Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga Talks!

                                                                  Yeah, I’m a Benny… what’s it to ya???

This ‘interview’ with one of the new Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa Gorga, took place back in November 2010, but was recently released… Melissa really doesn’t say too much, but interesting how she sounds like her sister-in-law, Tree Joo-dice…

The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s third season premieres on Monday, May 16.

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87 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga Talks!

  1. She sounds like Tree, just not as stoopid and dumb. Can she pronounce cleavage and does she know that it’s not re-renovation? That’s right, she has a real college education, not that silly 2 year degree Tree likes to throw around.

    • I forgot about that college degree that Tree has from the Berkelely School of How to Pretend like You’re Rich and Screw People By Going Bankrupt. Her and her husband are so low class that they’re no class. I wonder what happened to his fake driver’s license charge?

      • BitterKitten, Good one. I forgot about the bidet incident when they were in Italy. She’s so stoopid. She is really checking websites, because she knows they are new housewives, getting attention, and might steal her thunder.

        • I hope she read this one. RHONJ was on over the weekend and they were in Italy where she was telling her little brats what an o-bee-day was. STOOPID.

          • That is so funny. I’m LOL!I loved the way you spelled it. Tree is sooooooooo STOOPID!!!!

          • That’s how you say it in Italian. The “o” part is “the”, so she was saying the bidet. Growing up with italian spoken in my household I too only know the italian words for things. Until I get married to my non Italian husband I didn’t know a pasta strainer was called a collandar or strainer, to me it was a schoo-la-pasta. My husband is even calling it that now..LOL!

  2. Is her house going to be under foreclosure like Tree’s house? She does sound like her, just not as irritating.

  3. I know the Guidice’s get a lot of flack for their lifestyle but really how are they different from most wealthy people. Look at wall street, Madoff, they are only working the system to their advantage like most folks trying to go from nothing to something. I don’t condone this behavior it is just not the way I personally operate. so called upstanding citizens have made fortunes off of slavery, drug trafficking, any illegal activity that would increase their bottom line. As far as I am concerned they’re no better or no worse than anyone else running a scam.

    • Rahrah: Take a look at your very first sentence: “… really how are they different from most wealthy people.” Here’s how the Joo-dices are different… they AREN’T wealthy. SH

    • It might be helpful if you begin with their bankruptcy in 10-2009 and just keep following the trail. You will find out all of the crapola they have pulled, including lying about assets not disclosed, unlisted jewelry, well, it just goes on and on… It also includes properties they somehow forgot to list on the bankruptcy documents. They Rahrah and not only ripping the people of NJ off, but anyone else that has to follow laws thruout the country.
      Another interesting tidbit is, they receive 10,000 a month from someone so they can pay their house payment. What? Another item of interest, and then I will let you find more information for yourself because you probably think Im making this up, is that Teresa forgot to list her company’s assets (her online store) on their bankruptcy filing.

  4. I personally know Melissa’s parents and would like to tell those who wrote disparaging comments here last month regarding her heritage that she might be “black” that she’s not: Her grandparents were 100% Italian (both deceased) straight from Italy; her grandfather was my husband’s uncle, her father and mother are 100% Italian (her father is deceased) and there are NO genetics of “black” inherent in her at all. Her mother is my husband’s cousin.
    As far as her talent (or lack of), that’s up to the producers. As far as her millions and\or bankruptcy problems, that’s personal and those of you who are writing this stuff are either jealous of her success or just like to trash a person who started out with nothing and made something of herself (whether it’s good or bad is beside the point). Her dad died when she was little and her mom struggled to raise three daughters with next to nothing. If he were alive, he’d be shocked to read what people are saying about her, as would her grandparents. I haven’t seen her in years, and I wish her the best in life. She may or may not succeed in this endeavor, but at least she’s trying.

    • One who Knows: Just so you know… StoopidHousewives is a non-segregated place to vent about ALL the Housewives, whether black, white, Cuban, Mexican or a New Jersey Benny. We don’t care where they came from, however; when you put yourself and your family on a reality TV show you should expect that there will be discussion about you, your family and your background. I doubt very much that anyone is jealous of Melissa or anyone on any of the Real Housewives franchises… OK, let me admit to being jealous that Lisa gets all her clothes custom made. There’s nothing like getting custom-made, there is a world of difference. But I digress… back to Melissa and why you wrote…

      IMO, Melissa does not seem like a naive woman. She is a college-educated, bright, attractive, married woman who has dipped her toe into the reality TV pool for the past few years as a guest at many of her sister-in-law’s lavish events (Tree’s housewarming party, Gia’s birthday party, christening, etc.) Again IMO, Melissa knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she got up on the diving board and did a swan dive into the Bravo reality pool. It would have been illogical for Melissa to have not done her due diligence when Bravo approached her to participate as a featured member of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and meticulously think her decision through; how will this affect her husband Giuseppe/Joe and her children and will she be up to the backlash of simply being on a reality TV show. Melissa saw first hand how being involved with Real Housewives affected her cousin sister-in-law, Tree, so I’m sure that Melissa didn’t leave any stone unturned when it came to making her decision about becoming a Bravo-lebrity.

