Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak Off!

OH!  I’ve been waiting for this announcement!  This is supposed to be very ‘shrouded in secrecy’ information, but the National Enquirer is reporting that 25-year-old Kroy Biermann has called of his engagement to 32-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak.  Like, who didn’t see this one coming….  at least a mile away…

The National Enquirer

Kroy, an Atlanta Falcon’s defensive end, fell under Kim’s spell during filming of RHOA at a local ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ competition, and soon after Kim became pregnant.

                                               The magical moment…

Krim (uh, Kroy and Kim) announced their engagement in November, 2010 and appeared together on numerous talk shows, including an ‘engagement party’ held by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live!  

                                                      Awww… baby’s first Gucci’s…

They appear to be a very happily engaged couple in public.  However, there have been rumors of Kroy beginning to become annoyed with Kim’s constant need for attention and thinking twice about how real family life will be with Kim and three children.  Kim has two daughters, Brielle, 13 and Ariana, 9, so this pregnancy is her first boy.

Krim attended The Cocktails & Couture For A Cause Party in Athens, GA on April 21…

Kim Zolciak: Bump In Black                                  Kroy is waiting right off camera… as soon as Kim is done posing, Kroy carries her back to their table, sets her down carefully and massages her feet… that’s his job until the NFL strike is over… poor Kroy!  

                Kroy!  You didn’t bring my good lavender foot oil… now call the Atlanta Oil Dispensary and order the massage oil now!  Uh, yes, I want you to go get it…

                  Oh, Kroy… how many times do I have to tell you that you can’t just put your hand on my belly and make the baby pop out…

                Kroy:  I can’t wait to see my little baby boy, feed him, change his diapers and take care of him…   Kim:  I can’t wait until this little boy is here so I can smoke, drink and get rid of all the baby flab… Kroy can watch the kid.

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31 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak Off!

    • if you hear half the sports wives (uh she by sheree) the ex’s always seem to skip out on the child support :-)

  1. Hey Kroy… I’m single!!!! LOL jk
    I do think he is a nice looking chap :D
    And I completely agree with you, Ms. SH, we all knew this was coming… it was just a matter of time.

  2. That was so expected, no one even bothered to place bets on it. Now, for Cynthia to dump that slacker Peter.

  3. He probably came to his senses and realizes what everyone else does – it’s probably not even his kid.

  4. I just have to comment.
    Kroy is ruined. Any 20 something woman would consider Kim an old hag. When Kroy does meet his true soulmate and the appropriate person he will have this woman with the questionable path to deal with, personally, there is nothing attractive about Kroy. I feel sorry for him, he has this hag on his back the rest of his life. Maybe it’s Big Poppa’s kid, and Troy can break free of Kim. She knows how to use birth control, she did a great job on Fakedra’s pregnancy term, so we know she can add. My question is this, did Kim trap this man? I mean Kim is running witht he big dogs and Kroy probably never left his hometown before going off to college. Anyway, I am praying the baby will be healthy and of middle eastern descent.

    • “My question is this, did Kim trap this man?”…….I’m 99% sure she did. Why didn’t she ever get pregnant with Big Poppa? Wait….maybe she did and he told her to get rid of it.

      I feel for Kroy, this dude is done. I bet if he ever met another woman and got serious with her, Kim will make their life miserable and he will pay through the nose for the child, make no mistake about it Kim will get hers.

  5. He’s only 25??!! For some reason that’s the first time that I’ve heard that.
    I’d love to see what his parents think of this.

  6. I don’t think she was ever going to marry him anyway. Doesn’t she receive
    a crapload of alimony from last husband that she would lose if she remarries?
    I heard she gets ,like, 350x a year in child support as well….
    SH- i think you showed the paperwork, didn’t you?

  7. I think this guy thought he could use Kim for a little TV time of his own. I am sure he makes a lot of money during the season, and enjoys his own popularity in his state. But for some reason the very rich seem to like seeing their faces on tv too. I can’t help but think of Donald Trump. He seems to have a pathological need to see himself on tv.
    I watched the RHOBH and thought why would they do that. Kim seems like a likable person. She really has not changed that much from the first time she appeared on tv. So she thinks she can sing. But she does come up with some pretty good tunes to use on your phone. Except for Kany all the other women seem to be a bit off about their abilities in the work arena. I feel for Kim, I think she really did think she might have a relatioship with this kid. I hope he does support the child. It is his child. And if anyone thinks his age is a factor for him not to take responsibility is dead wrong. He knew what he was getting into from the get go. Both should have taken precautions!!!! But it’s too late now. There is a baby.

  8. to us regular folk he makes a crapload of money, but in the league he barely makes above the minimum wage. i thought kim was a better golddigger than this!

    • Anna, I thought the same thing. If Kim, supposedly gets $350,000 in child support a year, I read that was his yearly salary.

  9. They are still happily together. All rumours… This is the National Enquirer we’re talking about. In fact, Kim has already denied it:

    “Exactly thx babe RT @lauralauderback: @Kimzolciak just saw ridiculous article from nat’l enqr that u & kroy r over. i don’t believe it for a sec. u r so cute together! good luck!”

