The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 6 – Uneasiness between Vicki and Don – Bravo TV Official Site

On the next Real Housewives of Orange County

Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge start to talk about having kids, which leads to Vicki and Donn Gunvalson’s discussion of how their marriage was supposed to go… kids included.

Imagine Vicki with a few kids under the age of 10 right now!   Donn, yes… Vicki, hmmm…

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17 comments on “The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 6 – Uneasiness between Vicki and Don – Bravo TV Official Site

  1. If you read the things that Vicki’s ex says, that Vicki was pregnant and he paid for her abortion? I don’t know.

    • Is her ex still writing his blog? The last time I checked it, he hadn’t written for a while…

      • Bitter Kitten, I haven’t checked his site in a very long time. Maybe after he watches Vicki and Donn talk about not having kids, he might blurt something out.

    • Vicky, The one time it will seem fair for the ex-spouse to get half. What that poor man has had to put with.

      • Click: In their divorce, the judge should make Vicki provide Donn with health, life, catastrophic, flood, fire and home insurance for the rest of his life.

        • Donn knows who to go to get it from. Micheal or one of those kids in the office, could just whip him up a policy.

        • Vicky, Do you remember when she was visiting her mother, Vicki kept hounding her mother to tell her she loved her? Well, ol’ Mom got drunk and told Vicki she had a big mouth.

          • lol yes i remember that episode – see there is something wrong with her – i soooo hope they play the whole divorce out on tv

            • That probably won’t happen. Donn seems like a nice enough guy. I can say I don’t hate him, like Slimey and Taliban Jimbo. He always washes the cars and keeps the yard up. He might enjoy the quiet when she’s gone.

  2. I think Vicki is so stupid. Donn seems like such a nice man. I bet she will regret kicking him to the curb. Who else would put up with her nonsense?

  3. I agree, Lori. She doesn’t realize how good she has it! Once she wakes up and realizes what she lost because of her precious “work”, I think she will really regret it.

    • i can’t wait to see this weeks episode, Don seemed really pissed up lol i hope he tells her how and where to go


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