      As for her ‘personal’ financial affairs, if it’s public record, that means that it’s for public utilization. Melissa signed her rights to privacy away when Bravo slid those papers under her pen, and as soon as she signed, she knew her ‘private’ life was over… once you sign on, you’re a public figure. Melissa should know by now that you cannot have it both ways.

      Finally, if Melissa was concerned about what her grandparents might think about what others might say about Melissa participating as a key player on a reality TV show, then this is something that Melissa has to deal with in her own mind. As for Melissa being raised by a single mother… again, that is irrelevant to the topic, and besides, there are millions of successful people who have been raised the same as Melissa. I’m not quite sure why these two points were raised in your comment. If you are so concerned about these two points, maybe it would be a good reason for you to pick up the phone and start your friendship back up with her mother and/or Melissa herself. If you do, let SH know how it went…

      SH wishes Melissa the very best of luck and everyone here at SH is anticipating the new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey… and thanks for commenting! SH

        • And I too am envious of Lisa and Adrianna and their closets and even Giggy’s closet.

          • I third what SHW said! Except I thought that Melissa is Teresa’s Sister-in-law?
            I have to plug my own blog here if you don’t mind SHW, ‘cuz this woman had a contract to be on a reality show, (Extreme Couponing/TLC), and she decided NOT to do it. If this woman can figure-out why NOT to be a “Bravolebrity”, why can’t everyone else? (because they don’t care/fame-whores). This woman has a small-business and could use publicity, but she wasn’t willing to sell her family out.

            • And how is asking if someone who has very dark skin is black disparaging?
              Italian people in NJ come in all shades of skin-tone. Pale to dark-skinned, and some tan instantly and get really dark in the Summer. For some reason the pale Italians that I know say that their family comes from the sunny area of Italy, whatever that means.(not meant to be racist, that’s just what I was told-maybe they wear hats or sunscreen?).

            • Housewifehater, You have your own site? NYHOUSEWIVES? This I did not know. That’s perfectly fine, if you have the dish, everyone will read. I LOVE this site. MS.SH does not pick favorites, such as the all the love given to Bethenney, or the hate to JillZ. Stoopid Housewives is the one site that really treats everyone equal. Love, Love, Love, her…FABULOSITY! My cats now respond to that.

              • OH-I finally caught up to you CCmycat! Yeah, SHW even posted my link, so I hope it was oK.
                I don’t post very often, I come here to get the red-hot news!
                So funny that Melissa was born at the shore-I live in South Jersey, we live, “at the beach” in South Jersey, but I was thinking about all the Italian girls that I’ve been on the beach with at the shore, and down the beach with in NJ, and they all say, “I’m black.”-ha ha, and its not disparaging.

              • I live near Folly Beach, in Charleston, S.C. That’s where I grew up at. To say,”Look how black I am.”Meant you had a great tan.

              • Exactly! It is the goal for a lot of people. And I hear it as a compliment at the beach all the time.
                I didn’t know that Melissa was born at the shore ’till I saw this vid. but I thought of her on the beach when I saw the topic.

    • What’s disparaging about saying that she might be black? If you’ve ever studied Anthropology you would be aware of the fact that we are all descendent from Africa, thus we are all black; with ethnic/cultural diversities. P.S. have you seen Melissa’s cheer-leading pictures of her in Jr. high school, the girl has serious kinky hair.

      • Nothing disparaging about it at all. In fact i think it says more about the character or lack thereof of the person that denies their heritage than it does about the person who inquired bout it.

    • Why the hell is it disparaging if someone said she is black. What the hell are you trying to say. On top of that I don’t care if you know them or not. I am sure they don’t tell you the family secrets because they are just that. You know them so well and want it to stop tell Melissa to take a DNA test publicly since she likes the public so much. As for those who keep saying what is the big deal watch the Imitation of Life. During the whole movie the child who could pass for white (which Melissa can’t) kept denying her own mother. Melissa Gorga black. Most black’s in america and a little white in their ancestry any way due to the slave situation. You wouldn’t be fighting so hard is you believed what you were saying. You know some chocolate was dipping in that cream and it bothers you.

