given seminars to paying registrants, has a column in a magazine in which she answers questions pertaining to being classy and has recorded (or auto-tuned, let’s keep it real here) a number one dance hit “Money Can’t Buy You Class.”

                                                                                               LuAnn’s next book will feature a chapter on ‘How to Live with Yourself Knowing You Didn’t Write Your Own Book.’

To all of you who believe that LuAnn IS the classiest of all the Real Housewives of New York, brace yourself.  LuAnn has admitted that she did not write her book… and she probably doesn’t even read the questions submitted to her magazine column, let alone actually write the responses.  But, LuAnn is hanging on to that ‘Countess’ title… she claims that she worked sixteen long years for that title and she’s keeping it.  Hmmm… I wonder if LuAnn had divorced the Count instead of the other way around, would she still be entitled to the title?

So, is LuAnn the classiest of all the Real Housewives of New York?  Classier than Jillz? (no doubt),  Alex? (probably),  Sonja Morgan?   Koo-Koo Kelly??? (too easy!).

To find out where ALL the RHONY fall on the ‘classy’ scale, see New York Magazine‘s findings here.  You might be surprised…