Portraits… All Started with the Real Housewives of Miami…

What is with the Housewives having portraits of themselves painted?  It started with the Real Housewives of Miami when Adriana de Moura had a portrait of Lea Black commissioned for her art gallery show,  followed by the Real Housewives of New York when Sonja Morgan was shocked surprised by her portrait painted by her artist boyfriend, Brian Ferrell, and on last week’s Real Housewives of Orange County, Slade Smiley Slimey’s birthday present to Gretchen Wretched Rossi.

The artists could have saved themselves some time, lots of cash and tons of grief after their work was shown on national television by ordering portraits of their ‘special’ Housewives for only $30 from David Gilmore, the person behind  

ElsaC.jpg                                                                                   This is the best Elsa has every looked!

Not only can David write a snarky post, but he does a spot-on caricature of the Housewives…

JB                                            Does it really matter if Saint Alexis’ dress doesn’t come with sleeves? Nobody’s gonna buy her frocks anyway… Alexis’ designs are ‘kurtoor,’ and for the super rich only..

See all the ‘portraits’ for $30 from here.

Great article from New Miami Times here.

15 comments on “Portraits… All Started with the Real Housewives of Miami…

  1. MS.SH, Since I don’t do facebook, does that mean I have to miss out on certain articles and such?


  2. And lets not forget all of Kim’s portraits wallpapering her place. She had so many of herself that there was no room for very many of her daughters. In fact I would bet any portraits of the girls also include mommy Kim. It’s these little glimpses of narcissism that I hind fascinating. I see it alot on my “friends” facebook accounts too.. 20 self taken pics of mommy in various locals and outfits(same duck face pose) and only 3 of the kids, posed with momma of coarse. I crack up every time I see that.


    • Made Piley, Works fine. I watched it. You gotta love someone, practically raising your kids, to have that fine language and a big butt. Sweetie seems to fit in just fine with Kim and her kids. I never thought of her as a slave to Kim. She can hold her own. Now, Can she take on NeNe? I bet she can.


      • I like her too. Its obvious the kids love her. If push ever came to shove I bet Sweety could take her. But honestly I think that’s NeeNee’s endgame anyway. She gets up in people face and invades their personal comfort zone so they WILL strike her. Somewhere down deep she probably feels like she deserves a butt whoopin so she is constantly trolling for one. I think ultimately it stems from deep seeded feelings on inferiority that she tries to overcompensate for. I would like to see her get that straighten out because otherwise I think NeeNee is precious and funny.


  3. Actually it started w/ Atlanta 2 seasons ago. Remember sheree had one of her self? It was huge! BUT, the guty did a good job, looked like a photo. Still y in the hell is they getting photos ofbself lol


  4. CC/MC — I was initially very skeptical about facebook too, but now I am addicted! That and SH are always up on my computer screen at any given time LOL..
    I can understand your concern, though.
    I’m glad to see Ms. SH on facebook now! :)

    OMG I completely forgot about Sheree’s big painting reveal!! LOL the memories!


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