The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 6 – Late to the Tanous’ Dinner Party – Bravo TV Official Site

On the next Real Housewives of Orange County

Peggy and Micah Tanous throw their celebrity chef dinner party.

Alexis Bellino arrives without Jimbo, wearing one of her designs…  Tamra, Eddie, Vicki and Donn arrive late…

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21 comments on “The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 6 – Late to the Tanous’ Dinner Party – Bravo TV Official Site

  1. YEAH! No Taliban Jimbo! Is Slimey there? Alexis is starting to act like Sonja. Note to you both: You’re not that great. MS.SH, So Eddie is now officially Ellie? Works for me.

  2. Do you read Alexis’s blogs on Bravo? What a whining biyotch! All she does is complain about what other people say about her. Zzzzzzzzzz, wake up, Bimbo! Everyone knows Tamra is a two faced ho, get over it!

    And thanks for the link love, SH! XOXOXOX

    • I read her whining sometimes, but those comments are like they got their friends or relatives to write them. “I love you Alexis, You are great Alexis, You and that (scammer) husband are so cute together, Blah Blah Blah.” I have to stop now, I’m making myself sick.

      • Bravo should just quit with allowing comments. It’s all a load of crap. They only allow ass kissing and extremely mild criticism. They might as well let their PR team submit several dozen in advance.

        • I submitted some comments and they just never showed up. They weren’t even nasty or rude or snarky… well, kind of, but Bravo doesn’t like anyone who has a real opinion of these people to say anything.

          I don’t think Tree’s bankruptcy has ever been mentioned on… and Bravo IS making reality shows, aren’t they???

          • Yeah, I don’t get it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in their contract not to have Bravo disparage them in any way. It’s the only explanation I can think of.

            • Thank God we can vent on Stoopid Housewives. I just get sick reading Bravo’s lovefest.

          • Bitter Kitten, My comments have never gone through either. I used no profanity, and my comments weren’t nasty either. Maybe they just print what they want. All I wanted to know, was were these people watching the same show I was. “Now, Gretchen, You’re a beautiful girl, and Slade loves you, so it will all work out, etc.” I really wanted to call Slimey a big, ugly moocher and dead beat dad.

            • LOL!!! Sorry, but I can’t stand Wretched or Slimey. They deserve each other. Slimey IS a big moocher and they are both living off Jeff’s money… didn’t he leave Wretched a big chuck of money?

            • According to Liar Wretched, what she got was used to pay back debts. So Boo-Hoo, she claims she got nothing. MS. SH, said she has also been evicted. GOOD!

            • Vicky, Did you tell them all how great and pretty and wonderful they were? If not, then they don’t want to hear it. I just can’t. Also, they like to hear how much you love Bravo.

            • Me too! Never ever has one of my Bravo comments made it through their “filter”… BOO TO BRAVO!! Fire Traylor and let us comment, please!! :)

            • no it was always sarcastic stuff but truthful – i was on there one day just reading and someone happened to post this website – i haven’t been back since :-)

      • I SOO AGREE!!! Bravo NEVER post the fans’ TRUE feelings, only what they THINK the cast members want to hear!!! I’M SICK OF IT AND DON’T EVEN BOTHER TO POST MY THOUGHTS ANYMORE!!!!

  3. I’ve been posting this on Andy Cohen’s FB wall. Here is the problem that I have with the Bravo blogs – It is us viewers who make or break one of these shows. If we don’t watch, they aren’t successful. Therefore, we should have the right to comment however we feel; good, bad or indifferent. I don’t even read their blogs. If they don’t care what WE have to say, why should we care what THEY have to say. They all do it on their FB pages too. Anything that isn’t saying how great they are, gets deleted. I guess that is why Jill Zarin said in a recent article that the fans love her this season! Talk about being far removed from reality! Don’t they know they wouldn’t be where they are without US?

    • i’ve even texted questions for wwhl and never ever has any of it been read on or off air – the one was asking how many silicone injections did elsa from miami get

  4. I saw on one site, that this was the dinner party, where Wretched was served court papers from Jay. Her supposedly, not boyfriend, when she was engaged to Jeff. They said that Bravo had it on tape, but Jay didn’t want to be on TV. Also, Taliban Jimbo wasn’t there because he thought that he was getting a bad rap from Bloggers. Maybe that will explain their behavior tonight. What other way are we suppose to think of that jerk? He’s an ass!

    • It was fun to read, because they said Wretched tried to get away, and not be served, so they had 2 process servers there.

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