Real Housewives of Orange County: Season 6, Episode 8… Peggy’s Boobs

The most incredibly fascinating minute of the Real Housewives of Orange County was when Peggy Tanous was being fitted for the dress she would wear in the upcoming fashion show.  Peggy’s new boobs were huge!  Tamra said Peggy’s boobs were enormous and she should know, she was there when Peggy walked out with her brand new accessories jutting out of her dress.

                      Do you think Mommy needs new breast implants, London?  You do?  OK… then Mommy’s gonna get some new boobies, just ’cause you said so, London. I won’t pay the mortgage for the next six months, but I will get those new boobs… just to show how much I love my lil London.  OMG!  London… you touched your lip with your bare finger!  Micah!  Take London to the hospital now… she wasn’t wearing her anti-bacterial gloves and she touched her own lip!!!  Call an ambulance… quick!!!    Micah!   OMG!… London’s laughing… she’s going into allergic shock!!!  

Peggy’s boobs were the first topic of conversation on the Watch What Happens Live! show that followed RHOOC on Sunday night.   Rachel Dratch and Cheyenne Jackson (he was great in Xanadu… and I still cannot believe he is gay!) were discussing Peggy’s boobs even before WWHL began and then they were still talking about them when Andy started the show…

                                 Cheyenne won the bunny and the booze for his vast knowledge of all the Housewives, but he gave Rachel the bunny for her lil boy…  Aw, Cheyenne…

They were so huge that I was compelled to freeze my screen to make sure that what I was seeing was real and not the result of a wardrobe malfunction on the part of the designer.

You can see more of Peggy’s ginormous boobage here on the SH Facebook page.  

Yes, SH has a Facebook page… its title is “Stoop Housewives” because Facebook does not think that “Stoopid” could possible be someone’s first name.  I’ll bet that there is someone in the US that has “Stoopid” as their first name.  If there are 228 people in the US… and this is a fact… with the first name of “Velveeta” and 5 with the first name of “Dirrhea,” I’m sure there are a few “Stoopid” out there!

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22 comments on “Real Housewives of Orange County: Season 6, Episode 8… Peggy’s Boobs

  1. MS.SH, You really have a facebook page? I don’t do facebook. Did have one at first, but didn’t think it was fun. I hope I don’t miss out on any of your comments because I don’t do facebook. At All!

  2. Hi CC & MS.SH~thanks again for making me laugh. Will be sunny here Friday finally & warm as well. Will be watching Kathy Griffin for a few laughs too on the Grand Wedding.
    I am not impressed with the royals. Am I alone?

    • BaaBee, I cried for 3 days when Princess Diana died. I don’t even call my cats “Princess” because, like Princess Grace, they all die in car wrecks. I plan on watching. Yes, I have no life. Won’t Posh Spice be there with that good-looking David Beckham? She’s pregnant, right?

      • CC I am sorry. I loved Princess Diana but I know nothing about the royals except they have much more than they should. I think they should share some of what they have that they will never use or be able to spend. Just seems awful to have so much & give so little. I don’t understand what makes them better than anyone else except that they were born into royalty. I don’t care about Posh or her hubby either
        Guess I have no belief in any religion either so that makes me so wrong in so many peoples eyes. I don’t know what happens when we die but I don’t believe in anything.
        I watch comedy shows most of the time so I don’t have to see all the terrible things that are happening every day to people right in next town because of no work or way to get to work or are even able to work. These storms & Japan & everything Pres. Obama tries to do good is slammed by Republicans every time just because he wants it. Crazy..

    • I was going to say the same thing! LOVE the convo with London! Since it’s royalty week, I’d say it was ‘spot on’. ;-)

      • Peggy is very strange. I read that she is OK with plastic surgery if it makes you feel better on the inside, but would not have facial plastic surgery because it means she would be cut, but then she gets her boobs done at least twice. There is really something wrong with her and IMO, MS SH’s post about Peggy not having postpartum depression is right on. Peggy and Kelly both have very serious problems…

        • Well she has lost her home, but her boobs look great. And where is that successful business man’s money. She said he was the whole package. And Alexis saying Jimbo couldn’t make Peggy’s dinner…and you why? Because he too, is a successful business man. And Tammy Sue telling Jeanna that her, successful boyfriend, works in his father’s law office. I asked MS. SH, if he took out the trash and got coffee for clients.

          • Jimbo didn’t want to show up because he doesn’t like getting slammed on HWs sites. But maybe he wanted to stay home to be with the nanny… the nanny would have to be there because Jimbo doesn’t change diapers. He is such a tool. Alexis is, too, for listening and following his crap. Blessing everyone before they go out the door, like he’s the Pope… he and Alexis are both scammer creeps.

            • Between Taliban Jimbo and Slimey, I don’t know which one I can’t stand the most. But, we all agree, We love that cute, little Giggy. Did you see his Easter Picture?

            • Yes. Still haven’t seen the photo of that little ratty nasty snapper dog of jillz in Andy’s clubhouse and I’ve been watching WWHL very carefully to see where that photo is. JIllz is pathetic.

            • Miss Andy should’ve given Jill a muzzle. When they were at the Silex’s house, did you see Jill holding Ginger’s mouth, so she wouldn’t bite the Leg Climbers, Hans and Franz.

        • Alexis, Peggy, Messy, are fame whores. Dr. Drew better find out about this serious ailment, and soon. He could have a slew of housewives to make up a whole season.

  3. In all fairness to Peggy and her large boobs, they are still new. A lot of people think that when you get a boob job, whamo! they are perfect. Its a long process.

    When replacing implants that are above the muscle as Peggys were, you have to go a big larger for under the muscle. She also torn a pocket which required special work.

    Plastic surgeons place the implants high under the muscle so they can drop into their pockets, which could take up to 3 months. Along with this they are hard and very round. The skin and muscles needs to stretch. Swelling can last up to 5 months. The deep blue veins are a tell tale sign of swelling and stretching not completed.

    When the implants “drop” they then have to fluff which could take another month or so.

    Peggys implants are still very new. In about 6 months they will start looking natural. Tamra is just being a witch. She has implants and knows the process.

    Its not a fun process. Its actually painful for the first 6 weeks, and I do not know why for the life of me her PS has allowed her to go bra less and wear tops as she is. She is prolonging the dropping and probably causing a lot of pain and inflammation.

  4. Well, then Peggy should know all this since she’s done it twice. Just like Tamara had a supposedly reduction. That, I don’t believe. Peggy thought nothing about flaunting them for ALL of us to see. She maybe should’ve gone to Australia like Jill, who will come back all refreshed, because she really needed to get away for some R&R. Yeah! Right!

  5. This Peggy is proving to be a not so nice lady. Those boobs are gross and if they
    are still not ready, she should put them back in the package. cover up, lady.
    I bet Jim is not there ’cause he’s probably fighting the forclosure notices.
    “My husband isn’t here cause he’s fighting the bank to keep our house-he
    is a business man, after all! he has things to do!”

  6. I don’t understand why people who live in the plastic surgery capitol of the world don’t have access to better plastic surgery.
    There are new fake boobs that look and kinda feel (so I’ve heard) almost totally natural. I know women who have them and the only reason you know they’re fake it because they didn’t have them the year before. So with all the new advancements I don’t know why these Cali women insist on putting basketballs under their skin.

    Btw, you can make a Facebook for your blog instead of a personal account. I figured that out when Facebook wouldn’t accept Realitycrack as my first name.

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