    • It’s not disparaging to be of Black descent. It’s quite a privilege and it’s royalty. If you knew your history, you would know that the first humans on earth were obviously fair, not white skinned.

  5. None of us know Melissa, as the show hasn’t aired yet. We all just can’t stand Tree! Tell Melissa to feel free to trash her on this site.

  6. One who Knows, A bit of advise to Melissa, Make friends on this site. There are going to be alot of negative things written about all housewives. Take the bull by the horns and befriend us. We are pretty sure Tree commented, and she was nasty about Melissa, not us. If she wants to let us know about Tara, we’ll be her friend and read what she has to say. The minute someone gets on here defending a certain housewife, everyone assumes it’s them. Melissa better be prepared. She put her life on TV and now it’s out there for us to form our opinions about them. Better friend than foe.

  7. I was reading what One who Knows wrote and I think it’s kind of weird. Like are we all supposed to feel sorry for Melissa??? Because I don’t. Cindy Adams just reported that each of the NJ wives are getting $500,000. She didn’t say if that was for the whole season, but it would have to be, because Bravo isn’t going to give each one a half a mil for each show. Melissa is probably feeling pretty good with that money in the bank. Who really cares about this girls grandparents and what they’re going to think about her… that’s her problem. I know that Ms SH answered her perfectly, but I’m just backing her up.

      • click: Do you remember anyone saying that Melissa was black? I don’t think I ever saw anyone saying she was black.

        • Bitter Kitten, No! Nobody said a word about her being having black in her genes. It seems miss One who Knows has a problem with that. Maybe she wants to portray us as racist. None exist on this site.

          • I have to see this Cindy Adams item–a half a mil?? Wow! Good for them I guess. They deserve it for what they go-through.
            I’ve always said that these ladies are writing their own scripts/improvising, so they should be paid more.
            I certainly hope that they ALL are getting something for the re-runs.
            Which-btw, I just noticed that the Nielson ratings is counting DVR /(Tivo?) in the ratings, (don’t know about cable?), but it is making a diff. in ratings already.

  8. Another web site had it days ago, and it was the cutest thing. When I went back to share, it had been pulled. “Love Me, Love My Blog” was the site. She knows who she is. Love Ya Twunty!

    • Love ya back!

      Why would they pull the video? What’s she going to do, sell it and make a fortue> Everyone’s already seen it! What an ass.

    • What do you mean ‘none of us is perfect?’ Who told you that crap??? ‘Cause you got that all wrong… I’m perfect. So there! AND, cc/mycat is perfect, too. All of the people who comment on SH are perfect, except you, lorale. Now take your blackberry and get on your bike and go home.

      • Bitter Kitten, Do you believe that little nut job? Like mother, like daughter. I keep telling them to be open and honest, and confront the comments head on. They choose to get nasty about it.

        • click: It’s just toooo funny! I love it when someone tries to defend these “people.” They really are not ‘real’ people, because a ‘real’ person would not knowingly go out and intentionally screw very hard working people out of their hard earned money. Tree and juicy even screwed their invitro doctors… maybe they blame the doctors because they didn’t have a boy the last time. Scammers!

          • Like Tamara said, she needed another kid like a hole in her head. And that second comment, from Bratz, made no sense at all. “errone” What does that mean? To err?

  9. oh and fyi i am not tree only someone that recognises that errone is human just like u and i and errone makes mistakes so pls dont judge

  10. Hey the Moores done napped shit up! She looks like a Holiday Inn Maid named Gloria Frijolles tortilla and more beans! Get the fuck outta here this broad is Fuuuuuggggggly! At least Teresa has beautiful eyes despite the nappyness goin on! Just sayin!

  11. I refuse to address you by your name you have chosen. Like it or not, Melissa is on the show. And we all hope she knocks that ugly, ape looking Tree on her ass. I really can’t see her eyes because her forehead is hanging over them. Tell her to get in touch with Adriana, from the now defunct RHOM. She supposedly waxes her. Maybe Tree can get Cindy, from RHONY to laser it off.


  13. oh dayum. That picture titled Oh Kathy sure takes me back to the aqua-net days and those awful scarfs with the fringes. I had a bunch of those and I think my hair was at least as high as Kathy’s if not more so.
    Kathy’s eyes look way buggier now than they used to(in her senior picture) I wonder if she has been checked for Graves disease?