    • and may I remind you they tweeted the following on Apr 26:

      “Good things happen to great people! I’m so proud of you! RT @biermann71: @Kimzolciak aww thanks my love!!! We deserve it!! ;)”

      Really seems like they’ve broken up.

      • Brett, Yea right Brett, You know everything, Brett, Why do you bother coming onto to this site, just to run your smart-aleck mouth. Go to the IHATEJILLZARIN site. Bother Lynn. Nobody on this site likes you, so just go somewhere else. You have not said one nice thing on here. Go back to work on your reality show. Let Kim tell us, not you. Leave Ms. Stoopid Housewife alone! Like we are all suppose to believe everything YOU say. Where is your site that speaks the whole truth? We’ll go in it.

        • LMAO you are hilarious. You take everything SO SERIOUSLY. Get over yourself. This is a website and I am more than entitled to share my opinion even if you don’t agree. If SH has such a problem with me, she can block my IP. I won’t care. I like some of the articles on here but people in the comments blow my mind. You are SO negative. Who are YOU anyways? What do YOU do that makes you so much better than everyone else? Get off your high horse. No one likes me? Oh boo hoo. I guess I won’t have any imaginary internet friends like you. It’s not like I really care though; I am quite happy with my life and with my REAL friends. You act like I’m personally insulting the owner of this website; if you could read, you’d be able to tell that I am not. You are actually SO funny; it’s too bad you yourself don’t realize it!

          SH: Good points. They have broken a few stories. But, I still stand my my opinion that they aren’t to be trusted with EVERY article. They continually have articles that say “so and so is actually an alien” – until they stop that, I’ll take what they print with a grain of salt. ;)

    • B: The National Enquirer has been the source for major news stories that the “mainstream” media has picked up. I do not understand people who are close-minded when it comes to any publication… remember there is a kernal of truth in every rumor. SH

      • Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the National Enquirer break the stories about John Edwards and Gary Hart having affairs? And weren’t those stories initially vehemently denied by the parties involved until they all admitted the Enquirer got it right?

        I’m old, I must be mistaken.

        • AOM, Not according to Brett, he knows everything, because he works on a reality show. Has anyone else noticed, but Brett must check all the blog sites, and his only comments are to dispute everything on them. To me Brett is the angry old man. What a wise ass.

          • AOM, I love your comments. I hope nobody got the wrong idea here. It’s just sickening when you see “Brett”, you know it’s always something negative. I guess I will learn to ignore him, but he’s such a smarty-pants.

            • How is providing quotes that prove someone hasn’t broken up with their boyfriend negative? I think you should look up the definition of the word before you go spouting some nonsense. You can disagree with my opinions, but you take things to a whole new level. I bet you don’t have the guts to act in real life like you do on here. If you did, you’d get punched in the face. That’s what happens to morons.

          • This is the only HW blog I comment on. And I am not an angry old man, but I can assure you that you are a fat ignorant woman. Prove me wrong?

        • AOM: Well, according to your name, you are not only old, but also angry and a man! However, you are also correct… about the Enquirer. John Edwards would still be denying his ‘indiscretion’ to this day even though he has Quinn, his daughter that looks exactly like him, if it wasn’t for the Enquirer catching him in the stairwell of the hotel in which he was visiting Rielle Hunter to see his baby. If you remember, after being caught in the stairwell, he hid in the men’s room crying. IMO, The Enquirer is to print media as Roger Corman is to movie directors… they are looked at by ‘outsiders’ as second rate and have an undeserved bad reputation, but are admired by people ‘who know’ and have been incubators for lots of people just starting out who have gone on to greatness. It’s too bad that so many people will dismiss an item just because it’s in a publication that they think is sub-standard… IMO, that just shows a person’s inability to keep an open mind. SH

  10. As much as I love good Housewife gossip, I’m going to reserve judgment on this one for a little while. The truth always comes out, if this is true, more reports will come out and more than one site will “confirm” it.

    • JenniferD: Does something need more than one source to make it true? After reading (from several sources) that the glow was fading from Krim’s relationship, I was anticipating that Kroy would not go through with marrying Kim. Think about it… she has two children (which Kroy adores, more than one source claims), Kim is very experienced in getting what she wants and this is rubbing Kroy the wrong way. Kroy is a rookie in the NFL and is not in the pay range to which Kim is accustomed to (he only makes $500,000 a year). Kroy has been bending over backwards to please Kim, but IMO, his pitiful income could be the reason that they did not get Kim’s ‘dream house’… he’s not making anything now because the NFL is on strike….just one more thing to give Kroy grief about. Kim’s more experienced in everything and I’m sure that she lets Kroy know it. Again, IMO, Kroy is taking a step back and looking at their relationship realistically and is getting frozen feet. It’s one thing to be responsible for a child of which you are the father… it is another to be responsible for a wife and her two kids along with your new baby. My thought is that Kroy is finally seeing this reality and is backing off from the wedding until he can make sense of everything. SH

  11. WOW, I am really behind on Kim’s gossip because last I heard she was still denying her engagement,LOL. Thanks for bringing me up to speed.

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