Real Housewives of Orange County: Peggy and Micah Tanous

While looking for other things, I found Micah Tanous’ money machine… his web creations that have made him millions, enough to buy Peggy diamond rings for every occasion.  ‘Cause you know Micah has given Peggy a diamond ring for daytime, sleepytime, a workout ring, a changing diapers ring and even a very special chopping big heads of cabbage ring… all bought with the profits from his websites.

                                           Looking closely you can see Peggy’s special ‘posin’ for pictures’ ring

Well, I looked at his websites and on one of them, there is a portfolio of all the companies that he’s worked on, but when the companies are clicked on, they are all shell sites… they look real, but when you click into them, they lead nowhere.

Really, how does this husband of Peggy Tanous from the Real Housewives of Orange County make money?  Peggy has totally bought into him, saying that he’s the total package… super intelligent, handsome, a great father and makes a ton of money.  OK, I’ll give him the great father compliment, but if he makes so much money and he’s so intelligent, why is her house in the final stages of “loan modification?”   No one with an IQ above 60 would agree to Peggy’s mortgage company’s offer:  $4,000 a month for 10 years and that is for payment of interest only.  

                             Peggy: I lost my special ‘getting anesthesia’ ring…   Micah:  Don’t worry, honey, I have a boxful of those ‘special rings’ at home…

Now here’s the back story:  Peggy had a knee operation, which led to defaulting on her house payment (this info is taken from her court documents).  Now that she’s all better, the mortgage company came up with the $4,000 a month deal and she willingly accepted it.  However, she was having a problem paying it and her house went into foreclosure.  She now wants the old deal back (interest-only payments of $4,000 a month for 10 years), ’cause she’s makin’ money on RHOOC.

The questions are:  Why is the house in Peggy’s name only?…and…  If Micah makes so much money, why isn’t he covering the house that he lives in?  

This foreclosure dilemma didn’t just happen… it’s been going on for years.  So, why hasn’t Micah stepped up and paid up?

I’m really sick of hearing about Peggy’s ‘postpartum depression,’ which IMO is total bulls***.   Being on the brink of losing your house, the one that your ‘millionaire’ husband can’t help to bring current would be enough reason to be depressed for years, so don’t blame your depression on having babies.

Main Moneymakin’ Site:

Great testimonial… by Micah:

Was she going for Shana/Taylor lips?: (What the hell is this, anyway???)

Where you can learn to test allergies through plastic:

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  1. Peggy’s guitar playing on the is classic! Why would anyone hire her to be a virtual (or real) salesperson? She’s awful.

    And interestingly enough, when she covers up her cleavage, she kinda looks like a transexual. Not a drag queen – because we all know no drag queen would ever be caught dead in something approaching a conservative pants suit – but a transexual. Like she was born (or may still be) a man. I’m getting some Pete Burns from her. Hmmm. But I’m not one to start rumors so I’m just sayin’.


  2. Great. Another OC housewive who just plays with the affluent as opposed to actually being affluent. What is it about the OC ho-wives that makes them seem like such dirty dealers? I know not all of them fall under that heading but we know of at least four: Gretchen, Alexis, Peggy and Lynne. And I’m probably forgetting someone.


  3. The links you provided are hilarious. I think I know what’s going on. They say that they own a company called Monarch Holdings, which is the parent company for W5Internet which is supposed to design websites for other companies such as rocknpix and posteeonline, which they provide as examples of their work. However, when you click on the links Peggy is the “virtual salesperson” and Micah is giving the testimonial for rocknpix. Also, the phone number provided for the “landscaping job” posted on the postee site is 555-1212. Isn’t that the national directory assistance number? Also, all of the addresses for these companies are the same address as W5Internet. So they either sell picks for a living or the other websites were created to make it look like they actually have clients. If that’s the case, then were DOES their money actually come from? I’m beginning to think that all of that diamond jewelry he gives her is really just rhinestones which would explain her lack of enthusiasm when he presented her with that HUGE diamond ring after her surgery. At the time, my first thought was “that rose box sure looks like it came from a convenience store.” So their phony OC lifestyle was really just a charade to get on the show and now the show is where their money comes from. What a coincidence.


  4. Am I the only guy here that can read? when checking that Monarchy site it clearly states those are all the companies they own. But it looks like W5 Internet is his main thing that has 15 years of clients in the examples…


  5. Reviewing the court records it looks like the Tanous’s are sueing their bank for the bank backing out of their mod after the bank cashed their checks!


  6. Well, I wil say this about the Tanus dynasty, from a regular Joe schmo consumer stand point, I have never heard of the post it site until today so I seriously doubt that the post it endevor is making a ton of money or we would all know about it like we do Angie’s list or Craig’s list etc. , the plastic allergies testing kit is made by the same company that brought us snake oil and Jack and the bean stalks magic beans,you would truely have to be a moron to entrust your childs serious medical condition to an item that looks like a Handy mandy doll accessory and lastly the guitar pick. I have a nephew that is 12, he loves gaming and he love guitar hero and I can confidiently say that he would in no way be inspired by a middle aged woman with scary plastic surgery face dancing around with one of his gaming controls “using it wrong” and “making it look stupid” (his real words i showed him the clip) to ask for or purchase such a “dumb thing”.
    With that being said the whole thing seems very shady. If this is a representation of their best companies I think the source of their income is questionable.


  7. Questionable indeed. Traffic to Micah’s sites are lousy. His virtual salesperson received around 1,000 hits per month, InstantShutter gets a few hundred. W5Internet may get a couple thousand hits per month.

    That buys bently’s, hummers, and diamonds? No way. I’m sure the web design can bring in thousands, but for the lifestyle his entire family is living? I must be missing something he does. Plus his design portfolio is questionable, there’s only like 3 other actual sites.


  8. On another thought a search for “Virtual Salesperson” returns three of his websites on the first page. That’s pretty good so he might make a fair deal of money on that.


  9. I remember once I met this guy who at the time was probably 20 – 22 years old. He came into my business and wanted to offer a quote to clean my windows. Instead of just coming up with a quote though, he proceeded to tell me he ‘owned more than 125 different companies’. He was pulling out business cards for carpet cleaning, driveway cleaning, gutter cleaning etc etc etc. He spend so much time bragging about his portfolio of businesses that I told him to just mail me a quote because I had no more time for him. Needless to say, the goof didn’t get my business.
    Micah reminds me of this guy. All talk and bluster and dreams.


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