  14. fyi ..Italy is a long country that starts in the Alps , yes the Alps and ends up in the medditerain, people who live in the north of italy where it boarders Switzerland tend to be on the fair side like the manzos people that live in the south say sicily tend to be darker because this part of the country was invaded for hundreds of years by the moores coming off the coast of africa. I happen to be be bi-racial myself, my mothers family are Cherokee indians and my father is first generation american, parents right off the boat Germans. My husband calls me pocahontistien, my husband being european himself, we find outselves there alot visiting family,he is from notheren parts where there is nothing but snowy white skin as far as the eye can see and probably has been like that for a thousand years, everywhere we go people try to guess what i am, italian, spanish portuguese???no one ever guesses and it bothers me not a lick, even if some one asked me if I was black I would never even blink an eye and to call it a dissparaging remark is extremely telling in itself don’t you think??

  15. I find it the statement from One Who Knows that asking if Melissa is bi-racial is disparing. It shows that One Who Know’s is a racist. For the record Melissa and her children look bi-racial. One Who Knows you should know that somewhere in your ancestry is a black gene and Melissa just happened to pick up that gene. By the way One Who Knows Bravo showed a picture of Melissa’s father and his hair was extremely curly. Just saying

    • I agree Amp. It came off very racist. Like it would be a bad thing of something to have “black in you”. I must have missed it when it was first posted as I missed MS SH’s answer to it. Did I read that strike-thru right Ms SH? cousin? I must say I have been getting a gross incestuous vibe from the whole Gorga/Guidice bunch for awhile now. At the very least people that do not respect normal healthy boundaries.

  16. I was curious about Melissa and her hubby and came across this site. Having three bi-racial children of my own(black&white) I couldn’t help but notice that her daughter favors my youngest girl in both complexion and hair texture.I also can’t help but wonder if much of the strife between them and the Gorga family isn’t because of Melissa’s ethnicity.Joe “bottom-feeder” Guidice made the comment that Melissa and her family were “a bunch of animals” and that rang as disgustingly familiar to me. I like the freshness Melissa and her hubby brings to a show that was quickly falling of my radar and if she is partially black I hope they find the self-dignity to state it proudly. It wont be easy as many of the unintentionally and intentionally bigoted remarks on here have shown. If they love each other as much as they seem to and keep those haters(Joe & Teresa) in check they will be fine.BTW: Teresa’s children are certainly brats,blame mom’s indulgence and dad’s verbal abuse for that,but I think they are oddly beautiful especially Gia.:D

    • but thats just the thing Demeta obviously Melissa and Joey do NOT have the self dignity to state it proudly. In fact she seemed all too adamant to state the opposite on her twitter. If mamma and pappa Gorga and the Guidice’s are hating on her for her ethnicity alone then MeGo is hating on herself also and this deeply ingrained self hatred could be the underlining reason for her overall piss poor attitude.

      • I couldn’t agree more Made and after reading more about her and following some of her comments I am definitely reconsidering my opinion about her. Hey if she ain’t black no big, but if it quacks like a kinky haired duck…Also as I read the scoop about her hubby’s womanizing ways I couldn’t help but recall the scene at the Christmas party when he was dancing with several women in a pile up(eww) and the inappropriate way he flirted with a relatives wife at Teresa’s home. It’s just TV I know and appearances can be deceptive. Especially when they are scripted and edited to be that way. But I still say her attitude piss poor as it may be is a vast improvement over Teresa’s scary, pyscho, table flipping, 5 seconds later smiling like a cheshire cat, melt downs.

  17. Melissa is lying about her black ancestry. Melissa looks 100% BLACK, not “100% Italian.” It was a huge insult for her to say that.

    And to the cousin that is so “offended,” many of us are OFFENDED at the way you get all ugly at the suggestion that your black cousin IS black. Do you think people are blind? Have you seen Melissa’s earlier pictures? Melissa has been using bleaching cream on her skin for years. Everyone in New Jersey knows that. And that sends out a horrible message to people!!

    Black IS beautiful, people. And bleaching cream is terrible for the skin, causes scarring and even cancer.

    Melissa is pathetic. A sick, insecure liar who hates herself.

    Just look at Antonia. Black, black, black, black…

    Also, her second child Geno is a little person. She could do so much good in advocating for little people, but she won’t admit it and do that. It doesn’t change the fact that Geno is a dwarf.

  18. I just saw melissa’s younger pics and she definitely has some black genes. We blacks can recognize our own hair type from afar…. and this pic was a head shot. That is not a curly perm on her head, it’s called kinky hair. I just wish she would at least own up to the possibility. When she said the morry twins look like her because they are half Italian, she should have said we look alike cause we are all part Italian and black! Lol.. Sorry to the cousin …… She is part black period! Say it loud! I’m “part” black and I’m proud…. Come on melissa..!! Just say it!!! Lol

  19. My son is mixed too but society see him as a black man. Nicole Richie is not a good example because she always wanted to be white. On a view occasion, she will say she’s black but she lives her life as a white woman.

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