Real Housewives of New York: Jill Zarin Goin’ to Harvard

Jill Zarin from the Real Housewives of New York spoke Monday at Simmons College Leadership Conference… Jillz’s talk was ‘complimentary’ for registered attendees of the conference, which means that no one really would register and pay $329 to $499 to attend the April 26 all-day Conference to hear her talk if she were one of the ‘featured’ invited speakers.

                                                                        … oh, Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards didn’t go to Harvard??  Well, then just erase all that stuff I just said about goin’ to Harvard… but I’m still gonna’ pony tail my hair like Kyle and dress up Ginger like Giggy…

As an alum of Simmons College School of Retail Management (Class of ’85), she probably used this opportunity to talk about her latest money-making venture (her Spanx rip-off) and to sell all the leftover ‘Secrets of a Jewish Mother‘ books that are still taking up space at the Zarin Fabrics warehouse.

                                                        Jillz has the same degree as I do, except it’s from a legitimate 4-year college and not a rinky-dink tech school like I went to and she’s thinks she’s gonna get into Harvard… that’s bulls***!!!

During her Monday Conference talk, Jillz complained about her ‘loss of privacy.’  Oh, boo-hoo!  However, today Jillz said that she was ‘so enthralled by Providence that she mentioned getting a place here and pursuing an Executive MBA at Harvard… like Tyra’ and Ashley Judd.

                                                                                    Seriously, Jill, did you just say you were going to get your MBA at Harvard… or you were going to get a BLT at Haven’s Deli???

Jillz has once again proved that she is a moron… for even mentioning that she regrets her ‘loss of privacy’ and her hallucination that she could matriculate at Harvard. Jillz would never make it at Harvard and would actually have to take lots of pre-classes to fill the requirements to enroll for an MBA as her college degree is 26 years ago.   Oh, keep dreamin’, Jillz.

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