Real Housewives of Orange County: WretchedChristine Rossi Chats at USC

Wretched Christine showed up at the USC television studio, Trojan Vision, to talk with Kelly (Tuesdays with Kelly) about being an entrepreneur… but Wretched talks about lots more, especially about the Real Housewives of Orange County.  Listen to her talk about the ring she had made for her mother’s re-commitment ceremony….  What is that ugly salmon-colored object sitting on the table between Wretched and the interviewer?? Oh, it’s her high-end looking, low-priced line of handbags…

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11 comments on “Real Housewives of Orange County: WretchedChristine Rossi Chats at USC

  1. Ms. SH, Shouldn’t the title of this say Wretched Rossi instead of Alexis Blahlino?
    Hope you are having a wonderful day! ;)

    • GiggyLover: WOW! This wedding frenzy is really getting to me! (Daughter is getting married on Saturday…) You are correct! I really hate to have errors on SH, so I’m just going to slow it down a little bit more until this wedding is over. Thanks for pointing that out! SH

      • MS.SH, Oh the stress. I see it in your little Lynn picture. Just have a few Romana Pinot’s Saturday night, and you’ll be fine. You are having that wine? Then again, maybe a Skinnygirl Margarita.

      • MS SH: Have a nice cocktail for all of us! One of the reasons that I like your site is that you write clearly and correctly, so you must be frazzled completely to mix up Wretched with Blalexis… just take it easy and have a great day!

      • Congrats on your daughters upcoming Big Day. I can imagine what a stressful (but special) time this is for yall right now. Take time to slow down and just enjoy the moment with her. Maybe try to carve out a little non-wedding related time for just the two of you to enjoy pure mommy/daughter time. I hope her Big Day is perfect.

        • Made: Thanks so much! I’ve been making so many mistakes here, which should be a clue that I’m going through some major stress, but this site and all the HWs stuff is just so addicting! However, you are right… we’re going to have some mommy/dtr time tomorrow… SH

  2. That WretchedChristine bag is hideous… and it’s just under $300 because it has a cosmetics flap??!!! If her bags were selling and flying out the door at whatever home shopping network she sells them on, she would not be changing them and making the next batch of bags cheaper. The first thing Wretched should do to make her bags sell is to take off that huge “GC” piece of metal that’s tacked on the front of the bag. No wonder Wretched is all chummy with Jesus Barbie… they are both delusional about their ‘designing’ abilities.

  3. Lynn is selling the same line of handbags with her own personal logo on them. Those bags are awful and I would even throw up in one if I was sick.

  4. I think your site is great. I would not worry about a few mistakes. Take a look at any of the other sites that are written by “journalist” and you would indeed get the Pulitzer Prize for writing. I don’t always agree with you and your faithful posters. But I have noticed that this site offers much more than most. Humor and facts. Your posters are kind to each othe, no spelling Nazis. I would hope that even after I get out of bedrest that I can come back and enjoy this site. Good luck on the wedding.

    • justtobelieve, Alot of us on here feel close. I hope you get better soon, whatever the ailment. I’ve been up since 4:00am est. I had to watch Prince William get married. I had a cat named after him.

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