Real Housewives of Orange County: Peggy and Micah Tanous

While looking for other things, I found Micah Tanous’ money machine… his web creations that have made him millions, enough to buy Peggy diamond rings for every occasion.  ‘Cause you know Micah has given Peggy a diamond ring for daytime, sleepytime, a workout ring, a changing diapers ring and even a very special chopping big heads of cabbage ring… all bought with the profits from his websites.

                                           Looking closely you can see Peggy’s special ‘posin’ for pictures’ ring

Well, I looked at his websites and on one of them, there is a portfolio of all the companies that he’s worked on, but when the companies are clicked on, they are all shell sites… they look real, but when you click into them, they lead nowhere.

Really, how does this husband of Peggy Tanous from the Real Housewives of Orange County make money?  Peggy has totally bought into him, saying that he’s the total package… super intelligent, handsome, a great father and makes a ton of money.  OK, I’ll give him the great father compliment, but if he makes so much money and he’s so intelligent, why is her house in the final stages of “loan modification?”   No one with an IQ above 60 would agree to Peggy’s mortgage company’s offer:  $4,000 a month for 10 years and that is for payment of interest only.  

                             Peggy: I lost my special ‘getting anesthesia’ ring…   Micah:  Don’t worry, honey, I have a boxful of those ‘special rings’ at home…

Now here’s the back story:  Peggy had a knee operation, which led to defaulting on her house payment (this info is taken from her court documents).  Now that she’s all better, the mortgage company came up with the $4,000 a month deal and she willingly accepted it.  However, she was having a problem paying it and her house went into foreclosure.  She now wants the old deal back (interest-only payments of $4,000 a month for 10 years), ’cause she’s makin’ money on RHOOC.

The questions are:  Why is the house in Peggy’s name only?…and…  If Micah makes so much money, why isn’t he covering the house that he lives in?  

This foreclosure dilemma didn’t just happen… it’s been going on for years.  So, why hasn’t Micah stepped up and paid up?

I’m really sick of hearing about Peggy’s ‘postpartum depression,’ which IMO is total bulls***.   Being on the brink of losing your house, the one that your ‘millionaire’ husband can’t help to bring current would be enough reason to be depressed for years, so don’t blame your depression on having babies.

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