Portraits… All Started with the Real Housewives of Miami…

What is with the Housewives having portraits of themselves painted?  It started with the Real Housewives of Miami when Adriana de Moura had a portrait of Lea Black commissioned for her art gallery show,  followed by the Real Housewives of New York when Sonja Morgan was shocked surprised by her portrait painted by her artist boyfriend, Brian Ferrell, and on last week’s Real Housewives of Orange County, Slade Smiley Slimey’s birthday present to Gretchen Wretched Rossi.

The artists could have saved themselves some time, lots of cash and tons of grief after their work was shown on national television by ordering portraits of their ‘special’ Housewives for only $30 from David Gilmore, the person behind prettyontheoutside.com.  

ElsaC.jpg                                                                                   This is the best Elsa has every looked!

Not only can David write a snarky post, but he does a spot-on caricature of the Housewives…

JB                                            Does it really matter if Saint Alexis’ dress doesn’t come with sleeves? Nobody’s gonna buy her frocks anyway… Alexis’ designs are ‘kurtoor,’ and for the super rich only..

See all the ‘portraits’ for $30 from PrettyOnTheOutside.com here.

Great article from New Miami Times here.